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Music - Beats Per Minute BPM

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Does anyone have a site that lists songs by their bpm? Or some sort of search enabled database?

I know itunes has one right? Anyone know if you need a membership just to search their database that way?

Thanks <3

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These are two sights that have been very helpful in my's taken me quite a while to put together my own playlists, but this is the only way I run or power walk...gotta stay to the beat! and

You can also download an BPM counter application "Mixmeister"'s free on the internet and will calculate the music in your personal online library.  I think it has to be in MP3 format, but you can convert your non-mp3's on iTunes to MP3's.  There may be something on iTunes...I just can't seem to find it!

Last....if you have an iPhone or iTouch, you can download a free BPM counter for songs you tap to the beat to calucate the BPM (this is what I have to do for new songs...I calculate from the sample)

Good Luck!

I'll check out that program tomorrow - but those links... omg seriously, best reply ever! thank you SO MUCH!

Most of the songs I listened too have been changed from the original so hopefully that program can help me with bpm also!

I just tripped across this thread cause it got bumped - those links look great!  Thanks!

I use windows media player on my laptop, and I hijacked an unused field ("period") and put bpm into it.  Whenever I have a minute (and I think of it) I grab a song and count it out.   Now I've got a pretty good sized, sortable list.

Good luck!

I remembered another site I used to find music to add to my playlists...  it's very helpful and will link you to iTunes to sample.

Finally...if you do a search for iMixes on iTunes some members have posted some playlists with specific BPMs. However, you probably will want to check them as I've found many to be inaccurate. 


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