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Motivational Pen-Pals

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This is just a random thought, and I have no idea who may be interested in it but.. who knows. Recently I watched MTV's "True Life: I'm Obese" an I'm sure other people have seen it. remember the largest woman? I forget how much she weighed, but she got the gastric bypass surgery. Anyway, she had joined a site where you had a "secret pen-pal", and they sent each other letters and the occasional gift and such. She said it made her feel so much better that there was someone out there who was going through something similar to her own situation who sent her letters and such. Just a simple gesture made her feel that much better.

So I was thinking.. what if we had pen pals? However many a certain person wants, it's up to them. But just having a friend to write to through the mail or something. It's one thing to know people have similar goals and thoughts as you when you are typing to them, but it's a whole nother feeling when you actually send letters -- it makes it that much real, you know?

Anyway, this doesn't have to be a "let's send each other gifts" sort of thing. Just letters if you want. Is anyone interested in this?

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