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I need motivation

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So I jut started with my weight loss . I find it so hard to be motivated when I am hungry. It's a vicious cycle I get motivated when im not hungry, then I get hungry, which then I jut forget all the motivation and end up eating whatever I'm craving for :( I have a real problem with that. Also I tend to skip meals. I need Help!!!
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Make sure you are getting enough protein and healthy fats, that will help with the hunger thing.  Keep only healthy foods readily available and if you want to grap something quick, make things up in advance that you can reheat so you don't just grab what is easy when you are hungry.  With time and effort, you can change your routine and things get easier.  Just don't give up!

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It's ok to be hungry, that's the best time to eat. If you're hungry right before you planned to do a work out, then have a healthy snack, such as an apple or yogurt, to tide you over. If you're simply forgetting to eat meals, then set an alarm for yourself at 2-4 hr intervals. If you often find yourself in a place where you have nothing to eat, then start bringing a meal with you.
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I need motivation also. I lost 80lbs about 3 years ago, but since my best friend past away for breast cancer I gained 40lbs back.( She died 2 years ago). I've been under going testing for MS and I know I need to be at a healthier weight. It's just so hard to stay motivated when I'm depressed. I hope joining CC I will be able to stay on track. :-)
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