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How to mentaly discipline your mind to lose weight

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I want to know, what everyone does to "convince" themselves to lose weight. I don't mean hokey pokey stuff, but I mean literal things. Like do you schedule out all your food, exercise plan etc. Do you have a special outfit that you want to fit into?

See I have all these things mapped out, but I'm having a hard time staying on track. 

So you guys think complete EXACTness is the thing, or being more FREE?


very interested, maybe you guys can give some guidence to me.

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i think there are 2 things that keep me motivated to lose weight:

1. every morning i take a good hard look in the mirror at my every body part, and every morning i don't like what i see. that in itself, motivates me all day to lose weight.

2. i've been doing this for so long, it's almost like weight-loss is just a part of my life; like brushing my teeth, or taking a shower. it's almost just programmed into me.

and to answer your other questions, i find exactness works better for me. i plan out most of my meals in advance, and i have a gym routine that i do around 5 days a week.

i think another thing that helps me keep on track is the fact that i enjoy working out. i work out in the afternoons, so i keep motivated to stay healthy during the day, because if i eat lots of junkfood or i binge, i won't want to work out which will make me feel like crap for the rest of my day. after my workout, i'm usually on a sort of "runner's high", which motivates me to stay healthy for the rest of the night too!

I have tried to get into a routine. I usually have the same breakfast every day (2 pc weight watchers toast and peanut butter), go to the gym. Then I come back and log my exercise on CC and depending on how many calories burned I figure out my food for the rest of the day to give me a 500 cal defciet. I definently find that having a plan helps me alot.

I have also recorded goal weights for every couple of months that are pretty realistic but push me. I have also found participating in challenges on CC (Im doing to Oct weight loss and the Oct exercise challenge) really helps me push myself.

Hope that helps

I definitely find planning works better for me. If i have my day planned out, then i know i won't go over my calories because i am so hungry and just want to eat anything. If i do get hungry, i just bring my pre-planned snacks forward.

My motivation is a pair of shorts i bought 2 summers ago. I didn't try the shorts on for a while and low and behold, i had fat rolls. I havn't bothered to try them on for about 2 months and last weekend i did and they basically fit, i was so excited lol. I wait until i get to my goal weight, find an article of clothing that fits me perfect and then i remember how i look so if i gain weight then my shorts will tell me.


At first I did things to the letter until that drove me crazy and now I'm trying to relax a bit more and not to fret if I get over my allowance. After some time you know what you can and can't do. For instance what breakfast keeps you going until lunch and what snack won't give you too much calories. Stuff like that. It is all in the learning.

But one thing that I keep doing and that I think is very important is working out. That is something that I still do with a bit of force (but once I get going it is okay).


I think everyone reaches an epiphany when they realize what will happen if they don't get healthy. 

At first, my motivating thought, at times of temptation and weakness, was a question to myself - "do you want to do this or not?"  This would remind me of all the consequences if I kept on the same old road.

Later, it became a routine part of my life.  I made the decision not to diet but to change my life and never have to "go on a diet" ever again.  I make choices I can live with forever, not just for now.  I'm in this for the long run and it doesn't matter how long it takes as long as I'm moving towards good health.

I don't look at CC as a diet, it's a part of life, it's the life style. I was on South Beach Diet two times and both times i lost weight and then gained it back + more. So i was tired of this and when i found CC i was happy that it is not diet. I plan my snacks for the day, i always have some small bags in my car and at work. And i plan my meals for the day.

As for the motivation, to look good and to feel good, to be able to wear what you want .

My advice, don't look at CC as a diet, IT IS NOT. It is a change of your life style.


Honestly, I can't pinpoint it.  I wish I could.  It's nothing done intentionally, but it is a state of mind.  When it's not there, nothing that I do will cause me to lose weight.  It's weird. 

I've been pretty bad about it recently, but I have several motivations.

1. I don't want to graduate 25 pound heavier than I started college!

2. A sister of mine gained a TON of weight. I mean, a TON. I think she's probably obese. (She defends herself through feminism...?) This is going to sound awful, but I don't want to be ANYTHING like her. At all. And certainly not weight wise.

3. I'm getting married! We don't have a date set, and it's a recent change, but I don't want to be trying to lose weight while planning a wedding. O_O

4. I think calorie counting is awesome and so logical. I like that I can eat whatever I want as long as it's in my allowances. I think it's definitely something I can stick to forever, instead of diets which restrict the foods you eat, and so that's really encouraging and makes me feel like it's worth it in the end. It's definitely a freedom thing with me. The more someone tells me NOT to do something the more I want to do it, including myself. So I try not to get into the the mindset of "no, you can't have that fatty" and more in the mindset of "yeah, it'd be good, but is it really worth the calories?"

Also, if you're having a hard time like I am, make sure you really log everything. I kind of stopped thinking I understood it. Well... although I do make healthier choices, I still struggle with over-eating and it's helpful to see just how much you're eating.

keb 1984 - what are these challenges you speak of?

If you go to the 'games and challenges' forum on CC, you will see alot of groups/challenges that people have created. The weightloss one is a thread where you post your current weight and your goal weight for the end of Oct, and you do weekly weigh ins. Its a great way to keep track of your weightloss because your working towards a specific short term goal, and you get feedback and motivation from the other posters. The exercise one that I do allows you to set a goal of how many minutes in Oct you want to exercise and you update the minutes that you exercise. I found both helpful because they challenge you and keep you motivated. These are just the two that I do, there are lots of them out there!

at first i had to be really rigid with rules: run MWF, no alcohol or junk food, planning meals in advance, journalling everything, etc.  once i started to see results, though, that was motivation enough.

1. computer enhanced picture of my goal body with my face on it posted on the fridge placed beside current picture of myself

2. grocery shopping once per week only buying foods allowed (with extra healthy snacks), and no tempting foods in the house at all

3. a T-graph, which is a list of results of being my ideal weight/size, good listed on one side and bad listed on the other-posted in a visible place (bathroom mirror?)

4. online support of CC!

Now, if only I'd take my own advice and keep to it!

Thanks you guys! I appreciate all the advice!


I did want to ask if anyone every tried "visualization" or meditation etc. I know I said no hokey pokey stuff, but I really wanted to know what people TELL themselves. Even if it's horrible. 




What has motivated me is the scale.  It seems like I have been recording my weight off and on for at least 4 years (not on CC).  I have trying to lose the baby fat for for the last ten years, I am kind of tired of it. I lose a few then gain but no real results. I have recently decided to weigh myself every morning (my scale measures to 0.1).  Then I record my weight on an excel spreadsheet as  well as CC.  ( I relax and have coffee while I am doing this). I really concentrate on how I feel when I see the scale drop and what a terrible day I end up having if I cheat.  I don't record each and every little thing (if its healthy stuff) and I do estimate.  I also record my exercise and that gives me incentive to do a little more.  I break up my excercise and try to get a walk in after supper just to be outdoors more.

I think you almost have to plan what you are going to eat for the day.  Recording after you eat can lead to overeating.  You also have to make sure you have enough calories in your day earlier on.  I find I can hoard my calories so that I have only eaten 500 by lunch and then I have 700 plus to eat for supper which ends up to be too much.  I don't want to overeat at one meal and I don't want to eat too few in one day.

I have also set my goal for the five pounds.  (I have more that five pounds to lose.)  Then once I reach that goal I move down another five.

I really hope this helps you

I write myself notes constantly. I also journal constantly. When I have an urge to go binge I look back on those journal entries and it helps. Right now I am trying to avoid mirrors but when I do get a glimpse of myself is just a reminder of how much I really need to stick to what I am doing.

For me, it started with a dress I thought I would wear again to my sister's wedding reception.  It had fit me perfectly 2 years before.  I couldn't even get it zipped up last October.  It was a sad, sad day.  That was a $300 dress, which I rationalized I could wear over and over again!!

For me, dieting and working out was not easy to get into--I had weighed about the same my whole life no matter how much or little I ate, no matter how active I was (or was not).  So to finally see I'd packed on 25 pounds without even knowing it was happening was pretty....  messy.  I had a complete meltdown.  I'm not trying to sound shallow, but I thought yeah, I look ok, but I feel like hell, and I can look a lot better.  My confidence is linked at least partially to how I look, so sue me :P

I've heard it takes two weeks to make something a habit.  I think that's probably about right--for me it was about two weeks of FORCING myself to go to the three times a week, and FORCING myself to eat healthy, low cal foods.  And although I am not perfect, it probably took me about 2 MONTHS to have the willpower to say no to all the cookies, candy, birthday cake, bagels, etc at the office.  As I type I have a Hostess cupcake my loving friend put on my desk to taunt me.  I intend to put it on someone else's desk next time I am up :P

And really, this site has been soooo helpful for me.  It makes you more accountable when you have to type the words out, and see your bad dinner staring back at you.  And it feels so awesome to see how much your eating habits have improved over time.  And of course the weight chart--generally a big fan of that!!

So long answer, short summary--I needed more of an exact plan and accountability.  Freedom and mental counting does NOT work for me.  For me, I compare it to keeping your checkbook balance in your head instead of balancing it each week.


(Which of course I am way behind on but hey... at least my food log is up to date, lol!)

Original Post by blondemama:

1. computer enhanced picture of my goal body with my face on it posted on the fridge placed beside current picture of myself

2. grocery shopping once per week only buying foods allowed (with extra healthy snacks), and no tempting foods in the house at all

3. a T-graph, which is a list of results of being my ideal weight/size, good listed on one side and bad listed on the other-posted in a visible place (bathroom mirror?)

4. online support of CC!

Now, if only I'd take my own advice and keep to it!

And I DEFINITELY agree with blondemama about #2--I don't even put that stuff in the house, so I am not tempted by it, and make sure I always have healthy snacks at hand (grapes are perfect for me).

Motto - don't use your body as a garbage can.

Here is my motivation:

Getting up at 530 to go to the gym is NOT FUN.  I keep myself on track with the reminder that if I'm getting up 2 hours early everyday to bust my  butt, I better be eating right.

I do plan slightly, but since my mood changes (frequently) I pack a lot of food that I know will fill me, give me a lot of options and that I can plan into my calories if I change my mind.  Here's an example -

Bfast might be

Oatmeal or Cereal plus Fruit, and,Coffee, Tea OR sugar free hot chocolate.

I wanted to change the way I was living my life, from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle.  I went to the doctor for a physical a few months back, and didn't like what I was hearing.  Blood sugar was high, blood pressure was higher than normal, weight was just under obese, had early signs of diverticulitis, and I just felt like crap.  I also didn't like what I saw in the mirror.  So that was it, I wanted to change what I was eating and exercise on a more regular basis.

I was searching on the Internet for information on calorie counting and accidentally found this site.  It changed my life for the better.  I have found so much information here as well as great support.  I love the CC community!

I log all my food.  On the days that I eat out, I either try to guess what the calories are, but if I can't I call it a free day and only eat half the food.  I exercise 5x a week, either walking, jogging, or aerobics.  I try to mix things up to keep it interesting.  I join challenges to share with others and get/give support.  I zigzag my calories, but average around 1400-1500 calories.  I increase my food on days that I have a hard workout, and eat less on the days I don't exercise.  I am rarely hungry, I always carry a snack with me just in case I get hungry.  I eat 5-6 meals a day, so I don't binge at all.  I always set my daily goal of calorie intake, and stick to that plan if I can.  I've lost 25 lbs in 4 months.  It feels great, and I love the attention I get from my friends and family :)  I am just really focused on being good to myself.  I never deprive myself.  I still have those sweet treats, but not the super size servings.  I've given up somethings, ice cream, alcohol, fried foods, and most fast foods.  My health goal is just so much more important than stuffing my face!  And one thing I do that really works for me, is I weigh myself everyday.  I know they say to only weigh yourself weekly, but I see it as a daily reminder.  Sometimes it goes up but most of the time it goes down (I love it when it goes down hehe!)

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