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At my college gym they had nice idea - right by the scale on the way out of the locker room was a big, paper-covered bulletin board with multicolored pens.

The idea was that after checking your weight/on the way out you could write a message about something that made you feel good about yourself.

Whatever helps to maintain a positive attitude and share it with others, from "I'VE LOST TWO POUNDS THIS WEEK!!!" to "I found the cutest shoes to go with my new outfit."

Anything goes! Even if you aren't having a very motivational week as far as your weight-loss goes, the important thing is that you feel good about yourself and your (many) goals. Try posting them.

Visit back when you need something to be smile about, or to cheer others on.


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that is awesome!!!!!
Keep it up girl!

FOR ME>>>  "I'm becoming HAPPY with me AGAIN!!"
I've lost 2 inches off my waist since Jan. 1!

WOW!!!! Thats great!!!!  way to go NOMO!!
I did a full backbend in yoga without assistance!  :) 

yay losing inches Nomo!
Full yoga backbend? - I find that remarkable. My exercise 'regime' is mostly about flexibility. Because I have none. Color me impressed with you.

Hurrah for happiness, backbends, and lost inches (may you never find them again)!!!

Something else that makes me incredibly happy - I was noticably less winded after climbing the 5 flights of stairs to my office this morning.

When I workout, I get laid more. YES! ;)
Haha jayd294mp, that's awesome!

I'm down one size!
LOL!!!! JAYD!!
oops!  double post!
I've been consistently exercising for 6 months now!!!
I've lost 5lbs in 2 1/2 weeks and my skin looks better!
Running is getting easier...and *gasp* fun?
I'm eating healthy portions. And they fill me up!
Choose the right foods and you can pretty much eat any time you want and still get rid of weight! Now that's something to smile about!
My butt feels firmer, more muscular.

I am in pain from running on the treadmill last night.  So proud because I never run on the treadmill but after 10 minutes I return to walking.  I got through the first half of my Core Rhythms tape.
Haven't lost any weight since before christmas BUT many people have been noticing my healthier, leaner body and asking me for advice AND I've got myself a great guy that makes me smile all the time.  Life is good!  :-)
I spoke and understood German with a co-worker this morning. :) While taking the stairs!

And at the end I wasn't obviously winded!!!

(this whole 'stairs' thing is a big deal for me, you know)
I feel happy, hopeful and blessed instead of worried and discouraged!  It's because I am looking for the blessings and that in turn is making me happy! 
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One of my (guy) friends told me I have a nice bum!
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