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New Digital Scales - 6lbs heavier!

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Now i'm depressed - decided to  invest in some new digital scales because I could barely tell between  1lbs let alone 0.5lbs. But now I am 6lbs heavier - 6!!! that is some serious discrepancy and now I feel crap quite franlkly. Anyone else had to deal with the same thing?

I cant face logging it - it takes me heavier than where I started! - wish I'd never bought the scales now :(

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Look at it this way -- you probably started off 6b heavier than you thought... so whatever weight you've lost, you've still lost.

I didn't promise it would make you feel better -- just another way to look at it Laughing

I am in a house of scales and the thing I hate about digital (at least these) are 2 things, they weight you heavier and they flux each time you step on it from seconds before! One digital scale has me 6-7lbs over, one 10lbs heavier, and I calibrate my dial and it is correct but the digital: one weighs heavier (the 6-7lbs one) and the other calibrates perfectly (the 10lbs one). Scale complex much!!! So I stick to my dial, till I get a body fat % scale, then I'll just monitor my body fat % :)

stupid question here - are you sure your new digital scale is weighing correctly?  can you double check it with say, a 10lb weight?  or a brand new 5lb bag of sugar/flour?  check your old scale too if you still have it and see what the difference is?  I know with my dial scale, it has to be perfectly level and sitting on the "sweet spot" Tongue out on my bathroom floor, or my weight varies up to 5lbs+.

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You're not 6 pounds heavier.  That's the problem with focusing on numbers.  You're the same person you were before you stepped on the digital scale.  Go by inches and fat % vs Muscle %.  Those are still #s but they are not as arbitrary as weight.

Hi everyone thanks for replying.


Firstly I know i'm not actually 6lbs heavier than I actually was just heavier than I thought I was.

Tamji - seems not a stupid question atall - I didn't test them - I bought digital because I was under the assumption that digital was more accurate- seems I was wrong.

I decided to put my scales to the test using 3 different sets of dumbells - my digital scales weighed them at 3.4lbs heavier than they're supposed to be - to be fair though, my mechanical scales weighed them about 1.5lbs heavier than they state they are. Still digital 2lbs heavier if im comparing to mechanical.

I also decided to test the scales depending on which measurement unit they were using so kg, st and lbs - the weight I got varied by about 5lbs - answer is im scraping the digital and going back to  a new set of mechanical scales that seem to be most accurate.

That said I am a bit frustrated with scales and numbers full stop and I think im going to try and avoid them for the next month and just ensure I stick to my eating and exercise plan.

People say about using measurements instead but I dont get this - the only measurement I'm aware of that corresponds with 'health' is your waist measurement - well I'm below the 'health risks' cut off - but this doesn't mean that i'm a healthy weight for my height does it.

And what measurements are deemed good measurements? - arn't measurements just more subjective than  weight can be? The only measurements i'm aware of are bust, waist, hips or hip to waist ratio but stuff them as far as im concerned - they're no more a reflection of a healthy body.

Maybe i've just completely misuderstood the measurements argument - but if it is simply as long as the tape measurement is getting smaller than i'm not convinved.


when I said measurements - i meant inches measurments.

I measure myself because looking in the mirror every day, it can be hard to see changes over a long period of time, even if the scale says you are losing weight.

I measure my bust, waist, hips, thighs, and biceps. Everyone's weight varies. One 5'6" female may look great at 125, while another looks great at 140. I think restricting yourself to a weight goal may not give you the results you want. And measurements allow you to pinpoint areas of the body that aren't showing results as quickly, so you can try to incorporate exercises for that particular area. I measure myself once a month.

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