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What do "you" do to motivate yourself to drink water?

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I have a tough time drinking enough water which is why I also have difficulty losing weight because I retain alot of water.  Any helpful ideas that work for you?
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I drink 8 oz first thing before breakfast, and 8 oz after breakfast. I do the same for lunch and dinner and that totals to 6 glasses or 48 oz, and then some time during the day or evening I try to get the other two in, don't always succeed, but get them in most days for a total of 8 glasses. It will take time on average it takes 21 days for it to become a habit. Good Luck.
Making it available all the time helps. I buy cases of sparkling water to drink at home and make sure I always have some water next to me while working or at the gym.

Taking a lot of sips over the course of the day is easier for me than gulping down 8 or 16 oz at a time.

Oh, and when I first started this, I would also drink unsweetened iced green tea for some of the water. Now plain water tastes best to me.
Oh that's a great idea and you get alot of your water early in the day.  Must try this.  thanks.   Any more ideas?  What do "YOU" do?
I keep my water bottle with me all the time and end up sipping at it all day.  Before you know it you've hit the target.  Two things that help me:

1) Cool water, not cold.  Ice water is bad for me at least in terms of volume.  If it's a little cooler than I am then it's cool enough.

2) For some reason having a straw stuck in my water bottle makes me sip more.  I might just be weird.
I have heard that about drinking with a straw.  And seems if you do you can drink more without feeling like you're  cause you aren't drinking air.  Thank you for the reminder.  Now where's my straws?
For me, I try to get at least my minimum goal of water in during my workday, because I have a really hard time doing it at home. 

First, I hate water bottles -- they taste nasty to me. So I have a really pretty ceramic cup a friend made for me, and I keep it at my desk as my designated water cup.  It really makes me more interested in drink to have something nice to drink from.

Second, I make it a rule that every time I get up from my desk to use the bathroom or do anything else, that I have to pass by the water cooler and fill my cup.  Even if it means draining it before walking away from the desk, I'll do that so I can fill it up again.  This plan basically feeds on itself, because the more I drink the more I need to pee, and the more I pee, the more I refill my cup!

Third, I cheat . . . but in the right way!  I count each cup of water as a cup, but in reality my ceramic cup is bigger than that.  I've never actually measured, bu t I think it's 10 oz or more.  So when I've logged my minimum goal of 8 "cups" per day, I've actually gotten even more than that.

Fourth, I've mostly cut out caffeinated and carbonated drinks, so the water dones more for me since it's not fighting the caffeine.  I drink at least 2-3 cups of skim milk every day (always 2 servings with dinner, occasionally one with breakfast, and sometimes more with evening snacks) so that counts as water as well.
Love the ceramic cup idea.  I have a tendency to drink more if I have my feel good mug too.  Always used it for hot drinks though.  Guess I'll have to look around for a feel good water glass too.  Thank you adavidheiser.  That was very helpful.  Hope more people post their water motivation ideas.  These are really good though.  I've tagged this post to read for when I slack off so please keep posting your ideas everyone.
Between meals, I add a squeeze of lemon or a teaspoon of apple-cider vinegar.  The added flavor draws me to it.

During meals, I drink it straight.  ;-)
Squeeze of lemon....hummmm.  Will the bottled kind do cause I have no fresh lemons at the moment.  Must get some though.  Apple cider vinegar I do have.  Going to try that right now.
I have my coffee in the morning and then sip at cool water all day.  If I get a sudden urge or craving for something, I tell myself I'm probably just thirsty and have a nice glass of water -- it always seems to help me.  Just before dinner I switch from my fave purple glass to a wine glass and put a little squeeze of lime in it. 

Since Jan 2, I've gone from drinking virtually no water all day to drinking 8-10 glasses per day (sometimes more).
You could put that flavoured things in it - blackcurrent, peach, grapefruit flavourings in ... I am guessing they'd be high in colourings, preservatives and sugar though, without looking it up that is.

I don't tend to drink enough water - I forget, basically.

But I don't understand why people don't like water ... It makes me feel really refreshed and it doesn't really taste like anything particularly bad :/ It is also represses appetite so that makes me want to drink it too.

I posted this somewhere else- but I highly recommend Spearmint or Peppermint water by Metro Mint- these are zero everything tasty waters- UNSWEETENED Too-  I keep a bottle by my desk- 16.9 oz- and refill (just for the day) at least 2 or 3 more times during the day.  When I wake up in the morning- I usually drink down a plain glass of water before breakfast too.  Then when I get home- I'll have a few more glasses of plain water- it is very motivating to see the scale go down because I'm flushing my body of water weight....
well i fill up four 20 oz water bottle everyday (total of 10 cups of water). my goal is to drink them all by the end of the day. what always works, of course, is exercising. whenever i ddr and i do fast songs, i drink an entire bottle after like 3 songs. if i dont exercise, i drink a bottle of water with all of my meals. oh, and i dont drink soda or anything if its not water. i dont drink it cold either. maybe one or two cups but usually it's at room temperature
Hey mom, if you like stuff with grapes then try the new sparkling water with grape taste. It tastes like the grape popsicles. Really good. Also the lemon one is good.
I pretty much have to get the majority of water in at work... I fill up right when I get in and drink one plain in the morning, then for lunch I let myself add some crystal lite to it for flavor.. Makes the 2nd big bottle go down a lot easier!
i started drinking more water at the beginning of the year, and now i find myself craving water and nothing else. I can feel myself getting dehydrated! haha.

Some things i did:

  1. Cut out every other type of drink except milk. If i liked tea, i would drink that too.
  2. fill up a large cup or water bottle in the morning and drink it before it gets warm. For me, i cant drink it if its any less then freezing.
    I found that i drink 8-10 oz an hour cause i hate warm water
  3. drink as much as i can during work while at my desk. Cause i know after work there will be a lot going on and i wont think about carrying around a water bottle.
I usually have a glass of milk with breakfast, and one with dinner, so i dont drink much water after work. but i do force myself to drink a big glass of water before bed. (sucks for the midnight pee, but i find its worth it.)

Hope this helps!
I keep water close by.  By my bed, by the couch in the living room, and I even keep bottles with the sport tops in my car.  We get free Fiji water at work, so I tend to drink that all day long.  I did the math, and between work, the car, the gym and home I have been drinking just under 100 ounces (three liters) a day!  I too don't drink anything else besides milk, and the occassional herbal tea.  I am truly a water addict! :o)
I only drink water (milk in my cereal and calcium tablets cause it makes me feel sick to drink much milk)

I have
cup 1 when I get up,
cup 2 after I shower
cup 3 when I get home (I have really short days this semester)
cup 4 making supper
cup 5+6 eating supper
cup 7 doing homework
cup 8 before bed

et voila! 2 Litres

I suggest maing your own schedule to fit your own day an stick to it til its habit.
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I have to agree with others here, I will drink 2 or 3 cups of tea throughout the day since i love tea. I only do decafinated. But I also keep a gallon of water next to me at my desk. I buy filtered water from the store that allows you to refill your gallon jugs so it is a lot cheaper then buying the bottled water plus it is better for you. somethign strange for me is I have to drink water in plastic rather than in glass because when I drink it in glass it tastes metalic to me, however I have to drink all other drinks in glass. No clue why this is, lol. 
I keep a huge bottle and take it around with me throughout the day.. That way I know how much I drink.. It helps having one with you all the time 
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