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The day after a night of drinking

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I am someone who enjoys drinking on the weekend - Friday and Saturday night. My problem is when you get up from a night of drinking and all you want to do is eat. Does anyone else have this problem? I just want to eat all day - all the time after a night of drinking.

Does anyone else get this way?

What are some tricks to stop this?
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trick #1 - stop drinking
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I wouldnt worry so much about eating after you drink so much for 2 days, every week... you're drinking the calories!!!   Maybe enjoy 1 drink a week.  I enjoy 1 glass of Pinot Grigio every week.   No more...   Every now and then its fine to enjoy throwin a few back, but every weekend?? on Friday AND Saturday??  maybe you should cut back a bit..
I find the best thing to do is get up and work out.  I know this sounds crazy because it's usually the last thing you want to do after a night of drinking, but try to at least go for a walk.  After some exercise, my cravings tend to subside.  Also, drink lots of water!
I should add that I enjoy drinking on the weekend and dont' want to stop! It's not always both days but sometimes it is.

I drink 4 litres of water a day, including the weekend.

Going for a walk is a good would keep my mind off of food and get me going for the day!

i can help! im good at this. especially now since im finished school. (okay, well one more exam)

but yes, excerising!! it does sound crazy but it feels great to sweat all the crap outta your system. also if you're hungover, just sit in front of the tv, or get out of the house, not tempted to move if something good is on, or you'll be out and about doing other things, not thinking of food.

My problem is eating when im drunk. like house parties.

My alcohol consumption isn't too high since school, but during breaks, and now that school is/will be over, its going to be party after party for like a month.
I am no help. I enjoy life more AND have had a way easier time losing weight since I quit drinking altogether! I just dont see the fascination. No good can come of it.
But sophie is right...sweat it out, it works everytime!
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I'm with you mcpchants - its hard to not want to go out and drink and have a good time - i like doing the same thing.  I agree though that the only way to be successful is probably to stop drinking for a while until you start to reach your goal weight.  Alcohol is know for increasing the appetite so its no wonder we want to eat the next morning.  I drink lots of water and just have a big breakfast with wholemeal bread and eggs maybe which will do the trick!!  Excersise is good also, it will help you feel better and you will feel less guilty if you do end up eating a little more - maybe eat less in the week to allow more cals for the weekend??  I can't think of what they are but i've heard of some good smoothies for hangovers - maybe have alook on the internet - bananas are meant to be good??!!

Good luck with what ever you decide to do.
I would recommend drinking a ton.  After you get drunk, usually the reason people have hangovers in the first place is because they are so dehydrated.  Sometimes, when you are thirsty, your body mistakes that for hunger signals.  So, I would a) make sure you drink a ton of water, b) keep yourself busy the next day.  If you are occupied with other things, you won't think about eating. and c) perhaps limit yourself to a certain amount of drinks... I mean, I wouldn't cut it out completely, but say to yourself, okay, I am going to stop after three, and then eat less throughout the day because you know that you will consume those extra calories in alcohol.
Thanks for the help!

I will try going for a walk in the morning and see if the hunger will pass. Water does help, I already drink 3-4 litres a day...but it doesn't help enough!
I always take an aspirin and drink a big glass of water before going to bed.  This seems to wake me up early since my blatter is full, so I drink a glass of skim milk with a piece of whole grain toast and go back to bed.  When I wake back up I eat two large pieces of watermelon and a hard boiled egg.  You could eat the whole melon if you wanted, which is why it is so hydrates you and makes you full at the same time without adding a ton of calories!!!  In the winter time I am forced to eat whole grain cereal with skim milk b/c hard to find good melon, but it's better than leftover pizza!!!  Exercise until you sweat some of the toxins out and you'll begin feeling like a million bucks again by lunch time!
You can drink adn still lose weight! I hate when people say you have to stop drinking to be successful b/c it just isn't true! I drink a couple times a week adn make sure I am okay on my caloires to do so and I make sure to drink lots of water before going to bed. I however, don't have hte problem of wanting to eat lots the next day. Usually I'll eat a lot less the couple of days following for some reason. But just make sure you are aware of the calories in the drinks  and try to pick some low cal favorites to stick to during the night. Enjoy your weekends and drink it up! :)
As far as I'm concerned there is no trick, you just stop drinking. I like it too but I've had to stop while I lose the weight it help put on me.
Yes - not that I know for experience, as an underage drinker - but be as active as you can and drink a lot of water. And if you HAVE to eat something, then eat snacks very couple of hours. I find if I distract myself from cravings and then just have a snack every so often, I'm good. Probably no help but good luck.
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You don't have to stop drinking. I would recommend to watch how much you drink and maybe take your own snacks. Like cut fruit and veggies or whole grain pretzels. Eat a good meal before you go out and try drinking a water in between the alcoholic drinks. I too do the aspirin and water trick before I go to bed and another glass right when I get up. Hit the walking trails. Party on!
I always crave a Cup 'O Noodles the day after I drank.  I guess it could be worse...I could be craving fast food, lol.  I admit I really cut down my "binge" drinking (I'm still in that party age bracket, lol) and have been very successful losing weight.  But once in a while I do hit the town!
I FORCE myself to go to the gym the day after drinking. It really does seem to help to sweat it all out!!!
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My mother always says to me - You eat healthy, you work out, if you want to find a culprit for your inability to lose weight - its ALCOHOL. This doesnt mean I stopped, but I cut back. I found that as I get older I dont bounce back from a night of drinking as fast as I used to (and Im only 23!!). Not only does drinking pack on the calories,dehydrate you, and make you ruin your diet the following day too, but it also slows your metabolism down a little bit. A weekend of binge-drinking and drunk eating can & will ruin an entire week of hard work.
True that!
My take on drinking while trying to lose weight is the same as any other foods you enjoy. You ahve to learn how to incorporate them into your normal eating. If you deprive yourself it will lead to overindulgence at some point. But like anything, alcohol in moderate amounts. You have to set yourself up for success and if alcohol is part of your life then you should make it part of your new healthy lifestyle.
Urrg I know. Toasted cheese sandwhiches are my weakness after drinking!I suggest lots and lots of low cal snacks as its usually just the feeling of cramming something in your mouth you crave.

Another big problem is drinking then getting hungry, I usually drop into a kebab shop if im with my friends or visit monsuier fridge when I get back. Drink lots of water in between drinking!

Of course being a young un' I dont really get many adverse affects to the demon drink but it realy helps if you do get active the day after (I always get forced out for a country walk sometime at the weekend)
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