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sharing my excitement

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Ever get bored with counting every morsel that you eat?  I felt that way Sunday and had double my calorie intake.  Had potroast and potatoes and was going to measure them out, into servings to have this week, but instead ate double my normal 1,200 cal.  Then, had 700 cal of candy.  I was prepared this AM for the scale to bounce WAY up and was going to accept the consequences  because I'm human and sometimes I want to go off a diet.

I stepped on the scales and couldn't believe I only gained 8 ounces.  I'm so excited by this small gain, that it strengthened and reinforced my goals.  I'm just relieved to know that I could go off a diet one day and it wasn't the end of the world.  I'm very happy.
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My opinion on that is dont always beat yourself up.  I was guilty of that.  If once in a while you go nuts dont worry about it.  Because you know the next day its back to your daily routine.  Whenever I go to a BBQ I eat and drink what I want but then I work out and eat right the next day.  Enjoy life and your weight loss.  The best thing I took from this board so far is that I was worried one day when I ate alot but someone said "I doubt you ate 10500 calories today to gain 3 pounds!"  They were right!  Even if I ate 1500 over my limit, so what.  I deserve it!  I work my @ss off all week and once and a while it feels ok to eat all the great foods that I use to eat everyday.
I dont get bored so much as questioning what i'm doing.  I know that if I stay at my calorie intake between 1300 and 1400 I will continue to lose weight.  I only have time for exercise a few times a week.  But I know if I stay in my calorie intake i'll continue to lose weight, even when the scale doesn't budge for 2 weeks, I know that no matter what, what i'm doing is better than what I was doing before, and helping me to lose weight.

But I feel you.  I had reeses peanut butter cups this weekend.  Why are those things so darn good!
Mmm, Reese's.

"I know that no matter what, what i'm doing is better than what I was doing before"

This is MOST important.

Counting calories does get very tedious. You deserve to have a break from it every now and then. It sounds like you're doing great.

Well done. :)
Congrats on your tiny gain!
I did that weekend before last, just kind of got of track that weekend.  Monday I hopped on the scale and was actually down a pound.  I was so happy and relieved...but definitely won't try that too often lol.  Good for you!!!

That is exciting. I was very paranoid about my weekend as that's when my husband and I go out to eat and throw caution to the wind. BUT this weekend my goal was just to maintain my weight, and I did. We only went out to eat once, and I was careful with my other eating choices.

As far as counting calories, I've decided to take Sunday's off... it gives me a break. I get quite addicted to CC during the week so I need a day off. I was VERY tempted to log in, but I abstained. It's probably not the best idea for everyone, but I think it's good for me.

Anyway, I'm so glad you shared. It's great to hear other's experiences.
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