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Rewards for Reaching your Goals

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So I have offically lost 10 pounds and while Im not at my goal yet, I am getting there. I know that rewards would help keep me motivated but I am not sure yet what to use. I know it should not be food. What do you guys think? What have you guys used?

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I have an insane fetish for nail polishes, so whenever I want to reward myself I'd get new nail colours. :) I'd also shop for new clothes.

Get your hair cut or styled or dyed. Get a manicure, pedicure, or both if you feel indulgent. Get some sort of spa treatment. Buy yourself a piece of clothing or pair of shoes you've been ogling. If you're very active, buy yourself some new fitness gear. And, viably, you could have a sensible meal out for two with your SO if you have one, or one of your close friends.

What do you like that you don't get or get to do too often? You could buy yourself something--a book, a haircut, a new outfit. Or you could do something--see an extra movie, etc.

Go to a store, like Walmart or kmart or even a drugstore or the beauty supply store, and spend $10 on just stuff for YOU that you want. $10 goes really far at the beauty supply store, not Sally's but the Asian ones. I might would get a new eyelash curler, some new makeup, hair do-ies, maybe even hair color!

$10 for 10 pounds. Depending on how much weight you have to lose, your rewards could get pretty darn special before it's over with! When you reach the goal weight, I say entire outfit in your new smaller size, complete with shoes and accessories!

How about a new healthy cookbook?

My own personal flaw is either music or books, so I would say get yourself an album (or an itunes spending spree), or a book that you've been meaning to read, and then lie in bed and read/listen.  It's really relaxing and a little indulgent :)

I forgot to add, congratulations on losing your first 10 pounds!

Congrats.  Go get a new outfit to show off your new bod..  Do something nice for yourself... Take a picture and frame it...

Congratulations! My 10 pnd reward was a charm bracelet (bought cheaply online) and a turtle charm--but I didn't buy the charm I really wanted, and next time I will!! The turtle is to remind me that "slow and steady wins the weight loss race." copyright by me, of course, but you can borrow it, just credit me, ok?

Anyway, I have the "biggies": 180, a tatoo; 150, belly button piercing; under 150 for one year--a new pup.. I'm stalled in the mid 190s but I WILL get there, I have no doubt!

Good luck!!

congrats on losing your 1st 10!  enjoy deciding what rewards you would like to choose.  :D

whatever you choose, you deserve it!


I have my own personal reward system.. but my goal is long-term so of course it might not be viable for you.  At the end of each month, if I've met my goal (1 lb lost) every week, I can go get a dress from Forever 21.  The cooton kind that I love so much, that's comfy and flattering and about $20-$25 a pop.  For every single month I meet my goals I do this.  At the end of each quarter (3 months), I can get new panties from Victoria's Secret, plus the dress from Forever 21.  At the end of 6 months, I'll but a new pairs of jeans!  Yay!  Plus the panties and dress.  And at the very end of the year, since it'll be New Year's, I'm going to get a New Year's dress from Anthropologie, plus a new pair of pants, panties, and Forever 21 dress.  I think clothing is a great reward idea for someone who has a long term- goal and loves to shop, because you know you'll need new clothes from shrinking!

Good luck, and go get something you deserve :)

I pay myself $5 for every pound lost and take away $5 for every pound gained, but I can't spend it until I'm at my goal and I can only spend it on myself.  When I'm at goal I'll have $375 to buy myself something wonderful.  Jotting down the amount in my calendar gives me a little boost every time I do it, even when I have to deduct - it makes me determined to get there.

- Pedi/Mani Session

- Massage

- Movie Night

- See a Play/Show

- Window Shopping (and buy a few things TOO of course)

- Facial 

- Day to yourself with no one asking anything of you

- Spa Day in your bathroom with a nice bubble bath, candles, music, etc 

- Get your hair done 


* I personally love the massage idea because they are so amazing! Sadly, they are rather expensive, but if you do your research you can probably find something that is not too terribly expensive! 

* Congrats by the way, on the weight loss! 

I have a bottle of champagne left over from New years that I want to pop open when I reach 140

I'm broke so I like rewards I can do at home like doing my own nails and taking a nice long, hot a favorite movie of mine or get lost in a book I've been meaning to start reading....go somewhere looking hot...haha

But when I do have $ to spare I might go out and buy a new cute shirt and drool over the shoes

When I reach my 1st goal (a loss of 10 pounds) I am going to get my belly button repeirced. I let it grow back up after my daughter was born and it made me feel so sexy when I was thinner. After I lose the last 10 pounds (goal #2) I am going to buy myself some new undies, bra, and a bikini for the 1st time in 10 years. :-)

I guess today was my rewards day.  I've lost between 30 and 35 pounds- easily need to trim down another 20.  Today I felt ok with wearing a knit top- has  brown with cream stripes or bands that go around the chest and stomach.  When I bought the top, it was snug.  Today it is not so snug and yup, my waist is not without love handles but oh, so much better than when I bought the top.  Felt good.  So yay! to rewards.

Those are all awesome ideas! 

When I lose 5 pounds, I treat myself to a bath ball at Lush and soak in the greatness. It's not as expensive as a spa treatment, and it's so stress relieving! I want to buy clothes and get my hair done when I reach my final goal!

I like the $10.00 for 10 lbs. idea. I think I will do that. Most of the time I do not do things for myself, but always for my kids. I'm in!!!

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