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Not Motivated to Work Out Anymore.... What to Do?

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I've been going to the gym consistently for a little over 3 months.  This is the longest I've ever kept it up in my life.  In the past I've gone for a month (or less) then quit.  But, I'm just getting tired of it.  I don't feel like I have the energy or motivation anymore.  I've been taking this class called ultimate cross fitness - it's interval training - 8 stations, a minute each rest a tiny bit then do it again, etc.  It's twice a week.  I used to do that and days in between do cardio on my own.  But lately I don't feel like I can push myself in the class as much (my trainer says the class is increasing in intensity, we used to do 4 or 5 stations, now we do like 8).  But, I also just don't WANT to go to the gym anymore.  I'm more lazy and tired.  I only have a few pounds to lose so it's more of a toning and body fat thing.  It's a slow process so not seeing awesome results quickly doesn't help my lack of motivation.  I don't know what to do.  The first month or two I found it FUN to go to the gym.  Now I just want to go home and relax after work.  And I am locked in with a gym membership until the end of this year!  What should I do?  Do you ever feel this way?

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Wow i was about to start the exact same thread! Ive been going to the gym and loving it for three months and all of a sudden, im tired and dont feel like it anymore.

Do you think we're depressed? Lol i know weird but honestly this isnt like me im usually a very motivated person but it seems like ive been doing so good for so long and not seeing results beyond the initial reshaping of upper body.

Too bad we dont live in the same town then we could drag each other to the gym lmao!!!
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And fyi youre def not lazy. I have gone on 4 years at a time without missing more than a day of exercise. It's just at times i can feel like "what is the point of all of this?". Hah yep maybe it's depression.

Sounds like you're bored, why don't you try switching it up and taking a different class? Take dancing, a new weights class, anything. Try new machines, go swimming. Get a new playlist to workout to. Or go ride your bike/run outside since the weather is warming up.

Also, I get just wanting to relax when you get why don't you get up early and exercise before you go to work/school/whatever? Up until this week I was working out when I got home from work, so 6pm (I initially refused to do morning workouts because I am NOT a morning person). It was hard, I was tired and feeling lazy, and wasn't pushing myself. I also had cleaning, cooking, etc. on top of that, so I really had to switch to morning workouts.

I now get up at 4:45am to work out...and it really really sucks for about 5 minutes after the alarm goes off. After that I feel pretty awake and ready to go. It's nice because I'll have my workout done and I don't have to worry about it the rest of the day. It's also lovely to get home and have some time to lounge and relax before I have to do chores and such. I have to go to bed a little earlier than I used to, but its worth it to have that extra time everyday.


As a previous poster said, it could be boredom.  That happens to me all the time.  I find that if I try to mix up what I am doing a little bit and try something new that even if I don't like it, it keeps me going back to the gym and doing what I had been doing. 

Try something new and see if it helps!

Are you eating enough? I know when I eat too little and try to work out, I feel like I have no energy and it makes me lose my motivation.

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What I would do is google over training. The symptoms sound a lot like over training tired, not interested burnt out. 

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I wonder if the fitness instructor upping the intensity of the class so much has meant that it is now just to intense / painful to be fun.  Your body could also just be burnt out and need some rest especially if you have been restricting or failing to recover properly after working out.  I would try switching up your exercise regime and make the focus just on moving your body in a way that feels good for awhile.  Go to the gym just to do yoga or stretch, try a fun dance class, a spin class where you can keep the resistance light, walk on the treadmill etc.  Just do something you enjoy / feels good.  And if you need to cut back the frequency do that as well.  Your body knows better than anyone else what it needs at any given time.  If your current plan isn't working then change it up!  There really are no rules when it comes to exercise!  Just trust your body to tell you what it needs.

I had a gym membership (grudgingly) and I did good for a while. I was always 1) kind of bored, 2) very self -conscious even though I was at planet fitness where it is a judgement free gym. Oh, it wasn't other people who made me feel that way, it was just me. I know, get a gym buddy. I don't have many friends here and none of them go to the gym, or if they do its to the expensive gym. I listen to music, but ...sigh. rejoining tomorrow. Really don't want to, but I need to.
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