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I finally hit one of my goals! My hips are 36 inches, waist is 26 and my bust is 36! Go me!!! I started at: hips 38.5 inches, waist 31 inches, and bust 38 inches (lost a bit there, but that's OK!)

Any one else tracking inches? Want to share your stats?
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WOOO. Go you! Aren't they like the ideal measurements? You've got one fab hourglass figure! 
wow! so weird... i have the almost the exact same measurements... 36, 24, 36... really funny though, same measurements that are mentioned in the song "baby got back"... haha... im also 5'7" :) i love my curves
Thanks, guys. I felt like for so long I wasn't getting any results, but I guess I am. I've lost all these inches, but you know what? My weight stays the same. I think it's because of toning and weight training.

untiedshoelaces, you have my measurements!!! I am dying for a 24 inch waist! :)
24 inches is really as small as a couple of my friends who have anorexia...
I was measured for my beautiful wedding dress the other day after losing 25-30 lbs (I fluctuate 5lbs up and down). I went from 35-31-39 to 33-25-34. Yay me.
im 5'7  stats  35 - 24 - 39

im a definate pear. I want to lose 3" off my hips and another few lbs all over but im getting there. Lost a few inches since my profile photo but still have the annoying out of proportion bum and hips, but my tummy is flatter

i don't think that 24" is that small when you have a small rib cage to begin with... i have a really long and lean frame... 'cept for my chest and booty... they ain't so lean

Hey!  Me too!  Same measurements even!  I've been trying to get here since high school.  The closest I ever got before today was 36-27-37.  I am wearing my goal jeans too!  Size 6!  Funny thing is I've weighed less than I do now in the past.  Go us!

Go you guys!!!! no way...resemble an hour glass.  I'm like a ball-based vase lol





Hey I have the almost exact same measurements as you. Except add an inch to my waist. May I ask how tall you are and your weight?

I am 5ft 10 inches and weigh 148...

Original Post by chelseagirl:

im 5'7  stats  35 - 24 - 39

im a definate pear. I want to lose 3" off my hips and another few lbs all over but im getting there. Lost a few inches since my profile photo but still have the annoying out of proportion bum and hips, but my tummy is flatter


I'm a pear as well! I want 36-26-36 so badly... stupid hips! lol

I'm 5'5 with 37 - 29 - 34

I used to be 37  - 31 - 33. So I lost 2 inches in my tummy but gained in my hips? lol strange.

im 13 5'7 and i am 36-27-36. But i weigh 131.(im a runner so its most likely muscle weight)


I have a question though u mite know:

my thighs are slightly thunderous(XD) but i dont know where to measur i think they r that bad cuz i think i have chubby thighs..

then again my cuzin who is my age IS a model so that might have sumtin to do w/ me thinking i have fat legs XD

That's great that you have perfect measurements.  I'd love to have those measurements but that probably won't happen for me unless I get alot of plastic surgery (implants and lipo).  My current measurements are 32-29-33.  I pretty much look like a human rectangle (though it's better than looking like the human beach ball I resembled four years ago).  My body burns fat really stupidly.  When I lose weight, it first comes off in my tush--every single ounce of it--then I usually lose several inches and maybe a cup size in my breasts.  When that's done, then I'll start losing some inches in my waist.  The smallest my waist has ever been was 26 inches, and this was at 103 pounds. I have never lost weight in my face, arms or upper thighs, which always look kind of chubby.

I don't really mind being small chested that much (though a little firmer would be nice) but I'd like to have something in the caboose--right now it's as flat as a pancake!  It is very hard for me to find pants for grown up women that fit in the waist and aren't extremely baggy in the back.  I've ended up buying most of my pants in the Children's Plus Size section, which is ridiculous since I'm 35 years old, but they're the only pants that look decent on me.

how do you lose inchage in your hips?

I am 20, 5'7", 128 lbs and my vital stats are (34E) 37-26-37.5 currently.

Damn, I've always wanted to be like 36-24-36 and I will surely get there! All I need is time.

I've been working out 6 days a week for 3 weeks (at least 60-90 mins per day) now and I could see some positive changes in my body even though my weight doesn't change.. which is weird. I am still determined to work out, even though I feel fine with my current body now. Can't slack off! It doesn't help that my doctor says I have underactive thyroid problem and I have to do extra work and watch over my diet to be in a healthy weight range.

But then again, I am just happy to still retain my chest size regardless!

Woahh ! im surprisedd that's great news i wishhh i could do that i used to have those same measurements but then i moved to 36 29 36 pleasee tell me asap what you did to become an hourglass. pleasee ! thankyou.

I had those measurements 10 years ago and I'm struggling to get back there!  I remember it was a shining mother-daughter memory when my mom said, "wow those are perfect measurements!"  yay you!!! hope I'll get to post similarly at some point... think I'm somewhere in the 40-32-42 range (not sure, size 14), so I've fallen off a bit :-P

current stats: not sure on the measurements, 5'8", 173.5

My current goal might be 38-28-38, 5' 8", under 160 lbs

I didn't take original measurements but the first I recorded (somewhere in the middle of my journey) were: 35-33-39.  Now I am at: 32-29-37.


I'm not entirely sure, but I *think* my starting measurements were something like 38-32-42, at five foot nothing.

As of this morning, I was 35.5-24.25-37 so almost hourglass, but a little bit pear. I actually pay more attention to my measurements than my weight, since I tend to really pack on muscle. I'm aiming for a 22" waist, and hoping to have my bust and hips measure the same, whatever that might be (Ideally, less than 36)

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