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How have you rewarded yourself?

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Hey guys and girls


I wanna know, for every 5kg / pounds or every 10kg/pounds however you measure your weight loss, what do you reward yourselves with? When I lost my first 5kgs, I had my hair done. I've got 7kgs to go before I reach my pre-china weight, a whopping 15kg loss. I want to buy myself some gorgeous leather studded ankle boots that I've seen recently.

Please share with us, what do you buy yourself / do for yourself as rewards? Rewards are so important - they help motivate us and make us feel good!!!! :-)

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I love rewards.....clothes has to be my number one, closely followed by massages.

Got my hair done when I finally lost weight after three weeks of not losing any. Once I get to 135 - Nails! 130 def clothes :)

I never rewarded myself when i first lost all the weight but then after having lost it a while i ended up rewarding myself by


- becoming a certified spinning instructer and did a diploma in exercise and health fitness. Some of you might think WTF but this was a huge thing for me. It cost a lot of money and it was something i wanted to do bigtime. I never thought id be where i am now. I love it.


- buying a race bike.

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Great going guys!! I'm loving all the ideas for new rewards to reward myself with :-) what's life without rewards? ;-)

Mostly just "smiles," but I've brought a shirt, a video game, and new backpack, and a stuffed animal. :)

I don't want as much as I thought I would, so I'm running out of ideas myself. XD

I really didn't reward myself when I lost the first 30 pounds however last week when I passed my goal and a weight I haven't seen in years I went shopping! It was unbelievable that before my journey I was shopping for size 42 pants and was now shopping for size 36.

I spent over 2 hours at the department store just filling the cart.

My "rewards" so far were really necessities, like new clothes (because I can't fit most of my old ones!)

I also bought this sexy dress 5 pounds ago, and I knew it would look perfect once I reached my final goal weight. I have one pound to go, but still plenty of maintaining and muscle building to do, and the reward will be to look great in that dress on my bday in August!

I want to think of some non-clothes rewards, but also non-food rewards. I pretty much don't restrict my foods, so I don't miss any specific food and don't feel the need to reward myself with it. Maybe I'll stick around the thread and look for ideas?

But the ultimate reward is my sense of accomplishment, my health, and getting my old body back ;-)

I have 50 pounds to go.  When I loose that I plan on rewarding myself with a fishing trip next June.  I use to go regularly, but haven't since I got married and had a child 12 years ago.  I first need to loose that weight and maintain it until Mid June.

I bought a BUNCH of clothes, jewelry, and books. (That's really all I want in life :P )

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This is so awesome!!! Thanks for the ideas everyone!!! Yes, Tikiremy, I agree with you - the feeling is absolutely incredible - surely that is a reward in itself? Nothing can come close to that feeling (maybe except falling in love or winning the million lottery!!) And no one else can do it for you - it's all up to you. It doesn't matter how wealthy we are, how poor we are, what we have or what we don't have - it just boils down to the nitty gritty raw determination and will power that is in each and every one of us. Tap into that, and the rest is downhill. that incredible feeling of reaching goal weight, the feeling of being able to fit into smaller and smaller's like walking on air!!! Definitely cloud 9 stuff! :-)

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I rewarded myself with new clothes, buying things in general (ex: lose this much this week, buy this), and now I am running four to five miles a day. When I was overweight i couldn't run for 10 seconds without being tired or in pain. THAT is a great reward on it's own!!

My first 10 was a special coffee, it sounds stupid but it was really pretty and I couldn't justify getting it otherwise....the second 10 was a really stylish knit hat. My next 10 (will be there in 3.5 lbs!) will be a TV show season. Although now I'm not sure anymore because I also want a mat for pilates, which I've just started doing, so I might get that instead. I'm trying to wait as long as I can before getting clothes so I don't spend a ton of money by the time I've reached maintenance time, but I guess at some point it will be necessary. For work clothes, at least. Too bad you can't change excess weight into money (sigh)...

I just lost my first 10 lbs and also just got a new summer job so I plan on buying myself some cute new work shoes :P I need them anyway but buying new shoes is always great! I can't wait till I HAVE to buy new clothes :D

Well every time I go down a clothes size I buy new basic clothing that will hold me over until I get to the next size down. But once I lose all the weight (and maintain it for at least 3 months) I am gonna go NUTS shopping for a whole new wardrobe! I will probably set aside $500-$1000 just for clothes. Because these clothes are gonna last me forever since I will never regain weight again! (not including having children in 10 years or so) If I went all out now after losing 50lbs then I will feel guilty because I still have 20-35lbs to go and I will of spent all that money on clothes that won't fit in a few months which would be a deterrent to losing the rest of the weight.

I set weekly weight loss goals. When I reach my goal, I get to buy some clothes. Kinda dumb, since they won't fit very long, but I don't care. I LOVE 'EM! This week, I found a TON of stuff that I wanted, but I didn't want to get it and it only fit for a month or two. I thought about getting a size or so smaller, so it would fit later, but that would defeat the purpose of rewarding myself for my current weight loss.

I managed to find three pairs of shoes, an awesome denim dress, denim skirt, couple shirts, purse, a necklace, some headbands, and a pair of leggings to tie all the outfits together. I didn't realize it at first, but everything I got is interchangeable. :D

Can't wait to see if I make my goal next week!

iPod Nano at 30lbs down
Hair done at 50lbs down
Pedi/Mani will be at 75lbs down
$250 shopping spree will be at maintaining goal for 6 weeks (which is about 93lbs down, depending on when I stop)

I reward myself for consecutive weeks of healthy eating/exercise because I'm not losing much weight, just some inches on my body.


4 weeks - heart rate monitor

8 weeks - new ipod touch cover


If I keep it up in 3 weeks time,

11 weeks - moleskin sketchbook

13 weeks - new bras

15 weeks - full body salon wax lol

After 7 weeks, I should be maintaining/ building muscle at 105 lbs so I guess a reward for maintaing that would be good. Maybe I'll sign up to the local gym.


Clothing is the BEST reward ever!


First, no calories consumed as a reward.


Food rewards are always a bad idea.


Second, new clothing tracks your progress and just makes you feel so dang good to fit into smaller clothing :)

I don't want to be the party pooper of this thread, but my reward for hard work is more hard work... plus I'm a student and poor so I won't buy clothes until I've reached my goal weight. LOL

I haven't lost enough for my rewards yet, but here are mine:

135-> Second ear piercings

130-> Industrial ear piercing (a thin horizontal bar at the top of my ears)

125-> Shopping Spree! :D (My dad is taking me)

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