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Quitting Smoking & Losing Weight?

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Well I'm giving up smoking and trying to loose weight at the same time.  Am I crazy yes I am!!! Anyone else in the same boat???? Given its the new year and all
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yeah you're crazy - just kidding...  I quit smoking and put on 30 lbs..  I think if I had been paying attention like you I could have avoided the weight gain and given up the cigarettes too...

Congrats on your decision.  It is a very big deal to knock off the smokes... empowering and one of the best things you can do for yourself.. takes a lot of guts too...

good luck.
You are not crazy...just ambitious. I am also quitting smoking and the healthy eating thing. It can be quite challenging to say the least, but I am 12 days without a smoke and 5 days since my last binge.
You are NOT alone here! I have been smoke free for 5 days and 5 hours and ALSO trying not to gain any more fat rolls!

So, I posted somewhere else out here that I have still been taking trips outside with friends at work, but have been going to my car for a bottle of water instead of a smoke. I think it's important to replace a bad habit with a good one to keep everything in balance.

What have you been doing to combat the urge to smoke and/or eat?
I've been there, too. Drinking tons of water is definately a good idea. And of course, sugar-free gum, and carrot sticks, and air popped popcorn. And it also helps to keep in mind that you're trying a whole new healthy way of life. It's hard, but it can be done! Count even your small sucesses, and reward yourself with things that make you feel comfortable and taken-care of (a nice bath, warm fuzzy socks, a good book). Life can be enjoyed without cigarettes and overeating. I promise.

Keep writing whenever you need support!
I quit smoking too.  It's hard!  I began running so I am hoping quitting will help me increase my distance and speed.  It is difficult to cope with the food and nicotine cravings! 
Yay I'm not the only one fantastic :-)

So far 4 hours into first day back at work and keeping to diet and no smoking. I think I have new addiction sugar free apple gum. But thanks everyone for the wise words. This site has helped heaps already - health and wealth I keep chanting!! I like the idea of getting my teeth whitened as reward if I keep off the ciggies for 6 months

I'm eating cucumber, watermelon and tomatos as snacks as well as Miso soup which is yum. And trying the glass of water/sip of the bottle rather than the ciggie. 
Stopped smoking last September and started running and dieting last November. Since then, I have not smoked, I run 50k a week, and I lost 5.5kg. Possible? Yes! Easy? No, it does take discipline.
HI oddgirloutnz :) so happy to see a fellow kiwi girl on here! and it seems we have quite similar interests?! go us!!

I really need to quit smoking gals and guys.. I have been smoking since I was 13 years young and I'm now going on 23.. that's nearly 10 years far too long. I am scared to death about this as I use cigarettes to combat food cravings.

How does one take the first step? Cut down - or just flat out stop?!

I think cold turkey is the only way to go. I stopped during a holiday that kept me busy all day (I was in the jungle, bird watching). I had bought nicotine patches, but forgot to put after a few days and just stopped using them.
Everybody who's trying to quit smoking should read Allen Carr's book. I think it's called "the easy way to quit smoking." It changed my life. I quit after I read the book a couple of times and I haven't had a cigarette since, nor have I come even close. It really has been easy. The guy who wrote it smoked five packs a day for years and finally realized how it has to be done. Very painless, non-condescending explanation of how to do it and feel GREAT about it instead of missing them all the time and suffering. I don't like self-help books normally but this one was great.

Anyone who's just quit should read it too, you will feel tons better about what you are trying to do.
I am sure there is all sorts of help for all sorts of people but i think the first, and most important step is to actually really, really want to stop. If that is not the case, no books, patches, or whatever, are going to help.
Hi oddgirloutnz

I thought I'd let you know my experiences of doing the same thing.

To let you know where I was.
I ate fast food every day (McD breakfast)(KFC lunch). 5+ packs of crisps. 2 Choc bars. normally a reasonable well cooked dinner as I enjoy cooking it myself. From the 4th of Sept I haven't had a KFC or McD breakfast ever again. I think I've had 2 choc bars since then and I didn't really enjoy either of them. I still enjoy a pack of crisps but low fat ones and normally only 2-3 a week. I didn't exercise and I smoked 20 a day.

I started on my weight loss diet on the 4th Sept 2006, I stopped smoking on the 7th November 2006 , I started exersising cardio and weight training on the 7th November 2006.

Yes is is hard to do both at the same time, but by dieting and stopping smoking you shouldn't put on any more weight. Most people who do put on weight, do so because they over eat to compensate for not smoking.

You will be happier been healthier and not smoking and won't over eat.

Another thing to consider doing is been active, getting up for a 20min run on a morning releases chemicals that make you feel better all day long, this helps with the no smoking.

How I stopped smoking.
I used patches for 7 days (I ordered the entire 3 months worth haha) I felt I didn't need them, so I stopped. It's now 9 weeks, 1260 not smoked cigs, and £274.05 better off. It really does feel much better. I haven't smoked 1 cig in all that time. I used to smoked 20 a day and had smoked for 13 years.

I didn't put on a pound of weight, in fact I continued to lose weight at roughly 1.5lbs per week. I've now lost a total of 19.3lbs. and I'm almost under 25bmi.

I wish I could bottle up the feelings I have now, with been healthy, exersising and not smoking. If you could feel it you would stop and never look back. I know I still have a long way to go to get where I want, but I actually enjoy doing it now. It is not something I look at as "Oh god I have another 3 months before I get were I want" I look at is as "Just think how good I will feel" I love it.

So no you are not crazy. If you want it you will do it. It really is that simple, Yes cigs are adictive but you are stronger than any drug. Yes fatty fast food is nice but you are stronger than any McDonalds advertising campain.

Stick with it and reap the rewards. And I wish you lots of luck.
So today, instead of going "out" to lunch at work, I drove to the nearest walking trail and did 20 minutes. It feels so good to be breathing fresh air again instead of smoking and the walk totally curbed my appetite! I thought that the 1 tiny serving in my Progresso soup wasn't going to be enough and I was prepared to eat the other half when I got back from my walk, but now I feel great!
I quit as well.

New Years Eve was the last time I smoked. It's very hard but I feel good. My workouts are better and my foods taste better. I haven't replaced smoking with eating (Thank God!) but I'm more focused on eating healthier and working out! Since I quit I've actually lost 4lbs.  

My worst moments are after lunch and after a good cup of coffee!
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WOW I thought I was the only crazy person trying to accomplish both losing weight and quitting smoking but I'm glad to know that I have company in my wishes. Great going and good luck. I know that it hasn't been easy for me. Honestly I'm cutting down on the cigarrette part slowly. I've begun my exercises also even though the smoking limits me. I'm gonna give it my all and try to accomplish this. I'll be 40 years old in June and want to get in shape by then so I have alot of work ahead but I'm thinking positive and giving it my all. Good luck to those of you whom are trying to do the same.
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I see there are many of us trying to accomplish the same task. Helps to know I am not the only one although it feels like it ! I have been working out vigorously now for 4 months. There has been some weight loss, although nothing significant. I knew I had to tackle my problems as a resolution for a healthier life. I want to be around a long time for my son ;) I feel as if I am starving because I want to eat everything to compensate for the nicotine cravings. I will survive this, though, as will the rest of us. Good luck to all of you!
I'm trying too! Day 1!

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I used to feel so bad about myself because I smoked, drank too much, ate poorly, and after turning 30 it all caught up with me.  I'm not sure how much weight I gained because I stopped weighing myself after putting on 25 lbs and going up 4 sizes.  One day I remember sitting in my garage smoking and drinking beer and thinking how much I wanted to change, and wondering what was the biggest factor in my lifestyle that was holding me back.  I realized that it was smoking.  I figured that if I quit smoking I'd have to give up alcohol (at least temporarily) in order to stay strong in my quit, and I'd take up exercise again, which I had pretty much given up entirely for two years because I had no endurance and was tired all the time.  So I quit, cut way back on the beer, and started exercising.  From those changes alone I lost 15 lbs.  Now I feel great, I challenge myself physically all the time, and I've recently started to count calories and try to eat healthier.  I dropped another 5 lbs and am back in a size 8 for the first time in six years.  For me it has been a complete change of lifestyle. Every day I make a conscious effort to make healthy choices.  Wheat bread instead of white, fruit instead of chips.  Don't get me wrong, I have my occasional indulgences, but all of the good choices I make have added up over time.  You CAN quit smoking and lose weight, just take it a day at a time and don't get discouraged. 
After 10 years of being a heavy smoker I finally quit.  In the past I tried the patch, the gum, cold turkey and anything else you can think of.   Then my doctor told me about a pill called Chantix.  I have heard a lot of bad rep about the smoking pill.  The news says that it doesn't work.   I don't know whether or not this pill actually works or if it is just a sugar pill that I think works.  Whatever it is, it helped me to quit.  Also, my boyfriend and his aunt also used it and quit to.  If you are really ready to quit, try different things, talk to your doctor, join an online program.  You may gain a few pounds when you first quit but when you weigh the risks and benefits, it is worth it to trade 10 pounds for the deadly lung cancer.   Once you quit, you will have much more energy and stamina so it will be much easier to lose that 10 pounds and more if you want.   GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!!!!!!

if anyone is interesting in Chantix, the website is

its worth checking out if nothing else has worked!!!
It was convenient that I got a pretty nasty cold around the 1st, and physically could not smoke... being that I could barely breathe!  The official first smoke-free day was January 3rd.  I haven't even been tempted since! I've tried to quit a few times, and even attended one of those hypnotist things.  I've never tried pills or patches, and the "cut back a few every so often" method didn't work for me.  This time around, I quit because of the circumstance I was in.. I wasn't pressuring myself, and it just felt natural.   This time feels alot better than any other attempt I've made so far. 

I love that my apartment and clothes and car don't stink like they used to. I also love that I'm saving myself $5 a day!  One funny thing about not smoking that I never realized.... all the extra time I have!  I actually have 1/2 hour more time in the morning than I used to.... because I don't sit down and have 3 or 4 cigarettes while watching Good Morning America!  I don't stop at the store once a day to get smokes... saves me time, money, and calories from the candy bars and chips I pick up while I'm standing in line!

I haven't gained any weight... I started dieting at the same time.  The Hypnotist guy also said that the very act of smoking a cigarette (the effects of the nicotine on the way your body processes sugar, etc) burns calories, and at a pack a day, these calories add up, and hence many gain weight (along with replacing smoking with eating).  To combat all of this, I make sure I take vitamins, keep my blood sugar up throughout the day with meals and snacks, and exercise when I can! I'm confident that I can keep on track this time!
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