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Saggy breasts!

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I'm 20, 160 and 5'7

I used to weigh 195, and a lot of my weight was in my breasts (which were huge!)

While I havn't quite lost a cup size, I definetly can tell there is extra skin where my breasts used to be. The skin there is thin, when it bunches it gets all foldy, and my nipples have started to point southward.

Is is possible that my skin will tighten up, and my breasts will be less saggy over time? Or have they truely sagged for keeps?

I'm only 20! My skin/ligaments are young yet! I know gravity is a harsh mistress, and there is nothing that will repair the ligaments, but is their no hope?
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I've lost a lot of weight in my breasts as well!  It's kind of really sad.  I'd like to know the answer to this as well.
well you need a smaller bra. if you have skin and folding they are not lifted up enough. and you want to do that so the skin can shrink.

get a smaller bra in a full coverage cut.
i liked victoria secret second skin satin because it has a bit of stretch to it for inbetween cut sizes.

push-ups with lift your chest muscles too and help retighten that skin. eat well to support skin health and use some skin firming lotion and a few months of patience and it should improve a bit.

Boy, do I know where you're coming from! 

Fortunately for you you're still really young...I was over 40 when I lost a lot of weight and have no hope of ever toning up the stretched skin.  The only advice I can give you is to use a super rich moisurizer faithfully.  Some of the creams/lotions specially made for pregnant women for stretch marks would be ideal.  It helps restore the elasticity of skin.

Good luck!
Push Ups and Chin Ups will help tighten the skin.

Lotions help "plump" the skin, especially lotions intended to rid you of cellulite, and will take away some of the sag.
Pushups!  You will be amazed at the results of doing pushups!  At least you are 20! 
It's official. I need to really get on my pushups then. Cuz boyyyy do I feel your pain.
i'm glad to hear about the push ups..I have heard that before...I think I need to try that!!  of course....I'll be 40 in 1 month!!  more push ups for me!
dove firming lotion comes in a special one for the chest region which I think is really pretty good.

I don't know, i once read an article by some porn star with huge fake tits and she said the plastic surgeon said to always wear a bra, including while sleeping, because this would stop them from sagging. Following reading this at about 13, I have done this pretty much my whole life, and approaching 30 my DDD breasts are much less saggy than alot of both younger and smaller girls I see these days.

But the pushups are a good idea, I will try doing that too.
I am slightly older than you (28) and I have lost a considerable amount of weight. I have been doing 50 push ups a night for almost 12 months now and my boobs are in the best shape they haveever been. I swear by push ups..they have lifted my boobs and actually given them a different shape! I do have skin that has been stretched but it is not usually that visible..give the push ups a try. Stick with it and be rewarded with the results!!
I hope wall push ups count for something? =/ Haha, it's hard for me to do regular push ups, but I'm going to keep on trying.
I guess I really need to get on the pushups!

Larrylou, that's awesome! How long did it take you to see results?

WOW!  I'm 38, and don't know why I didn't know about the push-ups!  I've breast-fed 5 babies with mine and don't know how much they'll help, but i'm sure going to try.

I don't think i -can- push up yet, but maybe after I loose a few.  lol asp

That site has advice for saggy breast and different versions of push ups that help. =)
Hi there Katy,

It took me about 5 months to start seeing results but they are dramatic ..(that is 7500 push ups over that period :) ) I started doing 25  a night and then increased it to do stick with it! I do not do full push ups..can only manage a couple of those still. I make sure I assume the correct posture for the half push up (I took kick boxing for a while so my instructor made sure I was doing them right) If you are doing them right, you should really feel it! But I cannot recommend them enough. They also tone up your shoulders and arms so an added bonus!

Look foward to seeing how you all get on...

L xx
I go to a great underwear store in Vienna, VA.  The owner deals with every bra size from A cups to double F's.  She really knows her stuff.  I've gone down a cup size.  She has told me that if you wear the proper size bra (most women think they do, but don't) and as you lose weight keep getting measured for a better fitting bra you won't lose the elasticity of your skin in the breast area.  Pushups help too!  But wear a bra that fits and hold you up, it'll make all the difference in the world!
I have worn a bra night and day since i was in hs. It has kept my chest pretty firm as the weight comes off i put cocoabutter lotion on them every night and i make sure i rub them in an upwords motion i read this in a book not sure it works but what the hell worth a try. and i wear the wired pushup bras faithfully i have for yrs and  yrs. Im praying my boobs dont take a southward turn once i hit my goal weight.

I really need to get on the push-ups. I miss my perky boobs!

Definitely follow the advice several others have given and go for a professional bra fitting (and I don't mean at Victoria's Secret--they're not very good at that, and they're not equipped to deal with anyone beyond a narrow range of sizes).  If nothing else, you can at least halt some of the future sagging and showcase what you do have to its perky best. 


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I had that problem! 

And I dont know if its a good thing or not, but whenever I start to lose weight, my boobs are the first to go. And they usually firm up with a lot of push ups.

I used to do this thing where every hour, on the hour, do as many push ups as you can, It sounds lame, but it really buffs you up over time. Laughing
Just for a laugh and for the fun of it, do you know that the mammary gland is a sweat gland and milk is a modified form of sweat?
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