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MOLLY'S DIET RANTS! (ranting, raving, motivating & more)

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This is an open, ongoing, support-encourage-motivational-RANTING thread. Feel free to skip to the end, or spend days reading through all of this ...

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I have decided that "Diet" is a 4-letter word.

I find myself muttering and uttering the word around my house these days with loathing and vehemence previously reserved only for comments directed toward liberal politicians. In fact, I seem to be talking to myself a lot more these days .... sort of a running, sarcastic commentary on all the foods I can't eat, or on various other related topics. I wonder if there is a link between calorie-deprivation and Tourettes Syndrome? Grrrrrrrrr.....

I am now on Day 8 of the dreaded D-word. This is already the longest period of time that I have ever successfully remained on a diet. And I seem to be growing grouchier and feistier each day..... at least when I am alone and no one is around to hear my running rants. (My wonderful DH has heard some of my more memorable rants on the subject of broccolli and reports that I am hysterically funny when I am hungry!) I am counting carbs. I am counting calories. I am counting fat grams. Sheesh ... now my math anxiety is about to kick-in!

Mini Rant #1 .... what masochist decided that the serving size of cereal was anything less than 2 cups? Have you ever measured out 2/3 a cup of cereal? Or even a full cup? And placed it in a bowl? Those few little flakes and pieces just sit forlornly at the bottom of the bowl, shivering and lonely, even when we dribble on a few meager droplets of skim milk! Sheesh. Well, I can tell you that there is simply no way that my oversized body is going to be happy with that tiny amount of cereal ... so I have been eating TWO servings for breakfast. SIGH. And while the side of the box says that I can supplement the cereal with some fruit, they probably don't mean eat 45 cherries with your cereal -- much less 1/2 a watermelon, huh?

Mini Rant #2 .... Things NOT to say to someone who has told you that they have just started on a diet:

1.Good, you sure needed it.
2. It's about time.
3. Really? It doesn't look like it.
4. Again? Haven't we heard this before?
5. Gosh, how much weight do you need to lose?
6. What do you weigh? I've always wondered.
7. I never need to diet, I have a fast metabolism.
8. Really? I can eat all I want and never gain weight.
9. Is THAT why you are so grouchy?
10. I sure hope you plan to exercise a lot more.

AAAUGGH! All of these responses are just the thing to make me even grouchier .... so just smile and say something encouraging and supportive, ok? I will let you know how it is going.


=^..^=  Molly 


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Molly - you should turn the air conditioner on and get the house all nice and cool for when he gets back. I'm sure he'll appreciate the cold air after so long in hell on earth.

So in late March, early April I donated a lot my favorite clothes to the Salvation Army.  They were too small and putting too much pressure on me to lose weight.  I gained up to a 16 and all my clothes were 14.  So I donated them. 

Of course, mid April I found CC and decided to turn myself around and actually lose weight.  I swear, those clothes were a stumbling block and I have no idea why!  Of course...I'm lost 18 lbs and lots a couple of inches (yay Wii Fit!).

Now in July...I can't wear my 16s without them actually falling off of me.  I need my clothes back!  I think I'm going to go to Salvation Army and see if I can find them and rebuy them >.<

What a silly monkey I am!

My wonderful DH Ron arrived at Andrews AFB early enough to get to BWI (Baltimore Airport) and catch a flight home TONIGHT (Friday night), rather than having to spend the night and wait for a Saturday morning flight. So, he called me from the airport (yay, he has cell phone coverage once again) and confirmed that he was able to switch tickets and get on the flight to Vegas, and then a smaller flight at midnight from Vegas to Fresno. He gets in at 1:08am.

Oh, how I've missed him in the three months that he's been gone... the house just isn't the same, and things just seem so much more difficult/harder when he is gone. I feel like three months of our life together were missed ... like missing a really special phone call, or missing the chance to go to a really special event. But I am proud that I handled this summer's deployment so much better than I handled it LAST summer. So much has changed in my life, and I am so much healthier than I was back then. And I'm 100 pounds lighter, too. And off insulin. And so much happier.

Since my wonderful DH left, I've lost 15 pounds, taking me to the 100 pound lost mark. He owes me a trip to Hawaii! And I've been maintaining that (give or take a pound or two) for the past month ... yay. My plan is to stay in "maintenance mode" until August 22, 2008 (my one year mark of dieting), and then get geared up to lose at least another 25 pounds. I am hoping that by early September the weather will have cooled enough (and our air quality improved enough) to start biking again in earnest.

He has missed the sunflowers ... we had one 8.5 footer, and a bunch well over 7 feet -- but I sent pictures. And he missed the tear-down of the old fence and the protracted installation of the new fence and new lattice, and new bushes -- but I sent pictures. He missed the delivery of the new couch. He missed the adoption of our fuzzy-wuzzy foster kittens. He missed my summer trip to the coast. He missed the Fourth of July.

But, for the first time in our married life, he hasn't missed his birthday. (July 18) ... we get to spend it TOGETHER. In each other's arms. Not tearful and apart and separated by thousands of miles. For this -- and his safe homecoming -- I am eternally grateful. For he is a wonderful gift from God, one that I am both proud and privileged to open again and again.

Thanks for your friendship, thanks for your encouragement, thanks for your company, and thanks for your prayers.

Five more hours.

I am so incredibly happy for you Molly.  Enjoy his homecoming and his birthday with his arms wrapped around you.

YAY Molly!!! So very happy for you both!!!  As the (ex)wife of an ex USAF crew chief, I remember how awful deployments/tdy's etc were but how wonderful it was when he was finally back home...  Enjoy your time with DH and chat with all of us later... we will keep ranting for you!

Good Morning!  My wonderful DH just left (looking dashing in his flight suit) to head over to the base for "in-processing" (which, apparently, is an all-day long, torturous/frustrating event involving tracking people down so he can jump through hoops and sign paperwork advising them officially that he's back.) He should be home for dinner and, hopefully, will have the rest of the week as leave so that he can focus on important things like fixing our deck and repairing our sprinklers.

I brought him home from the airport Friday night about 1:30am, he came home, kissed me, petted the kitties, and fell asleep for the next 12 hours. It was sooo nice to hear his familiar snores -- and he woke up COVERED in kitties! We then went to Applebees where he thoroughly enjoyed a burger and fries, then did some shopping and headed home to the pool. We barbecued steaks on Saturday night -- yum. He was asleep by 9pm, poor guy! Sunday was pretty much the same, only we went out for Mexican food for lunch, and grilled turkey sausage and fresh corn for dinner.  We spent a lot of time hanging out in the pool, talking, and we also did some shopping since he's in the market for a Garmin GPS for his Explorer. Anyway, it's now Monday and he's off to work -- at least for today.

So, I may be a bit scarce this week, still ... but next week should be back to normal. I will keep checking in!


We just made hotel reservations and bought our plane tickets for HAWAII in December.



Original Post by mollymouser:

We just made hotel reservations and bought our plane tickets for HAWAII in December.



Nice!  I keep trying to convince my husband that we should move to Hawaii once he gets his Masters.  He could get his PhD at the University of Hawaii and I could lay on the beach all day! 

It's wonder to know that your DH is back safely.  I worried for him.  I still worry for the rest of them, but it's always nice to hear when someone goes over and comes back without much incident (except killing giant spiders, apparently). 

Enjoy your week with the hubster.  We will hold down the fort here.

wow molly it is great to read your loving story about being back together, and also the musngs on the bettering of your situation since last year - see how very helpful is losing the pounds, even probabl in ways we would not think of before.

it is very inspiring, i am sure for lots of us

Just a quick hello!  We're having fun, getting a lot of "around-the-house" stuff done ... and selecting things for a big yard sale on Saturday. (How on earth did 2 non-coffee-drinkers acquire so many mismatched coffee mugs??)

Oh, and it's HOT here, too. Yuck.

Rave: bought our plane tickets for December 2-11 in Hawaii, made reservations, too. Airline prices are officially OUTRAGEOUS ... plus we will have to pay for our luggage, egads.


I met my pre-Vegas goal this morning!  Yay!  I thought I would miss it by half a pound, but I've worked out extra hard the past couple of days and been good with my eating.  Also, I've been going to the potty more regularly which is helpful.  So I hit my 179.9 mark.  I'm officially out of the 180s!  Well, not really...I'm sure I will bounce back up above it a couple of times since I think 179.9 = 1 lb of water weight loss.  But whatever...who needs to be realistic.


179.9!  Boo. Yah.

It also means I've lost 10% of my body weight since April 15th.  Woop!

Molly you are right about airfares.   We just booked to return to St. Maarten and the price for pet travel is up to 100 dollars per pet and we have two.  Might as well buy them their own seat at that price.  And you have to book on the phone to assure a pet reservation (limited numbers allowed in the passenger cabin--tho to be honest I prefer the pets to people as flying companions).  I don't even object so much to the price, after all, if I can afford to have a condo in st. maarten, I shouldn't grouse about getting there, but the reservation process took 45 minutes on the phone and the airline employees were downright rude.  I went out and pulled weeds all day to get over my anger at them, and came in and tried to log onto cc and they were down for database something or other.  And when I tried again it let me log in and then kept error messaging and saying contact customer service and when I did that it also error messaged.   So I went and ate everything in the refrig.   Dumb, huh?  Ah well, cc works today, and I am back on the wagon.  Have been at the same weight for 2 months but with all the travel we did, I am okay with that.  Still would like to start losing again.

Congrats, sujihime, on breaking that 180 mark.  Those 10 pound levels are very important.  For me they are the new level that I will never never let myself get above again.


Think Airfares are wicked, take a look at the shipping costs on anything you order online!!

My work includes paying the shipping bills for my company, and UPS just raised "fuel surcharges" AGAIN!!

So, I wonder, which costs more, driving to and from a store or having it shipped? Yikes!

  • I am just freaked at the thought of stepping on the scale right now ... I am definitely retaining water before my period and we've eaten out a fair bit in the past five days ... so I am just gonna stay OFF it. So there, Mr. Scale... maybe I will be braver next week?
  • My wonderful DH (who returned from 3 months flying combat missions in Iraq on Saturday) was "supposed" to get a week of leave. Only he had to work on Monday. And they called him in to work again today -- this time to fly. I am trying not to be grouchy about this, but jeepers -- give the guy his darn week off already, ok? And that means 5 whole days, not 3. Oh well, at least he should be off tomorrow, his birthday.
  • We had our lowest power bill in 5 years for July ... woo hoo! Of course, this did require my sitting around and sweltering without using too much a/c ... but it DID save us a buttload of money. (How much? Our bill was more than $800 LESS than this time last year ... YIKES!)  This should come in handy since our two tickets to Hawaii in December were a whopping $1755!
  • Our neighbor 2 doors down is having a Yard Sale on Saturday and we've struck a deal. I am pricing my stuff and dropping it off at her place Friday night. she sets it up and "staffs" it all day, with full dickering authority, and she gets to keep 1/2 of the money from the sale of my stuff. A definite win-win situation, methinks. Of course, now I have a LOT of pricing to do!
  • The air quality here continues to be smoggy, dreadful and unhealthy, and my asthma is sure keeping me wheezing ALLLL the time. I pretty much am limiting my outdoors exposure to a wee bit o' gardening (tending my 'maters), a wee bit o' swimming, and (of course) brief shopping excursions, LOL! And of course it's been well over 100 degrees EVERY SINGLE DAY IN JULY SO FAR!
  • We're going out to dinner tonight (probably to Applebees) with friends who helped install our lattice when my wonderful DH was deployed -- it will be our thank you to them. I should have the cajun lime tilapia (calorie wise), but will probably have the grilled sirloin and fries. But I won't eat ALL of them, how does that sound?
  • Not that anyone really cares or probably even noticed, but the Calorie Count powers that be have officially made me a Moderator in the Lounge (in addition to the Motivation Forum.) This should be interesting since I am significantly more conservative/restrained (ok, ummm... prudish and straight-laced) than many in there, and some of the topics can be a bit ... colorful.
  • My DH's training with Skywest has been postponed "indefinitely" as the company figures out just what the heck the airline industry is doing right now. He's hoping it won't be more than a few months, but who knows? Thank goodness he still has his full-time job with the military ... so no biggie for us.

Molly, the Bruschetta Burger at applebees is heavenly and not toooooooo bad for you, according to the daily plate.  I don't know how accurate the Daily Plate's nutritional info is, but it has a LOT of entries for Applebee's.  I figure it's a good estimate at any rate.

I leave for Las Vegas tomorrow!   Well, actually, we leave for Indy tonight (hour north of Bloomington, IN plus 30 minutes of getting lost in stupid, stupid Indy) and stay with my Brother-in-law's wife's parents house and then leave stupid early tomorrow.  My wonderful in-laws have decided to do a family vacation and paid our way to Las Vegas, the condo, and are giving us "fun money".   It's super generous.  I've never been to LV.  It shoudl be fun!  Hell...I've never been west of the Mississippi (except Japan, but that doesn't REALLY count since it's completely by-passing the States).

We are flying Southwest.  They brag about not charging for luggage.  So that's cool.

Ahh, the bruschetta burger there is heavenly! (well, mainly the garlic parmesan fries ... drool!)

Today is my wonderful DH's 42nd birthday ... and he's HOME!


We're having a yard sale tomorrow with some neighbors ... gosh it's a lot of work sorting and pricing things, huh? Oh well, we're nicely de-cluttered. (Yay!)

Had a nice day today ... slept in, went out to lunch for Ron's birthday, ran some errands, went swimming, and worked in the yard ... it was nice.  And yay, one more weekend with DH before he goes back to work on Monday.


so, how did the yard sale go?

Hey there. 3am here in smoggy central California, and we just got back from spending several hours at the emergency room for my asthma. (wheeze wheeze wheeze wheeze ... gasp)  After several breathing treatments I was somewhat improved, so they let me come home (where I am now WIDE AWAKE and still pretty wheezy.) I am also pretty exhausted from coughing and wheezing for the past 12 hours or so ... but the meds they gave me are making my heart race. 

Oh well, at least I'm burning more calories, right?


(The yard sale went well, thanks!)

Scales....yeah, I know, been there done that! But pul-lease, I've just begun, once again, to see the numbers moving downward at home, only to step on the MD's balance type scale to see 6 additional pounds there, compared to mine at home!!! UGGGGH!!!

Molly, please take care. I can't imagine how you survive in the heat and poor air quality! My deal is frequent sinus infections. Having ruled out allergies as the source, I must now go for a CT scan of my head. Wonder if they'll find anything in there!!

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