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I am currently 193 lbs at 5'9'' and need to lose at least 30 lbs.  My husband and I have a two year old son and want to start trying for another child this summer.  I started at 191 and got up to 239lbs with my son, and being pregnant was miserable for me.  I want to be healthy and enjoy being pregnant this next time around.  My goal is to be at 160 before we start trying again.  I also turn 30, finish my masters, and hit my five year wedding anniversary, so I have a lot motivating me!  


Who is with me?  

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I had my second baby in August 2009, I just turned 31.

I was 248 lbs then, in the last 4 months I have come down to 212.75 lbs ( which is the post delivery/breastfeeding reduction). Prior to conceiving I was 207 lbs, I am hoping to bring it down to 176 by Dec 2010.


- 1 hour walking, 3 days a week

- Reduce sweet by 95%

- Reduce fat by 75%

So far on New Year's Day......................Be in touch


I am with you!  Im 5 ft 5, 175 and want to lose 30 (as a start...45 total).  I just need to get motivated.  I found this website through teh Today show and am hoping I can stay ontrack.  I would LOVE to lose the 30 by April 1st.  We are taking a Disney trip with all the kids and I want to wear shorts and not feel like a "frump"!

I'm there! I spent last year working on my first 50lbs and now Im ready for 30 more. Im currently 5'9 and weight 184. I have stuck at this weight for about three months now so my new years resolution is to get back on track and get rid of those extra 30 before or by June this year. I'm really into lifting weights so I want to get past the focus of losing fat and on to building more muscle woo hoo.. besides its been 2 1/2 years since the birth of my youngest and Its taking me way too long to get back into shape.

I want to lose 30 also, maybe a little more.  Im 5'6 and 187.  My youngest is 16 months.  I would like to lose it by his second birthday.  

I have been great the last couple days.  I got the biggest Loser cookbook and have been working out every day.  The working out part is actually not an issue.  I have an elliptical in my apartment.  The eating is where I suck. I bought a scale and have been portioning out meals and realizing how much I overeat but not intentionally.  I would eat grilled chicken and broccoli, but was eating way too much.  So I am hoping this really kick starts my weight loss :) Good luck to everyone.  Feel free to message or reply on this thread for encouragement and motivation!

Hope you don't mind me joining your group!  I'm 41...nearly 42...(ugh!) Married for 21 years and we have a 5 year old after a long journey of trying.  I'm 5'5 and 175...which TICKS me off as I was down to 164 this time last year after losing 25 pounds.    So I'm back to writing down what I eat...and hitting my treadmill.   I would like to lose 30 pounds too.   What is a realistic time frame for that....?  ..would love to have at least 20 of it off by May.     So would love to be with you guys in motivation....hearing what works for you etc.  One thing I HAVE to give up is my daily Dr. Pepper habit....   And I too SUCK at eating the right portions.    


Marniet..I was down 10 last year at this time sucks!  Im finding that turning 40...everything is going downhill..especially my metabolism!  My issue is portion control and exercise.  I worked out yesterday to the Wii fit..which does kick my butt- but tooally skipped today.  I have also given up my carbonated drinks and sugar in my coffee.  I just need someone to push me into working out.

Hi Beachn -

Sounds like you could be my sister....portion control, exercise etc!   Too bad we didn't live in the same town and could work out together!   I invested in a nice treadmill and have some workout videos and I actually don't mind doing's just kicking myself in the butt to go do it!    I also am impatient...want results "now".   I started back on my treadmill on Dec. 31st and have done 10 miles total in the past four days and watched what I've eaten.  I was down 1# this morning...which is great....but then I think "that's it???"    I know many people say do not weigh yourself everyday....but I do...personally for me it is just a morning reminder to NOT blow try and stay focused.   

Hang in there....maybe we can motivate each other enough to beat the scale and reach our goals!

This group would be awesome for me! I've been off cc for about a year or so now because I got married and was training a lot so weight loss wasn't a top priority. As soon as I was done with my triathlon season, I immediately (and I mean in less than a month) packed on 10 pounds and have been holding onto it since then. So now I'm back to needing to lose at least 30 pounds. I'm currently about 180 and 5'5". I have only worked out a few times since the end of October so I need to definitely turn that around. I've also stocked up on good foods so hopefully I can focus on eating a lot better. I'm really hoping to get rid of this weight for good!

Hi and Welcome.....look forward to having another person to do this weight loss with!   What's your "time frame" on wanting to lose the weight?   I would like to have a "chunk" gone by 15 pounds of it...but I am REALLY going to have to focus and not fall off track in order to pull that off.  I really want to go in to summer wearing some smaller cute summer stuff!  

What kinds of meals/foods are you starting off with?   I need some creative ideas so I don't get bored and blow it.

Okay, just did the treadmill for 15 minutes, going to do some homework, then hit the Wii fit.  Why cant I have the metabolism I had 20 years ago?????  This totally sucks!   I set three mini goals..10 lbs for January, 10 for February and 10 for march...this way I can wear shorts and not feel embarrassed when we go to Disney in April.

Hi girls. I am in a similar boat. Turning 30 soon, going to try for a baby, 5 year wedding anniversary coming up, and want to lose about 25 pounds this year. I joined CC a year ago and it was really helpful. I was shocked to weigh myself today and I'm up to 190 (started the holidays at 184!!! that's a lot of chocolate). Hoping this year to stay motivated and increase workouts. Need to track calories and not eat like my husband :-)

---no metabolism of a 20 year old here either :(

Didn't work out this morning....but did 4 miles of treadmill yesterday and ate "right".

Ate a healthy breakfast (portioned correctly) and am eating healthy for lunch.  Tonight I am hoping to motivate myself to do between 2 & 3 miles on the treadmill.  I believe the Bachelor is on maybe I can distract myself with that while on the treadmill!



Hi Ladies! I'm doing well today. Yesterday I ended up having some extra little snacks that I'm sure put me at maintenance. I did spin for 30 minutes so that was good. Today my eating is much much better (only at 1200cals after dinner). I might do some strength training tonight. I also didn't have soda today or yesterday! I only drink diet, but I find that I feel bloated afterwards. I didn't set out to cut back on soda, but it's been pretty easy! I'm hoping I can take a couple pounds off by Monday. I'd like to lose 10 by Valentines day, but we'll see how that goes. I'm anxious to hear how you all are doing!

What changes are you making? Any good foods or recipes to share? My new favorite breakfast is about a cup of organic, low fat strawberry yogurt, about a half cup of low fat cottage cheese, an apple, and an orange. I cut up the fruit and mix it in and it is sooo good and a ton of food! It lasts me all morning so I don't eat until lunch. It runs about 400 cals but it's good stuff!

Well done ladies! Looks like all are geared up after the holidays.

I'm kind of stuck with any particular reason, Food is OK, reasonable, good, healthy.

But no workout!!!!!!!!!!!! I need motivation, challenge.. Someone any ideas???

Hi Ladies!

I would like to join your group. I have also about 30lbs too loose. As I live in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) I have can not really use LBS but my weight in KG is about 68 kg, I am 158 cm tall(small :)). Since I remember I had problems with my weight but since 3 years it is just a disaster.

Hope I will find as much support as I can give to you ladies. It is a long way to go for me. MY target is to weight 53kg on my birthday(23.03.2010). I will be 28 that day.

Let us all stay motivated, girls!!!!

Hey Ladies!


I am 27 years old, 5'4 and currently 179.5 lbs.  I have a 7 year old son,  and was a size 5 before I had him...ever since it has been an uphill struggle with my weight.  I'll lose 20 lbs, but almost always gain it back after I feel I look good.  My goal is to be 140-145 for my wedding on June 12th 2010,  and hopefully this site will be a help to my goal.  I'm ready to kick this for good,  get sexy and healthy!!!!!


I am turning 40 in March.  I have 5 children ages 19-9. I am the heaviest I've ever been. I am about 15 lbs heavier now than I was on the day I gave birth to any of my children. I am 5'4" and 168 lbs. I've been lucky and never really had to worry about my weight until a couple of years ago.  I have and office job and a long commute to work 1.5 hrs each way. I leave my house at 6:30am and don't get home until 6pm. I only have a half hour lunch. So as you can see I am extremely busy with hardly any time to do anything. By the time dinner, homework, laundry done its 9pm.  But I am determined to lose weight and get down to my previous 135 lbs.  I just started CC on Mon. Jan.4.I am down to 167.2 as of today.  I am eating 1200 cal. a day (and not really bothered by it) I make sure I eat a snack between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner).  My biggest obstacle is trying to find time to workout.  So I am doing what I can...I am eating my lunch at my desk while working and walking laps around my parking lot for my half hour lunch. I am very determined. It will be nice to have some support along the way.  Good Luck to everyone....We should be hot and sexy by summer (hopefully sooner)

I would also like to join this group!

I am 29 years old, 5' 4" and at 165. My goal weight is 135. I have been carrying around a lot of my extra weight since I had my two kids, and they are now 4 and 5 years old! I'd say it's time to get the weight off!!!! 

I joined cc 2 years ago and found myself having great results and then for some reason that I can't remember, I fell off the wagon. 

I need motivation! I'm currently going to the gym 3 times a week but find that I have a hard time eating healthy! 

I look forward to hearing about everyone's good work and progress and hoping that it will spread to me and I can start having some good results as well!

Good luck to you all!


I am very lost when it comes to this sort of stuff. How do we make this a group? I couldn't find  "Need to Lose 30 lbs." listed in groups. Right now it is just in forums.  Anyone know?  That way we can have people join the group and eventually close the group to new members when it starts to get too big. What do you guys think?

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