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Please share your motivation tips....

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I started CC back in late June of 07, and had lost 15 lbs by October. I was really enjoying myself, and was thrilled with my progress. However, I hit a lull around September, and by the end of October had completely fallen off the wagon due to work, etc. SO..... I want to start fresh and anew, and each week this year, I have thought this is going to be the week that I completely go back to my CC lifestyle, but I just seem to have NO will power. It's not that I'm eating horrible or binging. It's just that I'm not being careful about what I eat, and I can't seem to find the motivation to work out. I know this works, but I'm just having a very tough time recommitting.

So.... do any of you have any tips or tricks (?) that have helped get you back on the wagon?  

Thanks in advance for your advice and help. I really need a kick in the pants. 

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I have a lot of those days where I'm sittin on my butt and i'm thinking GOSH I don't wanna work out. Then I debate with myself for a little bit but the 1 thing that ALWAYS gets me going is the nike commercial they used to have and it said, "if you would have started when you thought about starting, YOU'D BE DONE BY NOW!!"

Always works for me :-)

The other thing- I buy smutty magazines to read on the machines. I get excited for them!

Ha ha about the magazines, I do that too! I am losing weight very slowly as I am close to my goal weight. I made up a chart in an excel spreadsheet to track my progress and it has done wonders for me. Everytime I feel down because it's been a little while since I've lost a significant amount of weight I look at my chart and realize that I am losing, even if it's very slowly. This has really helped me feel positive because I can see my weekly progress, and every week I'm lighter than the last, even if it's by less than a pound.
LOVE the Nike quote...

RE: working out. I got this from someone else, so I can't take credit, but it has worked for me.  I MAKE myself work out for 10 minutes.  I tell myself that if I still don't feel like it after 10 minutes, I can quit.  And you know what?  I have never stopped at the 10 minutes.  Not even once, in the the year and a half since I joined a gym.  The only time I can think of where I might, is if I'm starting to get sick, but that's never actually happened.  Either there's no doubt that I'm too sick to work out, and I don't even try, or I get going anyway.

Great advice!
I use the magazine technique, but I will get a shape or fitness and take a look at the success stories or the fitness models and remind myself that I can have a body I can be proud of...but only if I work for it.  If I am feeling really lazy, the super motivator is the sports illustrated swimsuit issue or a maxim.  I'm off the couch before the magazine hits the floor.  

My  motivation has nothing to do with magazines or Nike commercials (but I think I may pick up the magazine habit I mean where would we be without Brad and Angelina's dramatic lives or the woes of Brittany to entertain us at gyms and grocery store check outs right...Smile).

When I work out I feel good about myself and I know I have set an example for my daughter. I have also motivated some friends to finally take control of their weight issues and I have watched them and helped them change their lives. This motivated me so much I began working on Certifications in Personal Training and life coaching.

I had a weight problem as a child but as I grew up I became slender. Watching my diet and exercising for me is not about weight loss it is about being strong, toned, healthy, and most of all sane! I can take out the agony of my day on a bag or on the pavement or in the weight room and when I get rid of that stress I am happy.

It also helped me overcome an alcohol problem and to quit smoking which like alot of people I picked up in college.

I think motivation is whatever sparks you inside and keeps you ticking and that can be anything from a magazine to indulging in a well deserved piece of Carrot Cake once in a while or a hot bath with some great smelling bath oil.

I hope you get back on track!

When I am feeling lazy about getting to the gym (which is a lot - I have a hectic schedule), I just think of how good I'll feel about myself after I've gone.  Knowing that I can come home and relax - maybe in a bubble bath - is always an incentive too.  I also read Self magazine while I'm on the elliptical machine, it helps time pass a lot faster.

Good luck!!

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