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150's group...daily updates

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Bummer...can't work out like usual this morning...have to drop off a car at the shop with my husband and then have committments at my son's schools...

I hate getting off my routine...glad we have an elliptical...going to have to get on it tonight after the boy's hockey.

Goal today is to stick with 1200-1300 calories in case the workout doesn't happen....

Of course I woke up starving...going for the protien bar or the oatmeal...can't decide.

Good morning and have a great day all!
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Well hello hello 150-ers!! Im happy to join you at 158, but hopefully I will only be here for a month, then Ill move on to be a 140-er :-) oh man, that will rock! It feels great to officially be in the 150s with you guys!!
Welcome nefertiti! Please forgive our being a bit quiet today, we are mourning  a "CC" friends loss. Her grandmother just passed away and we are kind of concentrating on her today! But we will perk up soon....I promise. But put her in your prayers if you would please!
Well, I was at 154 this morning at 5am, up 1/2 a pound, but I had not gone to the bathroom yet. So I figure I am probably about the same! I have been soooooo good with my food, and soooooo diligent about walking a minimum of 30 minutes per day! I am really proud of myself! Yes, this is only day 4 technically, but I am feeling great! I expect a drop by the weekend! 152 is the goal by Sunday! 149 by August 31st!

Tara, I hope this morning finds you well and a little more at peace! Know you are in our thoughts and prayers!

Holly, are you behaving yourself?
154 again today.

My little sister (like i mentioned earlier) is coming to visit this weekend.  I know we will be eating out, I am just going to eat a little less frequently and smaller portions.  That way at least I maintain.

There won't be any drinking, I'm not going to contribute to the delinquency of a minor (esp my little sister).

So I figure the food will balance out the alcohol i'd normally have on the weekend.

I'm really looking forward to a cocktail this evening.  Its been a LONG week.

Tara, you've been in my thoughts, I hope you are doing ok.

Carie- being that diligent is going to pay off, can't wait to hear that you are 152!  :)

nefertiti- welcome, I hope you aren't with us very long either!  Good luck to you, and welcome to our posting circle :)
morning all.. carrie i have been a very good girl and its finally paying off.. 145.2 this morning offical weight..woohoo..

i worked last night in my heels srogers..haha carie i worked at harley davidson they do a bike night every first thursday of the month it was really easy.. just poured the malt jack beverages and we did a drawling for a jack belt buckle really cool.

tara~ how you hangin in today, i hope you are doing ok.. thinking of you offten.

welcome nefertiti glad to have you with us.. good luck on your journey.

ok carie we have to be extra good this weekend.. dont want all this hard work to go donw the toilet.. i have to work again tonight so atleast i will be on my feel alot in heels..haha so im sure that has to burn something.. we are bbq tomorrow so really gonna have to watch what i out in my mouth the whole day so not to slip up..

alizus~ way to go not contributing to a lord know she probley has enough  how old is she? i think u said but i cant remember? good luck on your eating this weekend.. i know you will beable to controll it..
HOLLY!!!! THAT IS AWESOME!!!! You must feel amazing!
Alizus! Have a great time with your sister, but dont get too caught up in thinking you can eat extra treats to make up for drinks. I would just hate to see you mess up all your amazing efforts! Set a great example for your little sis! And make us all proud! Lets all REALLY step it up this weekend!
Lets see how many of us can come back on Monday having maintained or lost weight!!!! WE CAN DO IT! WE ARE GREAT!!!
Hugs to all! I appreciate everyone sooooo mcuh! THanks!!!
wow... you guys are so encouraging, empowering, and all doing so well! this is contagious!

am I the only one who used to love the weekends... until dieting made them t-e-r-r-i-f-y-i-n-g? I waitress weekends (well, Friday night, and a double Sunday) at a chinese restaurant and I find that as good as I am all week, those three shifts totally counterbalance the other 5 days. I want to make myself proud this weekend though, and RESIST THE RANGOONS! *image pops in mind: me, armored with a serving tray shield, a chopstick sword, and an apron stuffed with baby carrots*

I'm giving three cheers to all the Weekend (naughty-food) Warriors here!! *HIP-HIP-HOORAY!*
YES MAG!!!! No thats the spirit! Lets all experiance how it feels to be just as good this weekend as we are during the week! NO CRAB RANGOONS MAG! NO BBQ HOLLY! Nothing naughty for me, alizus, mag and everyone else who is on this train to "Skinnyville" with us!!!
MAG~ u  are such  HOOT.... yes we have all been there and are still fighting the weekend binge... thats the worst time for all of us..

carrie~ we are grilling burgers i always buy the super lean, and i get ff sharp no bun light 80 cal for 2 peices of bread for me.. got baby carrots and ff ranch for me.. chips for everyone else i even have light chips for me so i dont feel left out.. gonna be good for breakfast and if we eat late enought in the day then i wont have to worry about dinner. :)

yes ladies lets here it for a maintain weekend.. i would love to loose but i think that would be asking alot for me since i did so well this week.. good luck ladies..
Carie- thanks so much for the encouraging words!

My sister is 16, actually just turned 16 on wednesday.

I'm not going to allow EXTRA nibbles because i'm not drinking, i just won't have as many calories this weekend because i'm minusing the alcohol.

Thanks for all the support.

When we come back on monday I agree with Carie, lets either have lost or maintained!
Okay, so its official! Lose or maintain this wekend!!!! WE CAN DO IT!!!
My goals- 152 by Sunday
       &nb sp;          80 oz's of water each day
       &nb sp;          30 minutes of exercise EACH day
       &nb sp;          NO NO NO food slip ups! NONE! I need to prove I can do the strict food for the first weekend in YEARS!!!
Well the scales finally said 154, probably would have said 155 if I leaned the wrong way!! But it said 154.  I will not be good tonight, it's time for that margarita I've been talking about!!!!  I have walked everyday this week 30 or more minutes, last night I walked/ran 1 HOUR that's the most I have done.  I'm hoping Saturday to get back on track and eat good, lots of water and to walk while I'm at a friends house, she actually lives in a subdivision so it would be good walking for me, guess I'll just have to wait and see.

I'm so proud of evryone, sounds like we all are having the start of a good weekend, I'm hoping to maintain like everyone else, surely 1 small slip up won't injure me too bad, I'm hoping, nmaybe with lots of water and walking I can keep it down.

Tara- hope you are hanging in there- we are here for you...

This forum has really helped me stay motivated, it's so nice to know that there are other people battling the same issues with me each day, just want to say thanks to everyone, ya'll are great.

Got to get back to work. Hope everyone has a wonderful weeeknd.
srogers, just count the margarita into your cals! You have been doing great! You will be fine! Just remember our plan! Lose or maintain by Sunday/Monday.
Well, I am stuck at 153.5 again! Still 3.5 down for the week so I will take that ! I was hoping for 152 by Monday morning! Not likely at this point, but who knows!?!?!?!
Hope everyone is behaving this weekend! Stay strong!
Remember.....Lose or Maintain!!!!! Official weigh in...Monday by 10am!
Well it's the morning after the margaritas!!! I can proudly say that I was not able to eat all the nachos and could only drink 1 1/2 margaritas, I was just tooooo full, so the cutting back has really helped.  I did not weigh this morning, I'm not that stupid plus I'm not at home, I'm hoping to get some walking in today, crossing my fingers, forgot my tennis shoes but I could still walk around the block or 2 for a bit.  Won't be getting home until late tonight-headed to the motorsports park in Memphis to watch some cars race-they have bbq nachos, I will not give in to them, trying to pour the water in me today, it's so hot I think the high is supposed to be over a 100 today, so I could defintely sweat:)

Carie  I can't wait to see 153, I just feel like I"m stuck and I probably blew it with what I did last night, I'll probably be back at 155 Monday morning, but I'm going to try to not weigh until then.

I had a pop tart for breakfast, I should have brought my raisin bran or at least yogurt, wasn't even thinking, just had 1 poptart though hoping I can do goodd for lunch.

Thanks guys ya'll are great. 
srogers, do the best you can with what you have available! Great job on keeping it fairly lite last night!
I... was good last night! No fortune cookies (I'm sooo adicted) and no crab rangoons! My mantra the whole time was "lose or maintain, lose or maintain" :) Steve (the cook, very sweet) always makes us dinner at the end of the night, and it's usually house fried rice (yeah, I'm gaining weight just thinking about it) but I asked him if he could make veggies and tofu... and he did! It wasn't what I would have made for myself, but I just filled a 1c bowl, and ate that w/o the guilt. The real test though, comes Sunday... but I went food shopping today and got carrots and cucumbers and celery, so I think I'm going to make myself a large "snack bag" to munch on if the fried foods get to tempting.

carie - You can do it! And don't sell yourself short--3.5lbs in a week is sweeeet!

srogers - just keep your head on your shoulders, and you'll be fine. hey if worst comes to worst, you can always run after the cars :)

Wow you guys are awesome and so, so kind! Ahh I love this website and all my 150 peeps :-)
Yes nef you can feel the love!!!Kiss
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