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need a little help with motivation!

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Awake at 6.30 am, ready by 7 am. Can't seem to push myself ou the door to go run though. I had every intention of going :/ why do I put it off so much when the hard works already done?! Can anyone help?
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I seem to always have this problem as well. I used to always tell myself I would get up and work out, and couldn't push myself.

If you have someone willing to work out with you however, it makes ALL the difference. I workout with someone twice a week, at 6am now and the fact that someone is waiting for me is the boost I needed to get myself out.

The days I don't work out with someone however, I seem to lack the motivation to go workout that early, and end up going to workout later in the day. I find it hard to just wake up and go for some reason as well.

I mean I know il go tothe gym later, but I wanted to fit in an early morning run too! I think il have to settle for a free weights session instead as the traffic has picked up now. Atleast it's something ! Il facebook to see if anyone wants to start 6-30 am running . I just hate being tied to a responsibility like that lol! Oh well, baby steps. I woke up and got up ! And il do a workout . It's hardly like Idont do much other exercise during the day :) Thanks for th comment! Do you lack motivation when it comes to gym or just early morning stuff ?

The hardest part about working out is taking the first step! I always tell myself if I don't feel like working out I have to at least go and sit on the bike for 30mins. by the time I get in the gym and get going I do a full workout! Just need to trick yourself to taking the first step :) After a couple weeks you will want to go without even thinking about it :)

My best early morning motivation is my dog.  She needs a walk everyday! Also, as I work full time and have 4 kids that morning time is really my only peace and quiet so I like to get out early and start my day.

I agree with the suggestions above too.  If you have someone waiting for you, you won't let them down.  Also, on my days I don't want to walk with the dog, I will do the same as malelia and say I'll just do a short 15-20 minute walk and it always ends up longer!

I understand your frustration. I find it hard to get out to work out. I recently moved into my new place so that has been my workout routine. Unpacking everything. I wish I could get to the gym to workout different areas of my body, but I can't get the motivation too. I think that if I had someone to workout with it would be easier to do, because I have extra motivation with help keeping me on track. I also find it hard to try to stick to my diet, because I have a weakness to almonds. I eat them all day. I go through a pound a day. Sometimes more than that.

Think about how GREAT you will look when u lose weight, think about how people will come up to u and say "wow you look great!"
Thanks guy ns gals! I was really motivated earlier but I just got home and my second fish is dying Nd it's making me want to eat to drown my sorrows. Sad I know !
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