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I need to lose 70-80 lbs. ~ Anyone else??

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I started at 228 4 weeks ago today and have lost 9 lbs. which puts me at 219.  I would love to get to 140-150 lbs. My goal is to lose it by 9/11/08 - my next birthday and one year exactly from when I started eating healthier.  I don't get much exercise yet but yesterday I walked a mile without stopping in 20 minutes, Twice!  Once in the morning and again in the evening after dinner.  I am F, 38, 5'6".

Anyone else with similar goals?

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Yes!  I need to loos about 70 pounds.  I am 5' 5" and am at 199 right now, my goal is to get to 129-134.  I have been at that weight before and I feel good there.  I have a really bad problem with late night snacking.  I know that if I could kick that I would be doing so much better.  I can't seem to stop though!  Does anyone have any suggestions for this problem?

I do exercise but not like I used to, I am working back up to where I used to be.  I went for a jog/walk yesterday for 45 min-about 3.5 mi which felt great!  I also have the firm videos that I do when I can't get out of the house.


Yes! I need to lost about 90 pounds. I am 5'6" and I am at 230. I lost 10 pounds already but I still have a ways to go. I would like to get down to 140-150 since that is what my doctor was telling me was the healthy weight. My goal date is 1/1/08 too. So, I have a long way to go!!
I'm also a night eater -- Undecided

I tend to put some ready-low cal snacks in my fridge, like vegetables, to munch on whenever I feel the urge of eating something out of the night.  I also drink chicken broath (15 cals per cup), when I feel like I should be eating something before going to bed.  It helps me get over this bad habit, and I am now feeling okay by only drinking a little something (i.e. chicken broath, beef broath, light home-made butternut soup) as it somehow feels my need to eat something.  I'm trying to eat nothing one day out of two or three, and hope to eventualy loose this bad habit. 

Wish you both good luck in loosing your 70 pounds :-)

Keep us up to date with your progress! :-)
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Count me in! I'm female, 47yo, 5' 2" and 212.5 lbs. Actually looking to lose between 80 and 90 pounds. I have NEVER been that thin before, but it seems like a good goal. I just bought myself a new bicycle, and have been enjoying getting out for a daily ride. As for nighttime snacking, I plan all my food beforehand - either the night before or in the morning. Then I always leave myself at least 1 (and sometimes 2) snacks to have before bed. Another thing that I find happening, is that I end up eating a later dinner (7-8pm) and then I'm not hungry for a snack.

Edited to add: Another trick is to brush your teeth when you've finished your allotted eating for the night. Makes you think twice before you head to the fridge!

Hope this helps!

I am 34, 5'4", I started at 232.7 and now weigh 218.5 (down 14.2 since I started) with 88.5 to go for my goal of 130 and be able to wear a bikini by next summer. My biggest problem is getting in enough calories in a day, I have no problems with the 1st 500 calories.....its the last 700 that pose a problem for me. I have never been big on excercize which I have now gotten into the routine of going to the gym every day except Sundays for 30 minutes to an hour. I do a 20 min cardio/35 min circuit training combo on M-W-F, and 35 minute cardio workout on T-TH-Sa. I do both under supervision of a personal trainer as I am on crutches for some type of problem in my back/leg and I am starting to feel much better about myself as my clothes are getting looser(when the excess weight didnt go away after my last miscarraige [#4], I refuse to buy size 20+, so I just stuck with my maternity clothes) and it seems that with about another 10 pounds I will be back in my regular size 18 clothes with only another 4 sizes to go by summer.
Guess, I need to edit my goal date. I was way off. Come to think of it, I could NEVER lose 90 pounds before 1/1/08. I went back and checked it out and my goal date is actually 8/14/09. Just in time for my birthday!

Wow ~ This is great that there are others with similar goals!  We should definitely keep this thread going and support each other!

cjrottum - Your current weight of 199 is my first mini goal...gotta get under that damn 200 mark!  I also have a huge problem with late night snacking.  We eat dinner at 6:30pm and I am usually up until 1 or 2 am.

crazygal - 5'6" and a goal of 140-150 ~ just like me!!  I'm glad you edited your goal date.  I saw the first one and thought - whoa girl are you crazy?!?  LOL

moozoo - Don't you just hate that late night thing?!?  So what are your goals?

joji - Brushing your teeth after eating is a great idea!  I try to chew on a few mints in the evening - sort of the same concept.

eanoe - Way to go on the working out!  I'm only accomplishing brisk walking for now but am working my way up to jogging/running.

I have a question for you guys.  When you came across this website, did you feel like you finally found what you needed?  You know, like it just felt right?  I did! Smile

I'm in the same boat! Started just about a month ago, dropped 9 lbs from 250 to 241. Ultimate goal is to lose 70-80 lbs and be at around 170-180 lbs. I'm a 6'0" male.

Good luck everybody! I'm trying to get there by the end of next summer! 


Can I join? :) I started at 235 and after three months I'm down to 202, but my goal weight is 150. I'm 5'6" and 21 years old, but my birthday's in six days! :) I'm trying to get down to 170 by Christmas. I'm living in South Korea for the next year, so I'm adjusting to very different foods, but I'm jogging more now than I ever have before.

A friend of mine has been advocating this website like crazy for months, but I've only just now decided to join. It's great to know there are other people with big goals like me!



I'm there with you guys. I just joined this site today but i began my "diet" a week ago (wow a whole week). I'm at 220 now and hope to get to 160 by my birthday in June. Actually i would like to get below 160 but 160 will have my BMI in the healthy range (just) so i figure thats a good place to aim for.

 Anyway just want to wish everyone good luck and good health. Lets keep in touch.

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Hi everyone, just updating today.  I actually gained weight!  I was at about 199.6 now I am 203.4!!  I am on my period though so that probably accounts for something.  I have been exercising, and eating good but still struggling with the evening snacking but I now I could not have actually gained 4 pounds.  I will update next week after my period and see if it is mostly water.

I am so sick that I am this heavy though!!  I really need to buckle down.  I just bought a book called the "Beck Diet Solution" and you use it in conjuction w/ any diet you are on.  It employs Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to aid in weight loss which is what I need, to change my behaviours.  I like this one thing it said which never occurred to me.  Most dieters have this "poor me" attitude in which you feel it is so unfair that you have to restrict your eating when your thin friend seems to eat whatever they want.  But when the researchers interviewed the so-called "naturally thin" people most of them used some form of restrictive eating.  So when I really thought about it and asked some of my "naturally thin" friends I was so jealous of they do watch what they eat, watch the quantities, and exercies.  I was so suprised!  One friend was like "yeah I will eat a piece of cake if I really want it but then I automatically eat less at the next meal."  It was a real eyeopener and got me to thinking that this "poor me" attitude is just another excuse of mine to overeat.

 Just thought I would share a little bit.

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Hi I am just starting to use Calorie counter again and I currently weigh 320.  I want to get to 300 by the end of the year and then work on my additional goal of getting to about 250 or less in '08.  I would love any help I can get.  If there is anyone in the Houston Area that would like to work with me that would be fab!

Hi, I am 48 years old and need to lose 65 to 85 lbs. I haven't worked out in years, and it shows, I have gained 2 extra chins, and the tire around my waist needs to deflate, because it is becoming a tracker trailer tire. I love to sit and do hand crafts, and i love to watch my TV, we just bought our first home just 2 years ago, and I find, I have no energy to enjoy the yard or gardern because  I feel tired alot. I want to enjoy this home and be healthy, and maybe even get my butt out side and meet the neighbor's. {someone besides the paperboy.} I am 5'5" and weigh 222.

i did need to, but have just lost 25  today!!!  :D  i only need to lose 45 more now.  5'8" 193.  i was 218 on 9/4

just work on one day at a time

 i am soooo happy i found this site!  this site helps me with everything!!!  i practically "live" here now

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How did you loose the weight?  Just counting calories here or did you follow a program?  If you just counted calories, how many per day approx. are you eating and what kind of exercise program are you doing? 

Sorry for all the questions but I need all the help I can get!!


Please count me in! Cool

I'm Molly from California.... and my goal is to lose 119 pounds. (31.6 pounds down, 87.4 pounds to go!) I have completed 7 weeks of dieting so far, and have found this site to be tremendously helpful! I weigh-in once a week on Sundays, and I am eating around 1,750 calories a day... balanced about 20% fats/30% protein/50% carbs. I aim for 9 servings of veggies a day.

For exercise, I ride my bike (actually, it's a trike!) around my neighborhood, and we're waiting for my new treadmill to get delivered ... probably next week. I tried going to a gym, and just didn't like it... and it's often too hot or too cold or too rainy to walk outside .... but I will have no excuses with my very own treadmill.

=^..^= MOLLY

Hi, everyone.

I'm there with you too.   I am currently at 272 pounds down from my high of 277.  I want to get to 175-185 by Jun 2009.  I've tried several diets in the past and on some I've lost 10-20 pounds but I eventually gain it back and usually more.  I have started recording everything I eat and planning my days meals the night before which has helped but I could definitely use the support of others in the same situation.

My worst time seems to be Friday-Saturday-Sunday.  I will usually stay 300-400 calories below my daily goal during the weekdays but come Friday and the weekend I blow it by going over by 400-500 calories or more.  We tend to go out to eat a lot on the weekend plus I'm home where I tend to raid the refridgerator and pantry quite often.  When I'm at work I don't have as much access to food thus I don't eat as much.


just wanted to say congrats on the walking!  Keep it up! walking before and after meals is a GREAT way to fire up your metabolism!  You start burning calories before you eat, and continue burning after you eat.  It helps burn calories faster by doing so.   keep up the good work!  *****smiles and hugs*****
Me too! I am 5'1 207lbs. and need to lose 90!  A former collegiate lacrosse player, track runner, and cross country runner. When I graduated from college, I put on extra weight! I am too used to eating all the carbs I want to eat whenever I want! 
I don't want to lose the full 90. Its just not me. But I do want to lose about 40 of it. 
Saw a nutrition specialist: 
Recomends proportioning a plate: 1/2 veggies with desired dips/dressings1/4 meat 1/4 starch, carbs, etc
side: fruit, yogurt, dairy. 
When i first started it, I felt overly full!  Now I am eating less because of it. 
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I am 36yrs old soon to be 37. I'm 5'3 and weighed 208 lbs. After 3 weeks I'm down to 195. My goal  is also about 70 lbs. I'm doing only 10 lb goals. Why? Cause each time I reach that goal I feel soooo good. Then boom I'm gonna head to the next goal. I've been walking or at least trying to walk 1 to 3 miles a day and/ or bike 3 to 5 miles. I'm trying to do the 3 hour diet, but it's hard to do that at my job. I feel good and just want to wish you and everyone else Good Luck!!

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