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That 'magic' number

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Is there a number you just can not get passed?Or did you have one that you've now broken through - and how?

I don't know if its a mental block thing but I just can't get passed 210lbs. I feel like it's taunting me lol. Any mental tips to stop the fear of that number?

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The number that haunts me is 200. I've been on CC since Dec 25 2010 and I started at 221. Today I am 197. I was at 200.5 - 202 for over 3 months straight. I felt like my body was in maintenance mode. It was depressing and discouraging. I even ran a 5k with my teenage daughter only to see the scale go up 3 lbs.

I don't have any words of wisdom to get passed it, and the FIRST time I passed it I had fairy tale dreams of never hitting 200 again. Unfortunately, after 1 bad weekend i went back to that 200.5 and it took me 2 1/2 weeks to get to 199.

The thing that helps me stay motivated is reading CC everyday and I also learned to use the word HALT when I go for food or snack soon aftereating. Am I eating because I'm hurt(emotionally), angry, lonely, or tired. If the answer is yes to any of those. I try not to eat.

Good luck and I hope by next year both you and I can be one of the success stories of getting past that number and closer to our goal.

150 is probably my biggest worry. I've always been oven over this since I was 16 years old. I'm far from that number still, but it does scare me a little of going under that number, and how I'm going to do it. So far, every time I hit a plateau, I do a little trick where I don't weigh myself for a while and then see if there's any difference.

I stared trying to lose weight at the begging of March of this year 2011 I was 215lbs about the middle of July I made it to 200lbs and I'm STUCK..I count calorie like there's no tomorrow I ride a bike 2 hours a day 1 hour in the morning after breakfast and 1 hour in the evening after dinner.I do 30 minutes of weight train at home .My goal is 175 I know I Will get there I'm not giving up just have to keep at ..I've had to get some one to hide the scale that's the enemy stop looking and keep doing ... Good luck  everyone  :)  this is great place for help :))

My number is 200, like others of you. I've been hovering around this number the past couple weeks, up and down a pound, but I can't seem to get past it. Right now, my mini goal is to just be under 200, and I'm so fricking close! I'm 5'8", ultimate goal of 170 (hmm, that could change, depends on how I look/feel at that point), originally 230 back in January of 2011. I hit a plateau in early June at 208, but I finally got past that by adding more calories to my diet and changing up my workouts :) 

I get really discouraged sometimes when my weight changes, and I know I need to stop that. But it's easy to let the scale influence my emotions. I also need to invest in a more accurate scale, like one that gives me readings to the tenths... 

Reading all these stories is so encouraging. Even being stuck is okay, because that still means you aren't where you were. So congrats on the progress you've already :D

Gah, I CANNOT get past 162.  My goal weight is 145, but for now I just want to crack the 150s!  Honestly, though, I know that this is actually due to my poor eating habits -- I'm really good during the day, then nighttime comes around and I have a few drinks, then overeat.  I've upped my exercise considerably in the past several months, and I've sort of kidded myself that the exercise was going to do it all by itself.  Yeah, that doesn't work.

Last night I "got back on the wagon" foodwise -- ate within my calorie limit, no alcoholic beverages that would lower my inhibition and cause me to snack.  Hopefully I'll show some progress soon.

I think we all have a plateau - mine's 140lbs and on more than occasion I've been stuck there for months but I've now discovered a way to get past it!

I want to loose weight sensibly. Three years ago I lost 25lbs by exercising more, eating healthy food and drinking lots of water. I manage to keep the weight off most of the time but each winter with less opportunity to excercise and lots of cold weather food I find the weight creeps back up above 140lbs and I have to take action. This year I got my eating habits back on track and when I reached 140lbs again I just couldn't get past it to loose the last 5 or 6lbs so I ate only protein for 1 day, lost 2 lbs and then just went back to my usual healthy eating and it did the trick and it's not as hard as it sounds!

That said I would never recommend eating only protein for a prolonged period - it just doesn't make sense. Good luck if you do try it!

Yeah, I've started getting focused on 155. I can't seem to stop thinking about it!!

And I don't seem to be losing, this is my TOM though. That makes a difference. I know I'm bloated, but it still plays a trick! I'm trying not to weigh myself every day (I usually do just to make sure I'm on track). But these last couple days it just frustrates me!

Having started at 255 lb last year (I'm 6"-4") I came down to 225 or 226 by March and stuck for weeks. Eventually I went onto a fruit and milk regime for 8 days and broke through with a 9lb loss. Then I went back onto "real" food again, adjusting my calorie intake for the new weight. Now, 13 weeks later, I'm down to 213lb so I'm managing to maintain about 1lb per week loss.

If you do this be careful. Set a realistic number of days that you're going to do - if you haven't tried it before 3 days is probably a max, and eat pretty well as much fruit as you like, so you're never hungry (bored perhaps, but not hungry!) and immediately go back to real food if you start to feel faint. For me it has been a good way to break through the 225 barrier and I'm now 6lb off my target (207lb/94kg).

This has really helped me---thanks!  I've been stuck at 270 for months. Thought that there must be something wrong with me. This post have been wonderful---thanks again!  Just keep doing the "right" things and you will break thru. A "safe" 3 day fast might break the barrier?  Seems to have helped others.  Remember Churchill's famous quote: Never, never, never (about 10 times) give up.

This is so refreshing to read. I really need tips on getting over my own number.

Back in December I got stuck around 140, and I was there for months. Fast forward to April, I managed to get down to 136, and now I'm not moving. I don't know what to do. I changed my workout routine, and I even stopped working out for a week here and there, but nothing. I'm changing up my eating routine this week, and I've added a bit of excercise back in so hopefully this should budge the scale. All these tips have been great!

I've been at 80-81 kgs since forever! The first 15 kgs came swift, then it kept slowing down and now it's like my body is being a stubborn brat! :(


I'll probably throw a party (with low sugar food and drinks :P) the day I drop a couple of kilos more!

I have been stuck at 137 pounds since original goal was 130lbs, although it has been frustrating, my thoughts are "what the heck!" I went from 195lbs to 137lbs in a year and the latter is way better than the former. The seven pounds will eventually come off with life's strides if I keep being healthy and working out. Look at he bright side, you have successfully maintained your current weight, which means control and CONTROL is what it's all about. Just keep at it and you will see awesome results, I was stuck at 165lbs for four months....and here I am at my current Smile

You have to look at it as maintaining your weight loss.  To me maintaining is harder than losing, so you're doing a great job!  For people like myself diets don't work, if i don't think of it as a life style change then i will never keep the weight off. 

mine was 140. i thought i'd defeated 140 two years ago, but it's come back. it's not nearly as strong as it used to be, though. i'll kick its ass by the middle of the month :)

I know that we are all here because we want to lose weight, but we can focus on other goals that give us a sense of achievement too.  In my case, it is my new fitness.  At first I could only walk 20 minutes puffing and panting (I walk in this park with these monster hills), now I walk 50 minutes like a breeze and I laugh at the hills when I see them... except one darn steep hill, but I will beat it one day.  Also my performance at the gym has improved.  I still have to get better at bike, and at weights. 

Another achievement is to have kicked my addiction to dessert.  The other day I made myself stand by the dessert section of this buffet and not serve myself anything!  I am sure I looked weird looking at pastries with a sense of superiority, but hey, that is a huuuuge triumph for me.

Good luck with your plateau.  Do not get discouraged!


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I have wanted to be down to 135 or even 140 for about two years now. It's really hard for me to get down below 145. And when I do I tend to be so freaking proud of myself that I let loose and go to town. Within 3 or 4 weeks I'm back up to where I was or past. The only thing I can say is that its possible that the number is holding you back. I know I personally do a lot better when I just don't even look at the numbers in any area and just watch what I'm eating and don't eat past being full. That's usually when I see results in the mirror....and eventually on the scale (hence the yo-yo-ing) 

I really just wish we could have a fat sucking knife and just shave all the excess off!!! wouldn't that just be lovely?!?

I was stuck in a 5 pound range for over a year and a half.  I joined a bootcamp at the gym, joined CC, and changed up my diet (Added more fruits and veggies, cut down on the "splurges")  I finally broke the plateau and it feels great!  My advice is to try something different each week so you don't get bored or discouraged.  The scale is your worst enemy.  Keep up the food journal - it helps with accountability.

Mine appears to be 155.  I was 155 for two weeks, then dropped down to 153.5 for a few days.  Then, on the fourth day, I bounced right back up to 155 and nary a flicker since then.  My goal is 137, after starting at 202, so I was soooo close to reaching 50 pounds weight loss.  I think that's what bothers me most, the sense that it was just slapped further away from me.

I'm dropping my calories by 100 to see if I can't get past this.  I was running a deficit of around 300, so now it will be 400 at least until I can get past 155, and I'll be eating 1600-1800 a day instead of 1700-1900, so it isn't too drastic.  I just hope it's enough.

I lost 8lb in about 1.5 month and that's it - I got stuck on weight 172 and it is does not move down, even though i eat fewer calories then recommended to get through and try to stay more active. its just goes few oz up and down but cannot break under 172 :/. I think it is may be related to my hormonal cycle though, I will wait another week and see..

For me, it was every 15-20lbs I'd plateau at, I'm 5'6" and 4 years ago weighed 210 lb eating like crazy all day and very little exercise other than riding my horses and barn chores after school. I've lost 60 pounds so far and i cant stay under 150, i've gotten to 148 and next morning, 151 :( My eating, water intake and exercising is good, just cant get below it without being hungry more or exercising to exhaustion, but one day i'll make it :) CC is great encouragement :D

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