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It's only week two and i'm already losing motivation when it comes to cc..

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I lost about 3 pounds my first week, nothing this week and I just feel like I keep depriving myself of foods I want. The exercise doesn't bother me, i'm enjoying it,it's just frustrating with the foods... How do you guys all stay motivated enough to keep it up? My ultimate goal is to be about 140-150.. I'm 181 now. My first goal is 170.. I don't see me getting there... :(

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quirky - I never lift more than 10 pounds at this point (unless I am doing pull ups and that is just body weight). I am on week 10 of the 13 weeks. It doesn't take much weight if you do more reps (12 - 20).

Good to know :)

You know what i do?  I bought some brachs hard candy (you can buy bulk at the grocery store), butterscoth and cinnamon disks (70 cals for 3, high in carbs tho).  When I really want something "bad" I pop one of those in my mouth and don't allow my self to chew it up.  Those things take forever to disolve :).  Also, I like Lemon Lift tea and decaf green tea with Jasmine.  Add some stevia and a dash of almond milk and I have a warm and sweet treat that lifts my spirits.  I also love apples with peanut butter (don't really like either one alone). This treat is crunchy and full of fiber.  Limit the peanut butter and make sure you get a healthy brand (I use omega Smart Balance creamy.  Good luck to you and remember it's not just about a diet or counting/tracking stuff, it's about better choices in life :-))

You can do it. I've lost 17lbs. but it's taken me 4 months to get there.  Make sure you are eating enough and as far as exercie, do what makes you happy, just move.

Start taking measurements so you have something to go on besides the scale. Seeing the tape move can be very motivating.  Also remember this...

"Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels."  And another one I like has already been said... "This is a journey, not a sprint".  Remember, the weight didn't get there over night, you can't reasonably expect it to come off overnight either.

Good Luck to you. You can resolve yourself to do this and you can be successful.


Original Post by helenrose1980:

Some things im doing to keep motivated:

I have a list of clothes I want to buy when I reach my goal weight. For every pound I lose I put aside some money so when I reach my goal I know I can have a shopping spree.

Also, before I work out, I will have a look at the beautiful silk dress I have in my wardrobe, which I can't fit into! I keep it in mind throughout my workout and it stops me giving up - I really want to be able to wear that dress soon!

Get a jar or container and for every pound you lose, fill the jar with a pound of sugar or similar so you can physically see the weight you are losing... I'm doing this in the garden with soil, when I reach my goal weight I'll plant something in the container I'm filling up! :)

On a Friday or Saturday evening I will factor in some chocolate or a couple of drinks so I'm not totally depriving myself. I web had a bacon sandwhich for breakfast today! Everything in moderation is the key :)

Good luck, don't give up!

Your ideas are awesome! Definitely will try some of these!

I STRONGLY recommend p90x. I've been doing it for a month now, watching what I eat to a T and never miss a workout. I HAVEN'T LOST A SINGLE DAMN POUND!!! HOWEVER, my belly roll when I sit down is almost GONE and my pants that used to beg for mercy are now spacious. I'm not going to lie... It is VERY discouraging not to see a difference on the scale. That's what it's all about to us gals!!! But you know what? When you walk down the street no one sees a weight number floating above your head. It really isn't about that. I think you should look into an intense workout regimen because it'll make you WANT to skip the pasta and after only a week it'll make you feel so much better than those 3 lbs made you feel.

17 lbs in 4 months is GREAT that's over a lb a week-you'll be thin in no time-Good for you. I like the affirmations-I have a simple mind and i need short simple quips to use during periods when I have to self-talk and be my own cheerleader.

One I use is something someone here said to me:

"IF food is not the problem, it is certainly not the solution" + "You've got to LEARN to love something Other than food."

There is always emotional eating invovled in those with chronic weight problems & it is those issues we often need to id and address

Try eating lower calorie foods that fill you up during the first part of the day that way you can have a little dessert at night. For breakfast I make smoothies with fruit and spinach that are amazingly good and healthy. It's a lot of volume for very few calories. By lunch I'm hungry again so I dig into a huge salad (greens have very little calories and are loaded with nutrients) with some protein on top and I use regular full fat dressing (sparingly). After lunch I usually have something sweet, like a cup of light yogurt from yoplait or sugar free pudding. If I'm hungry I snack on something like baby carrots or small pinches of trailmix and I also chew sugar free gum to keep myself from mindlessly snacking at work. When I make it home if I need something to tide me over until dinner I make another spinach smoothie. For dinner it's really easy to just pop a lean cuisine in the microwave and try to eat slowly and wash it down with as much water as I can. Then after dinner for dessert I have about 200 calories left over for a dessert. Sometimes I eat fruit or dink a glass of dark chocolate almond milk. Last night I had a quaker rice snack caramel corn snack pack dipped in sugar free caramel pudding and it was delicious and filling! Good luck!

Thank you everyone. I still have many moments where I'm hating this, but I've lost 14 pounds total now so it's working.

gxfisher:Hard candy,what a great idea!! I don't know why I didn't think of that.

sallystang:Congrats on the weightloss!!! I've been measuring but don't seem to be losing inches at least in my tummy,which is odd as my clothes seem looser. Great quote as well!!!

LilMsSunshine126:I have a heart condition so I don't think I can do p90x.. I don't want to kill myself,lol.  Great insight,though. I've started a new cardio plan that is a lot more intense than I've been doing and I LOVE it.

bnc701: Thanks! 

Way to go!!  So happy that you are enjoying success.  

What are you depriving yourself of?

Trick One: Its important to not starve yourself of fried chicken if your favorite food is fried chicken.  It's better to make an alternative that will work for you.  This TV show helped me. -thin/recipes

Trick Two: Another thing that helps is to associate bad foods with disgust. I had a problem with chicken nuggets.  I ate at McD's every other day because I  craved those nuggets, 20 pc and a burger every time.  Then I watched the video about pink slime on YouTube. That turned me off to them completely.

If the thing you like is crunchy and juicy fried chicken, you can have panko crusted or cereal crusted oven baked chicken.  The crust locks in the moisture and doesn't need anything else to beef up the crunch.  It's really good.

Another thing that I really love is butter. I always use real unsalted sweet cream butter, but I add a little bit of garlic to it to make the creamy flavor of the butter go a lot further.  It helps to ask yourself, what can I add to this to make it taste even better without adding extra calories and sodium?

Eventually, you'll feel like you've accomplished something amazing, and not pressure yourself so much.  You already lost 14 pounds!  That's already at least a dress size!  I started at 186.  By moving furniture (my alternative exercise of choice) I dropped to 170 before ever counting a calorie last April.  Now I'm plateaued at 144, finding it difficult to motivate myself too.  I want to get to 120 by September. I have a food obsession, so if I can do it, you can too.

Darlene:  Got any subs for fried Okra and Eggplant. I love both. Can't stand boiled okra, but I need to do something with it other than fry it. We grow it on the farm and I got a freezer full of it and i like it. The chicken idea is great. i can only do so much rabbit food and have never been a big fruit eater, but I'm trying. I live in a rural area (thus the farm) and goiing to the store every couple of days is just out of the question and especially now that gas prices are up.

Love the tricks-please post more!

I live in an apartment in the bay area. It's small and there's nowhere to grow vegetables.  I wish I could have fresh veggies on hand without having to wait for the farmers market each week or go to the increasingly super expensive grocery store. Smile

You can use the chicken trick for the okra. It would be like making japanese tempura but "oven-frying" it instead of using the deep fryer.  There's also the possibility of chopping up the okra and putting it into a skinny mac and cheese. I  put all sorts of veggies into mac and cheese. My recipe uses a béchamel sauce that uses non-fat milk. The parmesan, garlic and spices helps hide the lack of fat.  

Eggplant is delicious grilled with olive oil and herbs...Then you can use it in sandwiches with some grilled red peppers, mushrooms, and tomatoes.

For both you can add them to lasagna.  Since tomato sauce is low in calories and soooo good for you, okra would be delicious.  I think my biggest issue with lasagna is that I loooooooove cheese.  Instead of using mozzarella, I use parmesan because it's so salty and rich I only need a little bit.  I think there's a recipe on the website above.

I'm no expert or anything, but I love to experiment with recipes.

When you start to get bored, try making an international recipe using the veggies.  There's lots of ways to use eggplant and okra.  Are you a fan of spices?  There's plenty of indian, mediterranean, thai and ethiopian dishes to use vegetables.  I try to think about texture a lot.  If I can think of any dish that would be complemented by the texture of the particular vegetable, I'll add it.  

To get more vegetables into my diet I make salsas out of non-traditional veggies like cucumber and celery to add bulk and crunch.

Are there any fruits that you like?  I'm a huge fruit fan.  It sometimes becomes a problem. My favorites are honeydew and cantaloupe.  I love adding greek yogurt to add some protein. My weakness, however, is cuties clementines.  They're waaay too easy to peel and devour, like candy.. worse than candy.

I hope that helps! As you can tell, I can't stop obsessing about food. 

Great Ideas-i never thought of adding it or any other veggie to Mac & Cheese! Loved the oven baked okra. I found this bottle of chili powder and garlic spice mix on sale for $1 in the reduced bin and marinated the okra in it w/some olive oil based Italian Dressing ---spead it out on parchment paper poped it in the oven -GREAT, tried the broiled eggplant and yellowneck squash they were good too.

I also like to experment-I found one of these slap chop type devices at Wal-Mart & have begun adding chopped baby carrots, radishes and black olives to my veggie omlette as variations on mushrooms and spring onions-it helps-makes you think you are getting something different :)

Keep the ideas for veggies coming, I need ALL the help I can get. My garden is just about to spring forth-I plant on trying more FRESH herbs soon. I just visited Kentucky and the people there feed me raw asparagus (which I never cared for cooked) and it was pretty good. I also had something called rhubarb which MIGHT be something I could LEARN to like, but not just yet :))!

What else do you have tucked away I could use?

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