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Hello All

I'm back on here after a month or so of going off the rails, I know I'm not completely capable of doing this on my own and therefore need the motivational support of others who are in roughly the same boat.

I'm looking to loose about 2lb's per week - am currently around 155 and looking to get down to about 140 before my Christmas holiday to Vegas ( I depart on the 20th December)

I WILL start exercising this time - taking long brisk walks with the dog ( it MIGHT turn to runs one day!) testing out the cardio bits on the Wii Fit and doing some sit-ups. And am looking for someone else who's a bit of an exercise virgin too!

Is there anyone out there who fancies taking on the challenge?


Sam xxx

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I'll take the challenge with you.  I've been trying to start exercising regularly since May.  However, I fractured my foot in August (playing soccer, go figure).  But, now I'm trying to get back into things. 

I'm 26, 5'6", and currently 170 (note to self, living with the parents for the summer is not very good on the diet).  My goal is 135 by May.  I'm hoping to avoid fat graduation photos.

I love using my Wii to exercise too.  I bought the Wii Active, which is really good, but the squats and lunges get boring.  I also have the Wii Fitness Coach.  I really enjoy it as well, because it checks in during the work out on how you are doing.  Also, it will have fitness check ins, where you enter your weight, measurements, and various exercises.  Its fun to see how you have progressed.  I'm hoping to get to a point where I can start running (with the goal of being able to run 1.5 miles in about 12-13 minutes).  My goal is exercising 5 days a week.

My biggest exercise hurdle is trying to justify spending the time.  I'm in law school and getting a Masters degree, so trying to get enough time away from studying in which I don't want to just "relax" is difficult.  It has also lead to many calories consumed with little being burned off.

I'm definitely the sort who would break something the minute I start exercising, so I'm doing it slowly. I'd love to get to the point where I can run a decent distance at a good pace, but will start with brisks walks then up it to walking and jogging and finally (hopefully) break into the run! (one day!)

I always put weight on when I visit my parents, their fridge just constantly seems to be stocked with delicious things and I'm a bugger for picking at food if it's there! Thus I tend to let them visit me as opposed tot he other way round!

I'm looking into getting the other Wii Fit programmes, but unfortunately with holiday saving going on it's unlikely I'll have it before xmas! :(

I'm excellent at finding things to distract me from doing what I should do (in this case exercising) I'll clean the house, give the dog a bath, read, write or practically anything to prevent me having to do some form of work out, that's yet another one of the habits I have to break out of, providing that i can keep it interesting for myself I should be ok!

Good luck getting to your goal, I'll add you as a buddy and hopefully we'll egg each other on xxx

I would love to have some support!  I got engaged about a month ago and really want to lose 20lbs before the wedding and our honeymoon to Jamaica!  I have a hard time sticking to an exercise program if it gets interrupted for any reason.  It's hard right now because I'm in my first year of grad school, working and also have an internship so I have just a little going on!  lol  I am also good at dong everything but exercising because I don't really like doing it.  I just bought an elliptical though so hopefully I can be more consistent!  I know we can do this ladies!  Wink

hey i'm up for the challenge!! ...i would enjoy having some support and moivation buddies to lose a few extra lbs with, and to offer the support in shall we do this then? in this link here or make a group? how about a weekly weigh in? and sharing tips like ways of beating cravings, low cal alternatives, ways to motivate ourselves when we feel like reaching for the chocolate ... :)



I'll quite happily set up a group.

I'll send out invites today! xxx

I would love to join you ladies. Though I am older than you, I can relate to everything you have to say. I am currently in my last two semesters of grad school. I did so well with CC until the summer semester. Two courses that contained a lot of busy work completely derailed me. I am busy finishing my Pro Paper this month; it should be finished by the end of the week. I like exercising and become really addicted to the great way I feel and look, but sticking with it is another matter. 2-3 months is about the best that I can do. So, the benefits don't last.

I am currently aiming for a 10 lb loss before Christmas. I am 5'4" and 149. This is heavy for me. I really would like to be around 124, but would be satisfied in the 130's. So, for now I am realistically setting a goal of 10 lbs.

I love the support that is available here. I was thinking about starting a discussion yesterday for motivation between now and Christmas since these are the months that I tend to be really, really bad. Thanks, Miss for doing it first.


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