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How much should 15-year-olds weigh?

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I guess they should be around 120 pounds or something? Or 55 kg, if that makes any difference. That means I need to lose about 25 pounds...! *groans*

Oh, and I'm a girl, by the way.

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it depends on how tall the person is.

15 year olds dont have a specific weight they have to weigh....

I looked at your journals and you seem discouraged, don't be like that! I'm 16 and i've been on this website since March 1st. I've lost around 10 lbs. already, but it's taken a lot of hard work. You can totally lose weight, just don't give up on yourself tooo easily! and feeel free to message me about anything k?

You should use a BMI calculator to figure out a range of healthy weight, here's a link to one that's especially made for teenagers: eight_height.html

Lol, at 120 I'd be a skeleton.  I'm 162ish now, barely 16, and 5'6.  My goal is 135lbs, but I'm pretty sure I'll want to stop before then.

To answer your question: A 15 year old should be healthy, just like anyone.  Eat lots of nutritious foods, eat a little of the unnutritious ones, and be active. C:  Some girls start developing curves (not just boobs) at this stage, so it's natural to be a lot heavier than you were a year or even six months ago.

A healthy weight at 15 for 66" high is between 108 and 149lbs, but can be higher depending on bone density, muscle, and development.  For 62", it's around 95-131lbs, with the same fine print. [source]  You should always keep in mind that BMI is notorious for mislabeling very muscular people as overweight, too. :)

Go on the section here where you check your BMI - body mass index and where you get your calorie count by gauging how much exercise you get.  I wish there was a magic number that we could all go for, but you just need to find your healthy range.

Stephh11 is right though.   A 15 yr old who's 4'-8" may have a slightly different healthy weight than one who is 6'-2".

In high school I was 130-135lbs. I carried my weight in my hips/thighs (pear shaped). Im 5'4"

but really, you should be at a weight that you feel comfortable at.

As others say it is based on your height and your bone structure, there is no set weight that is ideal.  Some teens develop earlier and will be thinner others develop later and lose their puppy fat (so to speak) when they develop.

Its about being healthy and eating right and getting regular exercise rather than having a specific weight goal but their are doubtlessly websites that you can search for that will indicate the average size for a 15 year old - I imagine (purely guessing) that anywhere between 115 lbs to 155 lbs is normal as such.

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