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Just out of a relationship and looking to lose the relationship "baggage"...

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It's been awhile since I've been on this site.  In July of 2007 I stumbled upon the original calorie-count and used to go from 160 pounds to 138 in November.  I kept it off until I went to Austria in February and had some really tough relationship issues.  I went up to 160 again, really quickly, and haven't been too far away ever since.

Right now I am 5'6'' and at 153lbs and would like to get down to 146 By May 16th (College Graduation!).


I'm just looking for a little motivation... if anyone has been in this situation, and maybe how just getting out of a long and difficult relationship helped you shed pounds... :)





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I've always found that a breakup led to weight loss. I think it's because of all the activities I filled my time with instead of just sitting around and eating meals with my significant other. If your anything like me it'll happen naturally.  :)

I'm 27 yo, 5'6 floating between 147-151 and want to get below 145, but have been at this weight for many months.  We should be motivation buddies! 


Holy crap, that sounds familiar... I went through the same kind of thing doing great, break up, fall off the wagon, party and eat and gain weight.  Well, it just took me waking up one day and deciding that enough is enough and came back to CC and started all over just like you are doing now.

So, I just got up and started running every morning, started actually paying attention to what I was eating and I'll tell ya, in a very short time I feel better than I have in a long time.

It's not easy, but stick to it and you'll feel better for it.

Yeah, relationships sucks.  Do it for yourself, not somebody else.

foxlady_st: I definetely have found myself in the last five days not late night eating like him and I would!  So, that has helped.  I would love to be motivation buddies!  I feel the hardest pounds to lose are those below 148.


aaron719: Good job getting up and running every morning!  I don't have that willpower, but I have used my newfound free time to hit up the gym once a day.  After four days, I feel better already :)

jigglethehandle:  relationships are good, breakups are bad!  And, I agree: never do anything for anyone else. 

My oh my.  I went out last night for a birthday dinner and lived it up a little too much.  :(  Atleast I ordered a salad. But I started with beer, then had scotch, then a glass of Cab, then scotch again...

I sounds like a lush, but I'm really not that bad, I swear.... :)

Today, for sure, I will exercise, and eat lots of fruits and veggies. But I have another friend's birthday dinner tomorrow night.... and it's sushi and beer.

Where did I hide my willpower??

I had a steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, veggie skewers, rolls and butter and Blue Moon beer for dinner last night... might have went a little overboard... but I was home visiting and couldn't resist indulging :)

I figure every once in awhile a little over indulgence is just fine!

I'm in a relationship, and although we haven't broken up, I have gained weight. Relationship + those freshman 15 does not make a good mix. I would like to get these extra pounds off before its too late! (Don't wanna let myself go any farther than I've already gone)

Last friday was day 5 skipped sat and sun; so tomorrow day 6 hahahaha

Now just trying to stick with it which is the hardest part

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