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What made you change?

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What made YOU take this decision to change to a much healthier lifestyle?


I am SO happy I decided to discover who I really am. I am a strong individual and I know there's still a road ahead of me. Weight loss takes time, it takes discipline, and motivation to really change, if you really want it. I only have to learn to be patient and to remember that this is a LIFESTYLE, not a 3 month diet.





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When I realised I couldn't just go on some crash diet and then rebound with more weight than when I started with....and when I finally graduated from high school and left it all behind with 4 months of holidays to start really thinking, when was I really happy with myself? and how am I going to change it. 

I decided to change when I was facing my 50th birthday.

I will be 50 next month.

In the Fall of 2010, I decided that I wanted to begin a weight loss journey on January 1st of 2011.  I gave myself the Fall season to enjoy the holidays and mentally prepare.

I began on January 1st, as planned, and I am now 70 pounds lighter.  It is a journey and a lifestyle change and is now second nature.

Much happier to be facing 50 now. 

My daughter.  I want not only to be able to keep up with her and do things with her, but I also don't want her thinking that its okay to just eat what ever junk she wants and just hang out on the couch watching tv all day.  Must lead by example. :)

well, I've slipped and gained over 10# back, but i'm counting again and taking the baby steps I need for now.

What inspired me the first time was SO many things:

  • tired of comparing myself to others; being insecure around confident women; making their live decision about me
  • Stopping the cycle in my family of thinking you get old and there's nothing you can do about it (I want to be a healthy, active geezer)
  • Not wanting to repeat how my mother raised me. She was a good mom, but very uninterested in family activities/events, mostly due to her depression...
  • ...which leads me to this: Taking care of my body to take care of my mind.  Mental health is so unbelievably correlated to physical health and activity.  The more conscious efforts I take to care for myself, the less likely I will be to fall into the grips of mental illness. Of course, some things are unavoidable, but the more I accept realty and learn to cope/function through life, the higher my chances are of growing to be a fun, active geezer. 

Like saving for retirement, I'm making healthy choices to retire healthy.

For me, as a Christian, I became to understand that God did not intend for me to behave in this manner toward myself. The sin of gluttony was revealed to me. I went (and may still) go by the motto I live to eat, rather than eat to live.

Eating itself isn't bad, it's what I eat, how much and why. Food itself isn't bad, either. Again, it's what I eat, how much and why.

I believe it's one of those sins that I strayed upon myself, doing what was not right or intended by God. He gave us food and as with everything else He gave us, it is intended to be good for us and to be enjoyed by us. 

Man (or was it Satan?) created the "snack foods" that essentially, do nothing for us in way of nutrients and fill us with the overabundance of what is not good for us. I don't need to eat those. God didn't create those and leave them for me to eat. Logging my foods here, I realized how much better the "snacks" God gave me are. (ie. radishes, grapes, baby carrots, strawberries, cucumbers, melons.) 

Log your own and find yours. 

This link may be of interested to other Christians who wish to search deeper into this topic: rds-table/

My mother’s family led a very gifted and lavish lifestyle.  They ate what they wanted, when they wanted and enjoyed socializing (sitting eating and drinking).  Both my grandparents on that side of the family had type II diabetes and aged horrifically (losing hair, teeth, heart attack after heart attack, high blood pressure, dementia, etc.).  My father’s parents, on the other hand, were very active and healthy eaters.  They did not approach food as a luxury.  They ate when they needed to because it provided them with energy and nutrients throughout the day.  They both aged great! Physically my Grandfather was fit and mindful till the year he passed away and my grandmother is alive today.  My dad’s parents are ten years older then my mothers and they are healthier and livelier.  It was when my mom’s dad passed away that I realized I could no longer go on the way I was living.  Knowing that I had possessed both genes I decided it was up to environmental factors.  Something needed to be done.  I’ve always been active but ate and drank (college years) way more then what I was burning, plus by body wasn’t getting the nutrients it needed.  I am responsible for my own fitness and happiness.  I have never felt so revived. Weight loss and maintenance is work; but well worth it.  I still love eating chocolate (my favorite) and all the other “bad foods” but in moderation.  It’s all about the long haul.  I do not want to live the later half of my life with chronic illness and low confidence.  That is what led me to change!

I had a "come to Jesus" meeting with my doctor.  She told me that if I didn't lose weight I may die from a heart attack or stroke.  She only asked me to lose 20, I'm close to a 70 pound loss.  Blood pressure is normal and everything else is good too.

I've never been a big girl, as I come from a family of petite people. However I'm getting older, and I realize I can't count on my youthful metabolism forever. A few things made me want to change;

  • I can't tolerate the idea of my 60+  year old mother being smaller than me (shes 5'2" about 120lbs). Shes quite fashionable, and I like to borrow her clothes, so if I gain too much weight, no more clothes sharing. 
  • I spent my formative years being a show/competitive figure skater. I had to give it up because of an injury, but I still enjoy the feeling of being light, graceful, and strong
  • I'm somewhat ashamed of this, but when I met my husband he was still entangled with his thin, blonde, perfect ex-girlfriend. When we met I was college chubby, not blonde, and not perfect. I wanted to win him over and distract him from his ex, so I decided to lose weight; if I can't be blonde and perfect at least I can be as thin as her. 
  • I have a genetic disposition to high blood pressure; unfortunately going on medication is unavoidable, but I can make it easier on myself by keeping my weight in check. 
  • Another somewhat shameful reason; I like when my husband shows me off as his 'hot wife'. I loath and fear the idea of being the stereotypical wife who 'lets her self go'. I like when people look at us and think "damn, how did he manage to land a girl like her?" 

Hm, seems like a lot of my reason are vanity based, oh well.

When, after years of avoiding the scale, I stepped on it and saw the number 201. Really shocked me.

What's actually kinda cool, is that I promised myself a year from then I would get to 150, and I've already made it down to 170 with a few (four or five) months to go. I might actually make it! ^^

I went on a road trip with a close friend.  We had very similar (sedentary) lifestyles and nearly always ate food that was terribly unhealthy.  I had my "aha" moment as we stood 20 min waiting for a handicapped elevator because she was very overweight and could no longer manage stairs.  The thought hit me like a truck, that I was going to be right there in another 20 years, and would probably have a heart attack in my 40s. 

I was 31 and eating awful fast food about 5 nights a week...and greasy take out for both breakfast and lunch.  I hadn't owned a scale in years, but when I finally jumped on I was at 213.  I was shocked, and soon after that I asked a body-builder friend to keep me accountable to exercise (boy did he take me up on that!).  And, I started cooking.

It's been 3 years and I'm down to 153.  I've been smaller, but with all the cardio I do now (I run about 20m/wk) I can honestly say that I've never been healthier and stronger....both physically and mentally.  I had to take my life back, from food.


Went to the doctor. Got weighed at the beginning of the appointment and she moved the little pointer thing over to the 150 mark...that has never happened before and was not a good feeling for me. Then I went online and found out I was "mildly overweight." I knew I wanted to change before it got worse. I have always been athletic and I have a slight build, so that was really serious for me. I want to be the best I can be. I want to be as healthy as possible before I have kids. 

I had an accident that forced me to the doctor for the first time in a long time. He heard something he didn't like when listening to my heart. So next thing you know the test results are back and I have a congenital heart problem. Hit me like a ton of bricks when he said that medication was my only option if I could not get my weight under control. I did not want to to 33 years old and on heart medication, the thought just made me breakdown. I went home that day and threw out my trigger foods, went shopping for healthy options and have not looked back. 85 pounds down and healthier then I have been since I was an athlete in high school.

I thought I could be pregnant and realized what that could mean for my health and the health of my future baby at my current weight. It turns out I wasn't pregnant,  it made me realize that I need to make the changes in my life so when I do have kids, we both come out of the pregnancy healthy and happy.

well i was always picked on at school or being "fat" even though my bmi said i was healthy. but yeah i didnt took like a twig so that made me a target for being picked on. tbh this made my 5 years at secondary school a living hell. it pushed me to self harm and other stuff -_-. i still kinda get it now at collage sometimes so i decided u know what F*** em im gonna lose weight and yeah that was kinda it. so far i have lost 6.5 pounds hope to lose quite a bit more then shove it in there faces on facebook. thats all the motivation i need.   

I've never been thin. Never. But, I come from a family of thin people and throughout my life I've been teased and taunted and left to feel like an outsider. My mother is a saint, but even she unknowingly was doing me harm by nicknaming me "chunk" as a child. My sister wouldn't even admitt to people at school that we were related because I was an ugly duckling and she was a popular girl. Looking back (now 24), I know that those old wounds have healed, but that they have still left scars. My family has always pushed me to lose weight and try to magically be smaller, but I had to want it for myself. My "aha" moment was this past christmas when my future father in law asked me how much I wieghed in front of the entire family (they were all comparing eachother's weights- dont ask cause I don't know) and I said 235- he started gawking and said "you only weight ten pounds less than me!" and mind you, he is actually a very large looking man. Something inside of me clicked right then. Everything came together. I decided that on January 1st 2012, my life would take a differnet course and that I wouldn't be ashamed of my body anymore. I started counting calories on this site, taking vitamins and joined a gym. I weighed myself this morning and the scale said 216.4. I have 60lbs to go, but I already feel better about myself and I don't mind taking responsibility for the number on the scale because I know it's mine. I own that number and I'm the only one who can decide where it goes from here. I'm taking back my life. Good Luck to the rest of you.

I've been overweight all my life. I've tried so many diets. So as usual I said "this year", and I got online to find anything to HELP me. I found calorie counter, and in all the diets I've tried, I realized I've been doing it all wrong all this time. I take something and wish for the best. This time, I SEE what i'm putting in my mouth and I didn't like what I was seeing, and those numbers didn't lie. That was a reality check, and I can't live like this! I'm currently lost 20lbs, and I'm feeling great! The best in years! Also, I find that I like the goals every week, it pushes me to do more. It really helps when you post your day and the fact that EVERYONE else can see what you did. That also makes want to make those numbers look better!:)

I simply got tired of living in my fat body. I discovered calorie count and that was the beginning of my weight lost journey in Jan 2010. I went from 220 to 184. It's more than I ever expected. I haven't lost as much as I would have liked to but I have the lifestyle now and keeping it up.

I don't put myself down when I cheat a bit, I just move forward to the next day. At least my clothes looks better on me and that is a big plus for me because I like wearing nice clothes still at the age of 62. 

My motivation is that I never want to be 220 lbs ever again. I'm only 5ft so that gives you an idea what 220 lbs would look like on me, short and round. I don't ever want to give up on my healthy lifestyle. Now that I know how to eat right it's been a lot easier than when I first started trying to lose. I know what I have to do, I just have to keep it up every day one day at a time.

I couldn't agree with you more. This is not a 3 month diet. And when I finaly realized that, that's when I started doing this seriously. Having done so many diets in the past, my mindset was not in the right place. But when I realized that I was having the wrong mindset towards food and exercise, I freeded myself and started having the best results.

Even when I have a few slips now and then, I always come back because I now I know I'm in this for life. And I want to be. Because I feel better then I have ever felt before.

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I've always wanted to be healthier and get back to a smaller weight. Being an at home Mom has taken it's toll on my body, I've become overweight because I would eat unhealthy foods, in strange intervals, because of boredom, then eat with my kids at mealtime. It was terrible. On top of this I am an avid Video Game geek, and not the kind you stand up to play. :P Feb. 25th my BF of 10 yrs, who is still fit mind you, proposed to me and after the elation of the engagement toned down I really looked at myself and asked myself... Do I really want to look this way in my wedding pictures? Do I want to be here to make it to our 10 yr wedding anniversary? Heck yes I do! Then I remembered CC and came back and now I'm here doing really well. Impatient of course because I like results right away, but I have a year and a half til we get married so I will be able to slim down and get healthy by then. So excited! All I needed was some motivation I guess! :)



You obviously had to make some changes in things that had been lifelong habits.

What was the easiest change you made and what was the hardest & How did you prioritize them?

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