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Skinnier by summertime. 15-20 pounds by June 1st?? BINGE BUSTERS.

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Anyone interested in joining a group to get skinnier by summertime. I know I have 15 pounds to lose and I cant seem to find the motivation to stay out of the kitchen at night Yell

So, weigh in every Tuesday. ANYTIME anyone is having an urge to binge or eat more than allowed, we can vent about it here. That is my biggest problem. I do well all day long, every day and then around 8pm I decide to eat whatever I want. ugh! anyone else have that problem? 

Okay, I'll start!

CW: 145

GW: 130 by June 1st

Goal this week: NO EATING AFTER 8pm!!


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I'm in!!

Height: 5'3

CW: 144


Goal: STICK TO IT!! Not only summer is coming up but I have Spring Break in 3 weeks. I need to get on this and not keep falling off the wagon!

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ill go for it:-)




ugw:120by about november
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Hi everyone!

I am female 5'3, three and a half months post partum. I desperately wish I was one of those women who has the weight just fall off while nursing but I am not.

CW: 138

GW: 125

Goal this week is to work out 6 times.

I forgot to post last week what my weight was on Tuesday weigh-in. It was 120.8. :) This past week, however, hasnt been the greatest. I start out every morning motivated  to eat healthy, but somehow, sometime during the day my willpower disappears and I give in to tempations/cravings. By the end of the night I feel horrible. 

Any motivation to get back on track again??

Good luck everyone!!

I have a lot to lose, but I'm very motivated now and I've been doing well for about a month.  I'm down 12lbs so far, but that only scratches the surface.

CW: 172

GW: 155

Ultimate Goal: 135

Goal: Keep exercising at least 4x a week.

I'm new to this so I'm In CW: 200 GW: 170 Final GW: 145
Hey!! I work out a least twice a week and I try to do at least 2 miles so 4 miles a week and eat just 2 meals a day but I'm not seeing any results any suggestions I've been at 200/199 for months lol!!

Was so discouraged this morning-- been watching what I eat and started calorie count last week-- GAINED 2 pounds!!

Have problems at night.... Love my cocktail when I get home....and Man of the House loves to cook big dinners!

Man of the house has just started walking with me-- and lost 10 POUNDS in TWO weeks!!(Trying not to cry as I type this!)

Ht  5'6

CW 162

GW 140

This is great! I'm going to Spain this summer and need to shed serious pounds. My weakness is binge eating too. Grr. 5'6" CW: 163 GW: 120 Goal for the week: exercise 6 days (I'm trying out the insanity program)
I want to look good for summertime! Only a few months away! Height: 5'7'' Current: 141 goal: 125

I like it! I need support! I have a few hurdles coming up before June 1 though! My 25th birthday is a week from today. I live in Louisville, KY and the events for the Kentucky Derby are coming up (major event Thunder Over Louisville on April 21, Derby Week April 29- May 5)! I think I will allow myself to splurge on my bday, on Thunder and on Derby. That's one day a month where I can relax and not feel guilty. I know if I don't I will splurge and go crazy on some random day. I need people to encourage me not to get off track on other days! 


GW: 110

Goal this week: walk 30 min a day!

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I do the same thing I do good all day until about 7 or 8 pm. Then I eat everything in sight.


oh i know, it's so hard to control...then i just say maybe...just maybe one little bite...then no more i promise XD never works....

but tonight...i had a delicious salad as my evening snack, then my sugarless frozen chocolate the best part of my we just see whether i can hold on to this and not eat anything else...ive been doing well all day, lets not ruin it now >.<

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Im in . Gained 30lbs since '04... First 10lbs was stress of finishing undergrad. Second 10lbs was happy hour related and commuting. Last 10lbs was work related stress and coping by eating donuts. All the while I managed to run a marathon. I want to run the marathon again but at a healthy weight.

Height: 5'1 Cw: 151 Gw 1: 130 Gw 2: 125 By Nov 2012

I'd like to feel good about myself, it will soon be 10 yrs since I first gained the weight and if like to overcome it before the anniversary.
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Uhhg, I am worried about my weigh in today. I had a horrible weekend. Ate our for lunch on Friday, we ordered in Friday night, drank, and them ate the leftovers for the rest of the weekend. Friday included desserts too. Here's hoping I will be close to my SW from last week (138 lbs).

The only good news is that husband will be going away for the rest of the week, removing the temptation to eat treats and drink.


*EDIT*  Just stepped on the scale for today.




YAY!  Now to make sure this week I stay on track for the rest of the week.  No eating out and so far I am an track for my 6 workouts.


Count me in!

5'6 150 cw

135 gw

Pretty active but lack motivation plus I have a nasty cold right now

Big goal is to complete a sprint triathlon June 10th. Training plan starts next week.

Goal today is to not go over on carbs!

Good day all!
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Just starting here so I have a long way to go... highest weight : 200 cw: 188 goal weight: 145

I'm 5'2 and 31 y/o

I'm in!   I need more accountability!


5' 6"

CW: 209

GW: 180

FGW: 160

SW (2/10) 168

CW (3/13) 165

STGW (6/1) 155

LTGW (140) 


Finally!  It actually seems like I've made a bit of progress!  I'm still not eating very well.  My spring break starts Friday, so my goal for this week is to help my mom make healthy stuff!

I actually am UP 3 pounds BUT I have been doing a lot of toning and I was able to buckle my belt on the 4th hole today! for the first time ever! and I've worn this belt everyday for like 3 years!


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