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190's club

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I think we need a club too! Glad I graduated from the 200's, but need motivation to keep going. Now 195, only 5'2 so have a ways to go. Trying for 2 pounds a week, so maybe can join 180's club by August!
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Good job on the loss imhoff!!! My Pap use to have a farm when I was growing up and when I hit those teenage years, I had to help out. So I know how tough farm work can be!!!  We picked up bales of hay everyday during the summer. I was in great shape looking back on it!  I had arms and legs like Tina Turner!!!! lol

Has anyone ever done or know anyone who has done a total body cleanse? I started one today. I want to do it to feel better and so I can absorb all this good food I'm eating! Let me know!


We own the  land but it is rented out for now.  My husband wants to move out there in a couple of years.  We would have to build a house and the whole works so it will cost some money. 

I have never done a full body cleanse so I am no help to you.  Let me know how it goes.

I took that cleanse stuff back to the store!  It made me feel funny! It was like it had caffeine in it. But when I looked at the ingredients of all the pills, no caffeine. I couldn't stand it. It almost made me sick. I'll just rely on my body to take care of itself. ;D

I would love to live in the country. My hubby would go crazy though. hahaha I grew up in the country. We could ride our bikes for miles and no cars would come. I loved it! So peaceful and quiet.



I used to say no way but I think after all of these years living in town it might be a nice change.  I have good neighbors and I will miss them but there are alot of things that I wouldn't miss.

The things at work.  I like my job most days but the way some people are so lazy makes me so mad.   One girl sat at the desk most of the day while others ran all day.  That is how it is but it is irritating.

This morning it was snowing here and tonight I did yard work.  I get it all because my husband is hardly ever home.  He is at work most of the time.  His days off have been spent at the farm.  I get the privledge of working full time and trying to fit everything else in here.  Some days I am so tired but I just can't quit.

hello!  Sorry I was MIA over the weekend!  I put myself through "boot camp" this weekend and worked out like a mad woman! lol  Then today I weigh in and gained 2 pounds!  But my muscles are really sore, so I'm guessing water weight in the muscles! 

SNOW!!! oh geeze!  I hope not to see anymore of that white stuff this year!  I heard on the news this morning though that in the higher elevations they are getting snow here in Pa tonight.  Good for them!  As long as we don't! lol



hello!  I just had to say that I weighed in this morning and I lost the 2 lbs PLUS another pound!  So I weigh 191 this morning!!!!  I hope to be out of the 190's soon!!!!  WOO HOO!!!! :D

Great job.  I made it below the 190's today but I don't know if it will stay because it went way too fast.  I was at the farm working and that does it to me.  It goes real fast so time will tell.

I saw on the other post you lost like 3 pounds this past week. How do you do it?  I've been trying so long to get out of the 190's! 

You do soooo good!!!!  :D

yay I found the 190 club ;) I was looking for a while ;) I am currently at 196 and am hoping to get to the 180's in about 3 weeks ;)

I am 27, married, working at home and trying to get down to 135ish ;)

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Hello all

Was 194.2, now down to 192.8.. getting there!

Hello everyone!

I'm down to 190!!! FINALLY!  Been doing alot of walking and stopped eating at night!  It took so long to get here! Hoping to be 189 by Monday. We will see!!! :D 

Welcome to the new person. I forget what your name was! Sorry! ;D

Keep up the good work everyone! :)

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Hooray!  192.4

hello everyone!  I made it to 188.8 yesterday. WOO HOO!!!!  I'm still hanging around though! :) 

How is everyone?  I'm hanging in there. TOM is here this week, so I'm not weighing myself. I gain so much during that time that I don't want to see the scale. I did lose as of yesterday. But today is my official weigh in day, not happening! :)

Have a nice day!

momof2funykds- congrats on being under 190.  I owe most of my weight loss to eating healthier and giving up fast food and pop.  I also have a very active job where I am on my feet and on the go the whole 8 hours so my other exercise is a bonus.  At home I hardly ever have time to sit down.  Sometimes I just about eat on the run.  I am so happy for you.  I was at 188.8 this morning.  I did go back up a little because I ate very badly for a few days so I paid the price.

Sometimes we just need a break from trying so hard all the time! I know I do once in a while. Like last night, ate a bowl of ice cream!  Oh well, I wanted it and I ate it! lol  So now I'll walk a zillion miles to get rid of it! ;)

Hope you have a nice weekend!  :D

Hello people! I would love to join the 190's club! I was in one a while ago, too, I'm not sure if it was this same one or not. If so, I guess I'm re-joining! So yea.. I'm 5'8 or 5'9 (I really need to measure) and 194 lbs as of this morning. I may be a pound or so more in actuality though because I might be dehydrated from a couple a beers I had last night. Either way- I'm hoping to get down to 160 and would love the support of a group!

Welcome Shaye!  My goal is 160 too. Then I'm going to decide if I want to go lower.  I'm 5'6" and 43 yrs young!

Right now I've lost 52 pounds and I weigh 184 now. I'm wearing a size 14 which I haven't worn in 3 yrs, so I'm excited about that! :D

Have a good weekend everyone!

I would love to join the club. I am 197 as of yesterday. I am a mom with 3 kids, 7yr,5yrs,and 10 months. I have a set goal of 150 lbs i have always been a big girl and would like to stay kinda thick just be able to look nice in whatever i choose to where. My biggest problem is my sweet tooth and a job where i am confined to a desk 8 hours a day! I have started going to the high school and walking laps with jogging the curbs along the track.  I am doing about 8 laps a day. I really want to lose the weight because I want to shop and i never can find stuff that i really like in my size. I also want to keep up with my little angelsInnocent. I need some support wth this goal.

Does anyone have any idea how to get my bra size down. I know that the # size will go down as i lose weight. But my cup size is a DDD and i hate it. I would love a 38 D.

I think as you lose weight it will go down some. There are also exercises that could help you. CC has some to look at and you could google exercises too. That's all I know. Sorry. :(


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