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I lost 100lbs and changed my entire life / there are still struggles

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I can not believe how much my life has changed. I was 286lbs the first time I weighed myself in a few years... and that was after I had begun modifying my lifestyle. Who knows what I really maxed out at... I now am about 180lbs. I was down to 168, chunked up a little over the holidays, but am now coming back down. My goal is 160.

I was lonely, bored, and painfully shy. I had no self esteem. I didnt like doing out in public and didnt want to meet new people. I was ashamed. Now I go out to clubs every week, meet tons of new people, work doing promotions and I MODEL part time. NEVER IN MY LIFE did I see myself modeling. EVER! I still cant believe it.

I used to dread exercise. The way my chest ached when I did cardio... but I did it. And I kept doing it. And now my chest doenst ache anymore. I love working up a good sweat. I go to the gym before work most mornings, and often find myself going back in the afternoon because I didnt have time to do everything I wanted. I meet guys there! They think I look sexy when I'm all hot and sweaty and gross. I cant begin to TELL YOU how good that makes me feel. I knew girls that had that happen to them, that seemed to be attractive and fit and happy without trying. Now I know that they did try; they just didnt MIND trying. 

Getting going was the hardest thing I ever did. Stepping foot on a treadmill at almost 300lbs was... embarrassing. I couldnt fit on some of the gym equipment that I wanted to use. But I was amazed at how fast the weight fell off of me once I made even small efforts. Thinking about how fast my life has changed... almost makes me emotional. I never thought I could do it. 

YOU CAN DO IT!!!  OMG IF I CAN DO IT YOU CAN TOO!!!!!! I used to eat fast food for - every - meal. The only excuse we ever have is OURSELVES! I promise, no one is looking at you weird in the gym!! A lot of us that look "normal" started out with a lot of weight to loose. I'm cheering for you!! You would be amazed at how many people can relate to our battle with weight, once we're open enough to admit to our struggles.

I still battle with food on an almost daily basis. And I have a great deal of loose skin that will probably require some surgery in the future to truly repair. But I feel amazing. I can take on anything. I can go hiking if someone asks me to go! I can walk around all day without getting winded or sore. I feel like I can take on the world!

Losing weight is the best thing I ever did for myself. And even though I am not all the way there, I feel like I've already won. <3


THANK YOU CALORIE COUNT! I have not always been an active poster in the threads but reading other peoples stories (their successes as well as their downfalls) have helped me so much. The food log was CRITICAL for me the first 6 months, and everyone was so supportive. <3

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Thank youso much for writing this! I have been working out for only a couple of months and I've been very discouraged with my expectations vs my reality, but to hear success like this is possible, truly motivates me. Thank you.
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Amazing story; read it this morning and stuck with me. Congratulations!


Big big big kudos to you way to go!!!

Success is so possible. For me, I feel like I have succeeded because I can walk in public and be part of the crowd, for once. Not the one struggling to keep up, not the one so big I am bumping into people... I feel like I fit in now. and thats winning to me! Dont get discouraged with your results. The hard work WILL pay off. Its been two years since I started my journey. I did lose a good chunk of the weight in the first year but my fitness, tone, and body really took shape in the second year. It took a long time since I neglected myself for SO long... but its truly amazing what the body can do, and recuperate from. Dont get discouraged; have faith in yourself and you will get where you want to be <3

Well written! My weight loss journey started some 15 months ago and to date I have lost 39 kg ( 86 pounds) I started on 169 kg, 372 pounds. I take it day by day, meal by meal. And I am sooo looking forward to that magic 100 pounds! 

Every morning I say to myself: "No matter what life has in store, I know that I am doing something today that is important to me."  And that usually means getting to the gym first thing in the morning. 

Thank you for your story, it's a greater motivator!  

Grats and thanks for for post :D

Day by day is key. Its overwhelming to look at the entire picture all at once. I find that going to the gym in the morning is a great way to start to day and get yourself motivated. When I see yummy fried foods in front of me later on, I think about how hard I worked that morning and will usually opt for something healthier. I feel like it really gets the ball rolling for me. 

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How did you do it? And way to go! Thats great! :) you showed everyone that no matter how much they weigh or how much they want to lose weight, they can. This is truely inspiring. I have my motivation back, thank you. Abd kudos to you !

What a wonderful success story and amazing accomplishment. I love when people share their experiences. It helps to know that we are not in this alone! Keep up the good work and thanks for inspiring us to stay on track!

Thanks for the motivational post! I have batted with obesity for the last 20 years with up and down yo-yo diets. I am no on using calorie counter and weight watchers to get me fit in a more healthy way. My goal is to loose 100lbs so your story just gets me more motivated.

I am encouraged by your post. It is so hard to get started and stick with it. I also weigh 286 and just can't push myself for more than a week. I don't eat fast food, French fries make me sick now. Looking for motivation! Thanks.

Thanks for posting this. It's great to hear it.


Oh, Smokinsumsweet!  You are amazing! You've just made my day! It's people like you, who go through the hard stuff with patience and determination -- and who then take the time and trouble to relate their story to others -- who make this whole team effort work for the Calorie Counting Crowd!

You are gifted at writing, too! I'm saving your story in a special place so that I can refer to it often!

Thanks for showing us that it can be done, and HOW! You've put me in the mood to try to exercise again -- the one "leg" of the battle I keep avoiding!


Exercise isnt fun at first! Its tough to stick with. Dont get me wrong... I've had periods of time (sometimes months at a time) where I neglected to exercise regularly. I would feel my cloths get tight but I had previously made the decision to get rid of all my larger sizes so that I would have no excuse to ever fit into them again! So when my jeans started to pinch, I made myself wear my uncomfortable jeans to remind myself of why I do NOT need to go make any cookies right now (baking is a weakness of mine) I think the hardest part is getting yourself IN THE DOOR of the gym. My chest used to ACHE when I would do cardio. It felt like my lungs and my muscles were literally burning. But seriously, after a couple weeks you will be AMAZED at what your body can do! Even at a heavy weight you will start to pick up the pace and feel your stamina increase. Personally, I hate the treadmill, and I'm not a fan of LONG cardio sessions. Its boring, and I wont want to do it if it is boring. I prefer the elliptical. I put it onto a trainer mode for ten minutes. It has be go forward for 2, reverse for 1, and finally ending with the last two minutes in reverse. I started with it on basically no level setting at all, now I set it to level 11. I used to go maybe 4.0 miles per hour.. now i tend to hang around 6.8. I do that for ten minutes, and then do some weight training for ten minutes, then another round of cardio, another round of weights... back and forth until I'm tired of it. Generally I do three cardio/weight switch offs. I dont get bored that way and it doesnt hurt my feet as much as pounding on the treadmill. 

Honest to god, once you get past that initial -this-sucks-and-i-cant-do-it stage and you start to see your body get stronger, you really do get a "high" from the gym. That whole endorphin rush that they talk about... its true! I never believed it! 

Have faith in your body. You will always always get out what you put in, we just have to be realistic with ourselves. I've been doing this for two years. I went from a size 26 to a size 15 in about ten months and that was probably too fast. I was a little crazy with the calories at first. But I started focusing more on developing lean muscle at that point and havent really changed a lot in weight, but I have definitely seen a huge change in my body. I wear a size 11/13 now and every part of me is much more slender. Not going to lie tho, I have loose skin everywhere. I almost always wear a sleeve if I can and I personally feel like my stomach looks like a war zone. Other people tell me its not that bad but... however!! even that has improved with some exercise, and spanx are awesome :)

  Very inspiring post. Thank you!

Looked at your pictures: you look amazing! Such a transformation! is funny to read as I can relate to almost every word you have said. I am down over 100lbs myself. It is interesting how impossible weight loss seems, but yet when you put your mind to it, the weight will come off. It sounds so cliche to say if I can do it, anyone can do it....but it couldn't be more true.

I have tried to explain how much better life is when you are active, when you feel good, etc. It's hard to put in words. I think once you have experienced it, you understand what people mean when they say "nothing tastes as good as being thin feels"....and that really isn't a vanity thing.

I agree with the exercise part. It you find an activity that you enjoy, you'll never have to work out. I love cycling and I sit in my office looking forward to getting on my bike in the evenings. How cool is that? I mean enjoy something that is actually good for you?? That is a win/win for sure.

You are my inspiration. Thank you.

tsjej you are so right! a lot of people have doubted that i even lost the weight myself, no one thought i could really do it. i had the most horrible eating habits in the world. so i really do feel like if i could pull this off, anyone can. it is hard to explain to someone when they are not "ready" yet. you really have to be ready. otherwise i feel like i come off as vain or maybe even a bit arrogant. so a lot of times i dont say anything at all. i tried diets and made small efforts here and there in the past, but once i was ready i just dived right on in. no more wading in the shallow end, so to speak! lol. i dont know how i got to that point, maybe just a combination of things in my life being out of control and i needed to take control of something. 


i really do thank all of you for reading this. people telling me that i am their inspiration (  <3  )  is making me feel even better about the battle of the bulge. even when i can look in a mirror and KNOW that im NOT the biggest person in the room anymore, your brain can play tricks with you sometimes! i love caloriecount! having people to talk to that are on this same journey is so motivational for me. 

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tsjej you are so right! a lot of people have doubted that i even lost the weight myself, no one thought i could really do it. i had the most horrible eating habits in the world.

LOL....Same here. My mom asked if I had weight loss surgery because according to her, people can't do it by themselves. She even asked my teenage son if I had surgery or if I had gone "away" for a week or so. Personally I think it is funny.

You are right about being ready. It is such hard work, but it is so possible. I give people advice and I mean sometimes you can just tell they don't get what it means and aren't ready to do it. The sad part is that unless you have some kind of medical issue, the only thing that stands in our way is ourselves.

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