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Lost 25 lbs - still wearing the same pants :/

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I seem to have lost 25 pounds (11 kgs) since last year but I'm still wearing the same pants and this is a bit frustrating. I'm very happy to have less pressure on my injured knees but I'd also love to go and buy a smaller size. They are loose, but not so much to easily fit into the next size.

On the other hand, my bras are definitely looser so I kind of see where I'm losing the pounds from. How many pounds later have you had to change your wardrobe?

5'4, 202lbs, large frame.


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Tell me about it! I'm short (5'3'') have lost nearly 8kg (17lb) and for the most part I can't even notice, let alone anyone else. I've lost weight in the past and noticed it much more, but then when I started here I weighed more than I ever have in my life, so there's that.

The only thing I WILL say is that a ring which no longer fit me when I started now does- a ring I've had since I was fifteen. So that's encouraging. Too bad I'm losing weight off my fingers and not enough off my behind, though :p

While we all would love to lose weight in specific parts of our bodies, I think this is not how it works out. While Fat accumulates more on certain body parts an obese person has fat distributed throughout the body and as such when losing it the "lose" is ideally distributed as well

I recently posted on this to someone else with a similar situation: 

Original Post by hollowness:

How have your measurements varied/do  or did you take measurements? Some clothes are based on certain body measurements (dresses chest/waist, pants hip/thighs and shirts either frame or bust size). Let's say your a pear shape and your pants have hardly made a difference well in a lot for cases pears lose inches on their hips and thighs last and 45lbs could lose only 0.5-1.5 inches not making a big difference but could go down several dress sizes (cause of the chest and waist was the major loss zones). If hourglass chest and hips equally possibly wouldn't make big size difference but may have waist and other parts of the body. And this could be more likely especially if in the overweight+ ranges (some times more than 4-6inches might need to be lost till next size down, while in a healthy weight range 1-2inches can be a size down).

So clothing sizes in the large/plus variety maybe need 20-40lbs before next size down, while if you are losing in a healthy BMI weight range 7-10lbs could be the difference of one dress or pant size down. And if you are taller more weight may need to be lost (I could lose 10-15lbs and it looks like I lost 5lbs). 

I am pretty sure I stayed size 12/14 (depending on pant/style) pant for a 30lbs range when in the overweight range, I myself 5'8" need 5-10lbs-ish till next pant size down ((this is all with in my height range as healthy BMI range) 160-165 pant size 10 (just, 155-157 comfortable), 145-153 pant size 8 (comfortable), 145 I can squeeze into a 6 with muffin top and is my current weight, hoping in -10lbs I will be a comfortable size 6). And I believe I will never be size 4 or less unless it was through unhealthy means, so 6 is my lucky number.

I hope this helps gives an idea :)



When I did weight watchers I notice a change in my clothes but not on the scale. I was so annoyed. I am trying so hard now to see the change in my clothes. This weight gain is frustrating,

I seem to be a size 4 whether I'm 138 pounds or 125 pounds, so I get what you mean...Its irritating. I would LOVE to be a 2...we will see :) Good luck! 

thanks hollowness, i think that is it with me. i checked my measurements and there is indeed more change in the upper body than thighs, as i am a "pear". 

I'm going through the exact same thing.

Exactly a year ago I was 22 lbs heavier, and I still wear the same pants. Much like your situation, they've gotten looser but I still can't manage to fit in a lower size!

However, I've noticed clothing fitting looser around my arms, shoulder, and back.

I think being short and apple-shaped is the biggest curse for me. However, I must remember that the progress I have shown does still equal success. We have to keep working on gaining more success :)

This is the perfect example of why simply calorie counting and reducing the number of calories you eat is most often not enough to achieve the results that you actually want - which isn't weight loss at all, it's changing your body shape. 

In order to get smaller you need to eat more whole protein sources at every single meal - as in chicken, fish, eggs or greek yogurt - not 'high protein bars' or 'high protein cereal'. You need to eat more vegetables - as in 8-10 servings a day.  And you need to challenge your body. Lift weights. Run. Cycle. Move. 

From not exercising much to exercising regularly the difference between a size 16 and a size 10 for me was 12 lbs on the scale. The difference between a size 10 and a size 8 for me was also 12 lbs. 

I hear you- it is soooo annoying!!!!I've lost 54lbs and its only recently (the last 5lbs) that I have gone down 2 sizes. Keep at it-its weird because all of a sudden you will drop the size!!!

I think I had lost about 25-30 pounds before I began buying a couple of smaller sizes.  A few people that I see only occasionally began asking if I had lost weight about that time, too.  I had to find my motivation elsewhere, like feeling good about sticking with it or just the improved health, digestion, etc that comes with eating better.  It will happen.  I still carry more than I would like in my belly, but it is slowly diminishing.

I too have lost weight but haven't changed sizes. I am 146.5 pounds and still a size 12, although it fits me differently. It is frustrating as I want to be a size 8 but I will keep working at it. Don't worry, it will happen eventually if you keep working at it!

I have went from 207 pounds and a size 18 pants to a size 12 and 184 pounds in less than three month. your stomach will only get smalled from fresh fruits and vegis. more vegis than anything. we get muffin tops from sugar and processed foods. you have lost 25 pounds it is just happening from other areas of your body. keep up the good work and drink alot of water.

I've lost 25 lbs and my clothes barely fit differently at all. I started at 252 and now I'm 227. So I'm a bit heavier than you, but I can relate. I haven't gone down in sizes, other than a bridesmaids dress, so that was my high moment. haha. I think if I'd gone down a size at least, I would've stayed motivated. At my size, I'm actually guessing that I'll have to lose 50 lbs before I go down a size. Not very motivating for me, but I'm going to keep trying!!!

Good luck, at 202 you'll most likely see the results you want to see soon! :) 

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A lot of you are saying that you've lost weight but not n the waist area..maybe you guys should try adding a ab workout to hour routine. And make sure ur doing cardio!
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A lot of you are saying that you've lost weight but not n the waist area..maybe you guys should try adding a ab workout to hour routine. And make sure ur doing cardio!

Totally get your frustration. I think the more overweight you are the less noticable weight loss is. At my highest I was 230 at 5'5 and when I lost the first 30 lbs, like you, my clothes where looser but not enough to wear smaller. Even more frustrating was no one really seemed to notice. Which was not why I was doing it but some encouragement would have been nice. Once I got down in the 180's I had to start replacing clothes and now at 154lbs every time I lose a few pounds I get "have you lost more weight? and you are going to get too skinny,etc..." and it seems like every 7lbs or so I go down a pant size. I think where you store the fat matters too. I am very pear shaped and so have seen bigger reduction in shirts, coats and bras then pants. I keep trying to remind myself that its healthier than carrying weight on my torso. Undecided So hang in there. On the up side it may not SEEM to make much difference but your joints and cardiovascular system are much better off and weight loss is easiest in the begining.     

Original Post by Jasonml4:

A lot of you are saying that you've lost weight but not n the waist area..maybe you guys should try adding a ab workout to hour routine. And make sure ur doing cardio!

Spot reduction doesn't work. Cardio isn't going to magically make your belly fat disappear. I didn't lose any pants sizes until I had lost 40lbs, but now, I can lose 5lbs and go down a size. I think that larger sizes aren't that different, from 16 to 14 etc, but when I got to a 10, I was an 8 and no time and I hope to be a 6 by January.

I know the feeling! I've lost about 25 and my pants are just loose. I added walking to my dieting and I take on a pretty steep hill and it's helped. Just don't get to frustrated, I'm sure a few more pounds down an it'll be a whole new wardrobe for you!! Good Luck!!
Yes it is much harder the bigger size you are to start with. Also the larger sizes have more inches between them than the smaller sizes. Going from a 16/18 to a 14 was hard! Going from a 14 to 12 seems easier since I'm about 1/2 there already.

I lost twenty pounds this year, still wore the same pants. Got depressed again and gained it back during the fall semester, still wearing the same pants.

The good news is, usually dropping the first size takes the longest, and then it goes faster, usually around 15 pounds per size. That's what I hear anyway. Can't wait to change sizes...

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