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Have you lost 50 Pounds? How long did it take?

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Just wondering about people's success with losing 50 pounds...or 30 or 60 or 100!!  I know that everyone is different, and just thought it would be interesting to know the time-table for different weight loss amounts and the time period you acheived it in.


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Hi! 35 lost since January 1/2008. It could have been more but I did go to the Dominican for 8 days in March.  :-)

It has taken me 5.5 months to lose 60 pounds.  With that being said it took me four months to lose the first 50.

Steff!  Saw your new pics on your other post.  You look great and I love your hair.  Good going.  Any tips?

Thanks soltestimony!! 

My biggest tips are to cut out soda and sweet tea, I am a true southern girl and the sweet tea was my life and it is AMAZING how many calories can sneak in with that LoL  Also, at first Calorie Counting almost has to control you ~ Log everything that you put in your mouth, because you will be SURPRISED how many of those pesky little calories are in things you just wouldnt expect them to be in!!!
I lost 50lbs in 9 months.  20lbs in the first 2 months. 20lbs the next 4 months.  10lbs the next 3 months. 

I have lost 33 pounds since 1/1/08 and I know that I am going to lose 17 more before my birthday/when I go away for the summer on 5/20. I am working my butt off and paying super close attention to what I eat.

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4 months the first 50 then 25 over 2 years (eating whatever I want and going to the gym every now and then)  Now I'm trying to get back into the swing of things and hopefully lose another 50 :-)

I started Jun 11 of last year and I had lost 50 pounds by October 4th. A tiny bit less than 4 months. The second 50 has taken me about 6 months (I'm 0.4 pounds away from the 100 mark).

I've got another 30 or so left. Which will probably take me another 5 or 6 months. If not longer.

I just watched what I ate and tried to move around more. Was NOT and still am not a fan of cardio. I just walk more.

I have lost 41 lbs since Jan 1st 2008. I logged everything I ate, I weigh myself every morning (more for focus than anything else) and I go out and jog 5 times a week (which I write down each time next to my morning weight), and I always make room for a 100 calorie chocolate or whatever I want every night. I am now refocusing my life to lose another 23lbs before the end of summer. To lose the weight there are two things I live by. First, no one gets fat over night (so you can't get skinny over night). Second, Food and lack of exercise made me fat and both of them can make me thinner. Good luck to everyone on the journey of rediscovering yourselves. 

Lost 45 lbs in five months, then another 5-7 in the subsequent 6 months. Still have about 25 to go.

lost 46 pounds in the past five months.  have about 23 pounds left to go and they are coming verrrrry slowly!

Original Post by soltestimony:

Just wondering about people's success with losing 50 pounds...or 30 or 60 or 100!!  I know that everyone is different, and just thought it would be interesting to know the time-table for different weight loss amounts and the time period you acheived it in.


In the last two months of 04 and the first 3 months of 05 I lost 111 lbs. through the Bernstein program.  Problem was, that was way too fast and in a manner which was not sustainable.  It was a starvation diet, I was eating 3 chicken salads a day (without dressing) and 3 fruits, 3 melaba toasts with no-fat cream cheese and minimum 4 litres of water.  So, once I stopped Brenstein (it was $600 month) I gradually put back on over 40 lbs.  I caught myself this past Christmas approaching 250 lbs. again and vowed to regain control.  This website was a real find.  It has allowed me to lose over 10 lbs. over this past month through control of intake thanks to food logs and control of burn thanks to activity logs.  I eat between 2200-2400 calories a day and have learned that deprivation is NOT the way to lose weight.  I try to profess this wisdom, but even some  people on here don't want to hear it and continue to torture themselves.  It is proper choices, applied exercise program (I currently walk about 7 miles per day @ 4 mph) and realizing a few things. One, a bad day is no reason to throw in the towel.  I have had a couple of 4000 calorie days where I seemed to put on 5 lbs. overnight, but thanks to the 'green line' on the weight graph, I realize that water weight is not bodyweight. Secondly, trying to lose weight by deprivation rather than balancing is doomed to failure.  All these people trying to operate with restriction based deficits of 600 or more calories rather than expenditure deficits are hurting themselves.  I feel confident that this time, because I really do not deprive myself, that I will succeed so long as I apply what I have learned here and stick to my new plan.  Good luck to everyone in achieving health and fitness!!

I have lost 40lbs since January the 1st when I started using CC to record my weight and take things seriously!

I'm down 56lbs from my highest weight :D only 13 more itty bitty pounds to lose, lol.

It took me 8 months to lose 49, and then I hit a plateau for 4 months, and it didn't really break until I re-jumped my diet, and came to CC march of 08 Now I'm down 58 pounds, and got 23 more to go.. I feel that weight loss can be a good thing when you are doing it slowly, but I would love to see some of those biggest loser numbers again. Everytime I do hit the biggest loser numbers I always fall into a no weight loss for the next 2 weeks.. I have to really kick butt to get them to fall off, but it's well worth it. It shows that I'm not afraid to put up a good fight. So really.. It took me a year and a 1 month to lose 58 pounds. I'm happy about it. :0) 

dang--you are all SUPER inspiring and congrats!

i can't believe most of you lost ~40lbs in 4months...i mean--wow! thing is, i've been trying to lose weight forever (anti diets or diet pills or diet anything), but this is the first time (this month) that i've started counting cals.

my now even more gorgeous friend lost 15lbs counting cals and i'm inspired to do the same. so we will see--maybe soon i will be back talking about losing 40lbs this summer!




I started my diet on the 1st November 2007, and I've lost 45 pounds. I'd hoped to lose ten pounds a month (two pounds a week, every week) but it doesn't work like that. A lot of weeks I've only lost one pound if I'm lucky - if you look at the numbers, you can see that it's slowing down (and I still have at least 30 pounds to go...)

November - 13 pounds
December - 9
January - 7
Feb - 7
March -  6
April - 4

Started 3/07, and lost 50 pounds in ~4.5 months. I have lost a total of 110 pounds to date.

I have lost 49.2 lbs. in 48 weeks (about 11 months).

I'm on the slow and steady plan...very slow and somewhat steady, that is. It took me almost a year and a half to lose the first 50 lbs, and I just hit 100 now in just under three years.

July 22, 2008 I was 260 pounds. I just got fed up with not being able to keep up with my friends anymore in sports... so I decided to lose weight. By February 15, 2009, I got down to 185 lbs, then within 7 days I somehow dropped to 179, (I started drinking about 2 gallons of water a day.) After that loss, I just sort of maintained and didn't lose anything for several weeks. March 31st I hit my current weight of 175. I'm just trying to maintain now. I'm completely satisfied with my weight loss. Total of 85 pounds!

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