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Can a low calorie diet cause hair loss?

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I'm 15 so i'm supposing that means i'm meant to eat more as i'm a growing teenager. For around 5 months i was only eating 1200-1500 calories a day and maintaining an underweight weight (6 and a half stone and im 5 foot 1) I was very very bony at this stage and i started to get a dark hair growth on my back and i haven't had periods in while. At the start of this month i noticed my hair was starting to fall out more than usual and it has been falling a lot. Is the low calories diet and being underweight over a long period of time the cause of this do you think?


Since it's started happening i am eating a 2200-2800 calorie diet and i have gained a stone since then so i'm now at a healthy weight.

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As someone with an eating disorder, I can tell you that eating too little can cause problems, one of which is hair loss. I'm glad to hear that you have increased your intake and have gained some weight. Unfortunately, I have some bad news, your hair may still continue to fall out for several weeks/months. I am currently in treatment, and am getting better nutrition, but my hair is still falling out. This is because your hair reflects the last 3 months (I think-don't quote me on that haha) so it may take a while before it returns to normal. Don't get discouraged though, I'm sure if you continue to eat healthy amounts and your weight is stable that your hair will stop falling out and your periods will return. 

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