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My Before/After pictures. I hope this motivates! =)

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Hello everyone, I lost 165 pounds in a little over a year and a half. I went from 330 pounds to about 165 pounds. From a size 50 waist to a size 32. I'm 5' 8". A lot of people on here already know about my success, but I was waiting until I reached my goal weight of 155 before I showed some pictures. However, weight loss is very slow right now, and since I'm basically there, I figured why not now? Here are my before and after photos. Most people on here have a lot less to lose than I did, so if I could do it, anyone can! Hope this helps. =) Good luck everyone!



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amazing...well done

That's incredible. You should definitely be proud of yourself!

How wonderful that you took responsiblity for your health.  You look fantastic and full of energy for whatever you choose to do. Well done.

Major ^5!


You look awesome!

Congrats!!!!!!!!  You look great!

Wow!  Just wow.  <Shuffles off to throw away the Easter candy>

Wow you look great! I love it when people post pictures. Thanks!


It always shocks me how much someones appearance can change. You look like a whole new person. What you did is not easy so flip man , go you! :)

CongrTulations !

awesome! well done :) will be doing the same when i have reached my goal weight :) just 22 pounds to go!

That is amazing!  I have always been about 125 until I started my desk job and then I shot up to 206 lbs.  In the last year I have lost 55 lbs, but gained back 10.  I now weigh 159, because I lost almost 5 lbs in 2 days.  My goal is 125.  How did you do it?

Diet and exercise. It's been said a million times but the only secret is hard work, really. I spend close to 10 hours at the gym a week, and never cheat on my diet, which is mostly vegetables and lean meat. 

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Wow! Nice gonna try hard like u! Thanks for the motivation man! :)
WOW, your transformation is incredible and I can only imagine how much healthier you are on the inside too!!!! Congraulations!!!!

Waaaayyyyy toooooo go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those photos are so inspiring. Thank you! Great job!!!

Excellent job, sir!

You look fantastic! Well done!

Congrats on the losses! Also glad to hear your response of "diet and exercise" when someone asked how you did it. That means you "get it" and you'll keep it off. As crazy as it sounds, I felt losing 100lbs was WAY easier than keeping it off.

Diet and Exercise, Lifestyle Change, etc...all sound so cliche', but those are the cold hard facts of getting it done.



Great Pics, DannyC!  You lost about 9-10 lbs a month. WOW!  That is "Biggest Loser" magnitude. I am sure you feel great and have discovered a whole new life. Enjoy it, you deserve it.

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