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People thinking I'm Pregnant

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I have lost 30 pounds in the last year and still have a long way to go, but lately (3 times in the last month) I have people comment that I'm pregnant.  I have a 3 year old daughter and have no plans of having any more kids.  My husband thinks it's because I am losing weight, but I still have a lot of weight on my tummy.  I have a hard time not being offended, but it does give you drive to lose weight.  My goal currently is to lose another 30 pounds by October, when I am having breast reduction surgery.  My larger goal is to not put the weight back on and live a healthier lifestyle.  Anyway, does anyone else have this problem with people thinking they are pregnant?
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I've actually had that happen in the past when I had to wear scrubs as part of my job......I found that the best response was  HUGE grin and saying "Oh no honey, I'm not pregnant, I'm just fat!" and keep smiling at may sound crazy, but trust me, the look on their faces is absolutely makes them see just how inappropriate their comment was (regardless if I was pregnant or not!). Some people are just Jackasses.....not your problem! Congrats on the 30 lbs though!! Keep it going and you're gonna look fabulous!!
LOL doc, that is a great suggestion.  I second that one!
I was walking the track at the local high school and a group of elderly women were there also and I noticed they were looking at me and smiling alot and one finally asked me when I was due. I thought I would friggin die.  I, too, carry the bulk of my weight in the tummy and have narrow hips and thighs.  I smiled and said any minute.  I did'nt have to heart to say what I was really thinking. She said what she said out of interest and kindness so I could'nt embarrass her.   As good as I thought I looked, I still looked pregnant to those women.  It bummed me out for a minute then I picked up the pace and kept walking.
I was in Costco with my boyfriend doing some shopping for items we used to buy in bulk that the local grocery store doesn't have. I was looking for some granola bars that were not covered in chocolate (I like nuts and fruit.) to keep at my desk at work if I get hungry. There was a woman, maybe about 80, handing out samples of an organic nut and grain bar. So we went up to try some. She was plugging away at her selling monolog when she took a break, looked at me, and asked, "Oh, are you pregnant?" Stunned, I just said, "No." "Oh!" she said and looked away. My boyfriend moved on and did not buy the nut and grain bars (they weren't any healthier or lower in calories than the stuff we'd seen at the normal store so we weren't that interested.).

I was so mortified. My boyfriend doesn't think I look pregnant. He says pregnant women have more bubble shaped stomachs. But I still think it looks like I am sometimes, in certain shirts. I carry all my weight in my stomach and sides. I wish I had the courage to say, "No, I'm just fat." Maybe I will next time. :)

Congrats on loosing 30!
omg...yea thats happened to me twice. I am slightly overweight but I gain mostly in my stomach, and my stomach pooches out and doesn't sag down. Last summer my boyfriend and I went to cedar point and i heard a woman say that she couldn't believe how irresponsible i was for going on a roller coaster pregnant. Ummm hello! I was definately NOT pregnant and what nerve for her to be so rude! I can't help it I carry my weight right there! But I must admit, I sometimes park in the expectant mother spots at stores since I know I can pull it off...i know, i am sooo bad. :p
Oh, man, sthmandies, that's really bad--her being rude to you on top of it!  I hope you told her to shove it  lol.  I also carry my weight in my middle, and I, too, have been asked when I was due--at first I thought, due for what?  Then I realized, and just kind of shook my head in shock and said, "No."  And this was a GUY who said this to me--usually it's women who comment on that.  Anyway, he looked as embarrassed as I did.  
UNbelievable! When are people gonna learn -- NEVER EVER ask a women if she's pregnant or even ASSUME she is. Wait for HER to tell you and say NOTHING until she does! I would say "No, are you?" I'm sure they are totally embarrassed when you say you're not. God, I would DIE if it happened to me (I mean if I assumed a woman was preggers)!
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This has happened to me on numerous occasions.  It's also bad because I did have a baby about 15 months ago, so people ask me things like:  Are you pregnant again?  Or Haven't you had that baby yet?  Very irritating.  I have snapped a some people, but I'm sort of getting used to it.
OMG, It has been so helpful to hear this happens to others.  It is crushing to get asked.  Once I was at a famous artist party with an open bar and I was in line for a drink when some stranger (a guy) said congrats when are you due!  I was mortified and tongue tied.  I just said Oh not for awhile!  I didn't know what to say.  Once in Vegas the cocktail waitress wouldn't serve me because I was pregnant.  I looked around and there were alot of other women there with bellies.  It was so embaressing.  Like if I was pregnant I wouldn't drink.  It seems to happen the worse when it is that time of the month and I usually get it from men.  Sometimes, I just say no I'm just fat!!!  I find if my bankteller or a cashier is pregnant I won't even mention it till they say something because I sure don't want to inflict that kind of pain or embarresment onto someone else!!!
This has happened to me twice and both times I was completely humiliated. The first was when I went to talk to the priest about having my 3rd child baptized. He said, "OK, well, let me know when the baby is born..." She was 3 months old! I nearly cried. The second time was when my daughter was 14 months old and our dentist asked when I was due. I was really upset because I had managed to lose about 20 pounds and was at my lowest point weight wise since her birth. I have had 3 c-sections and I think a lot of it is due to poor muscle tone which I have been working on improving!
Megmc,  I have the same prob.  I have been doing this one exercise that feels like it is starting to help.  You may already know it...I get on all fours, release air from your lungs then suck in your gut as hard as you can and hold for 40 seconds.  If you need air just take shallow breaths.  You don't do reps.  But I try to stop and do it several times a day. 
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Well, I just decided to start a diet...and not too soon as today I had the infamous 'are you preganant?' moment. I was at work after a seminar. The woman who hosted the seminar came up to me looking very giddy and asked 'so how are you feeling?!?' I was slightly confused as we have never chatted about my feelings or my general well-being in the past. I simply replied 'I'm fine, how have you been?' and she said (and this happened so fast) 'Oh i've been congrats!! When are you due?!?!?' I ran through excuses in my head like 'Oh, i'm going to get an abortion' or 'I don't know, the doctor told me not to get too excited as things aren't going well' I quickly realized both of these responses would be worse than the truth: 'oh, I um, I'm not pregnant' I have never seen anyone look so absolutely mortified. She literally apologized and ran away and then looked back at me as she was exiting the room with such a scared look on her face you would have thought I was chasing her with a knife! Awesome. Looks like the diet starts tomorrow!
I can certainly feel the pain on that one! Apparently mistaking a large young woman for pregnant transcends language and geography. I'm from Texas, and after my high school graduation a few years ago, I took a trip to Europe (saved for nearly a year and a half for that one) and this is one of the few memories I have from that trip (sad, I know!).

I was in Italy, at the Trevvi Fountain, one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I was not as heavy as I am now (probably about 225 then), and this souvenir vendor I was standing a few feet from who spoke very little english, smiled at me and rubbed his stomach with his hand and while I can't remember his exact words (very broken english) he was basically wanting to know if I was pregnant. I FROZE. I said, "Uhhhhh...", sort of nodded and walked away as quickly as I could. The worst part of it all is that I was in some of the most beautiful places on Earth, and while I have a few other specific memories, that is the one clearest in my mind. AHHHHH!!!

I've just joined CC today, and have truly committed to exercise and portion control for the last two weeks (longest time ever for me, usually not over a day or two) and have gone from 298 to 288. I've got a loooooong way to go, but I'll get there, and whenever I'm walking I keep thinking about that guy and walk a little faster! lol
welcome to CC txaggie! I joined a year ago this month and lost almost 50 pounds in doing so! This place is awesome....when people ask me how i lost weight so fast i sound like a CC You can most defintly do this! Once again welcome.

As for the pregnancy comments...last year in april i had my daugter but during my pregnancy i noticed alot of people avoided asking me about my pregnancy....i think it's because i gained alot of weight so it was hard to tell if it was pregnancy or weight i wanted people to it made me feel like people just assumed i was just gaining a rapid amount of weight! I gained 70lbs total so it was a combination of never ask people though if they are pregnant and now that i'm not pregnant I know why people avoided asking me and i'm glad people were thoughtful enough not to.
When I was working at Sears, I was checking out a family, and the kid says something like "she's gonna have a baby".. I looked at the mom, like, hell no, i'm not pregnant.  Then the mom tells the kid, "no, honey, she just has a pooch (or something like that).  a lot of people have that".  I was PISSED!!

Nothing like a 4 year old ruining your day!!
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wow im SO releived that other women have this problem too! this happens to me on average once a week (yeah, i get it ALL THE TIME!). im only 19 years old, but im tall and i have a really thin body frame. ive gained about 30 lbs in the past few years, and its all in my tummy.

Once i was in a craft store wearing sweat pants because i was lazy haha (typical college student) and i was in line behind a mother with two kids. the older boy said "Mom, why is her tummy like that???"and he made a big gesture with his hands towards his own belly.  i said "Like what?!" but i dont think the mom heard us. i was so angry... im COMPLETELY against getting pregnant as a teenager, and when people assume i am pregnant, it makes me so mad that the think i could be irresponsible.

i was at work one day, mopping the floor when this black guy and his girlfriend came in. He asked me if "i was gonna drop" and i didnt understand what he meant. I assumed he meant if we were going to close for the night soon, so i said something like "no not yet, in about an hour" and he explained that he thought i was pregnant. the girl he was with was MORTIFIED that he would ask something like that... and i was so angry.

it happens to me a lot, and most of the time i just say "no, im just fat." i only weigh about 160, but ive weighed 108 before at this same height so i feel pretty heavy right now and i HATE it when people rub it in by asking me when im due... im not pregnant! im only 19 for gods sake!!!
Omg ...when I gained weight very quickly one time.  I literally got into an arguement with someone I knew because he wouldn't believe that I WASN'T pregnant. 
I would never EVER EVER tell a woman she is pregnant unless I physically see her going into labor or giving birth. There is just too many mistakes that are made...and I would feel terrible if I was wrong. Count me out.
I have wondered if people were pregnant or heavy before.

BUT...oh my goodness...don't these people have any manners? You NEVER ask that of someone! How tacky.

I have been asked that before and I was absolutely mortified. We all carry our weight so differently that you cannot just assume because a person has a larger tummy that they are pregnant. In fact, if a woman is pregnant, she usually points it out so you DON'T assume she is just FAT! lol

I'm so sorry this happened to you. You've done a GREAT job on your weight keep your CHIN UP and keep on trucking!

I also had a breast reduction...PLEASE wait until you get a little closer to your will be sooooo much happier with your results. I wish I had taken others advice and done that. Instead, I ended up gaining weight and they GREW again. Thank goodness they are beginning to shrink. ;)

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