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Before & after - painful, but necessary

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So, I've been feeling a little down this week about how slowly the weight is coming off now.  And, I know I needed a kick in the pants to realize just how far I've come.

Prior to now I've only posted head shots in my profile, not anything of the rest of me.  But, to celebrate how much better I look now, I've posted a pic of me today, and a pic of me from before my lifestyle change.

It's incredible for me to see how much I've changed.  I know I have a way to go yet, but it's truly silly for me to get down about how I look, all things considered.  Right?  :)
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wow, panda!! the difference is incredible! you look absolutely amazing! great work!
woohoo!  isn't it amazing to see the progress in picutres?  i swear that's my motivation now.. :)  and i hate pictures of me!  ;)

keep up the good work!  you rock!
you look fantastic!
You look amazing...I can only imagine how good it feels to accomplish something that huge.  CONGRADS! 
wow, you look so vibrant :)
You look amazing.  The difference is wow.  I can not wait hit my 40 pound drop point and be able to see what you are seeing.  Validation is everything.  Way to go!

& i mean that sincerely :)
wow... you don't need a kick in the pants, you just need new pants- smaller pants!  you look terrific!
WOW!!!!  You look wonderful, great job!!
you look great!
I agree with everyone else!!

Thank you all!  I've still got more to lose for my goal, but it's really nice seeing the progress so far.  I'm not sure it will be that much more dramatic when I lose the next 20, but I know I will be more comfortable in my skin.  I'm just now into a size 10, and would like to get back to around a 6. 

Thank you again, it means a lot to know that it's that noticible how far I've come.  *blushes*

You look great.  I can't wait till I can do that and see the changes I've made.  Keep up the good work.  Congrats!
That is so motivating.  You look great! :)
Looking good!! Way to go 
I can't wait till I have come as far as you.  Thanks for sharing.
Not only do you PHYSICALLY look better, but you can tell how much happier you are now with yourself.  Not much looks better on someone than a big smile!
Wow you are doing GREAT!!!  Keep it up!!  That is a significant diffrence!  I can't belive it!!  Now I want to sift through my pictures to see how diffrent I look!!  What great motivation!

im taking that as its possible!!

thank you for giving me the perk i needed today
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