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Lets set a goal to lose 20 lbs!

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I need some motivation and support to lose 20 lbs. Anyone want to focus on 20 lbs. to lose starting tomorrow? Let's be tough!
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Hi... I need to loose 20 and would live to b ur buddy!!! Lets do it together!-
Sounds good! Let's start tomorrow and check in after dinner tomorrow evening !!!
Hey! Can I get in on this??

Sounds good.  I am new to this so help me out.  Do we check in daily?  I thought maybe in the evenings just check in?  Should we make this a group?  Let me know?????  Still learning this site.  Good luck today.

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I have no idea how to use this sight... I dont get on often to check.. does anyone text? I know its strange to give strangers your number but we are all looking to do the same thing so i dont mind.. tonight after dinner sounds great! I will get on and check around 530-6pm and we will see if anyone has responded. Enjoy dinner everyone... I am a detoxing today lol


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I will join on the 20 pound challenge news to by may going for 35 but heck I keep losing then gaining the few I work at losing so sign me up we really need each other in this battle of the bulge email text me
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Sorry trying to say need to by may big fingers lol
I wanna be in! 20 pounds sounds amazing. I want to lose some before my birthday (April)
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I wanna be in. I'd also like to lose 20 lbs by the summer.
I need 2 lose A LOT more than 20 pounds which overwhelms me. I hve lost 50 since january of last year but have lost nothing since november. I think 20 pounds right now seems more obtainable than the 100+ I still have 2 lose. I am new 2 this cc, but I need support. I hope that I can find it here. I am also excited about helping others on their weight loss journey in any way I can.
I think checking in daily is a great idea.
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I'd like to lose weight with all of you! I just signed up and DL'ed this app tonight (Weds. Feb 8)... Have you started? I'll check back. Good luck!
LLW, I jus started as well. I am still trying 2 navigate my way around the site & am still finding new ways to use this app. I am excited about trying some thing new. According 2 my analysis I netted 5 calories yesterday. I need sum motivation 2 include exercise so that I can reach that 1st goal of.....20 LBS!!!!!
Can I join? I wanna lose 20 pounds :) I can check in whenever..

I'd like lose 20 pounds too, how does this work? Do we just update here daily on how things are going and post our stats for the day or is there a separate group discussion elsewhere?

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I need that ok??

I only have 20 lbs left to lose so I guess I qualify. Does it count that I plan on losing 30 lbs of fat and gaining 10 lbs of muscle??

I'd like to be included in this! Trying to lose 20 lbs by May!
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Hi Can I get in on this too. Started in January but only just gave in and bought some scales so don't know how much weight i've lost. I've dropped a dress size so far. My goal is to lose 40 lbs by the end of the year so 20 lbs by the summer would be great. I'm 18 stone 3 and 42 years of age and want to be healthier. I need to keep motivated so I hope being part of this group can help. X
I'm in...going to CAbo in April...need to lose 50 lbs so need support!
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