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Sometimes, having coworkers who are good cooks is NOT a good thin!!

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So today There's ANOTHER "luncheon". The older ladies at my work have delegated themselves as the Luncheon creators (so I say). Almost ANY holiday major/minor they create Pot-Luck Luncheons......example? The Superbowl Lunch...bring Football like foods......which was a week after the Superbowl(eye-roll). Now we're having a St. Patty's day Luncheon. Our bosses provided a Corned Beef Brisket! I seriously LOVE Corned Beef and it is sooo on my DO NOT EAT LIST! A 1lb serving has 803 calories 548 from fat 61 grams of fat  and 20 grams of saturated fat, not to mention 3629mg of sodium!!!! I do not want to undo my whole week. So I have Frozen Tofu burritos (homemade) about 350 cals with only 14g of fat, and that's because of the shredded cheese in it! I also brought for a desert a low-fat vanilla parfait (my potluck item) with low fat granola, and strawberries and blueberries, about 180 cals per 1/2 cup! I can use some shout outs to help me keep strong...a LOT of temptations around today!!!

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Big congrats on resisting all the temptations!!! The lunch you made sounds yummy :-)

I know what you mean about all the potlucks at work. I work in a school and seems every time you turn around the break room has exploded in food! Today I walk in there and there are boxes and boxes of doughnuts....uuuggghhh! I managed to get my coffee refilled and walk right past them...yay me! Since sweets are my major downfall, I consider this a pretty major victory :)

Hang in're doing fantastic!!!
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Woah, good for you for bringing your own healthy food to add to the luncheon! Food on the table is nearly impossible to resist.  Also, sorry you have to deal with these "themed" lunches, that sounds like it might get old ;)


Keep it up!

ya.... I was doing really great...untill about 3-30pm....when I had 3 and 1/2 deviled eggs.......darn it. lol I love those. But I put a LOT of effort into my workout tonight to help make up for it. And on the plus side I was so full from the eggs I wasn't hungry for dinner!!! Hopefully that will even it out...And yes I know allll bout that doughnuts! Besides all the Luncheons every thursday is someones "snack day" you have to bring a Breakfast/brunch type treat and people usually choose doughnuts or muffins , something easy. I try to aviod the breakroom but have to get water there, so it makes it difficult on a "sweet-tooth" day.

yes...yes they do get old LOL! At least they didn't pinch me for not wearing green! And NO I didn't dye the Parfait green....although the deviled eggs were.....sometimes it feels like elementary school

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