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losing 20-30 pounds Looking for weight loss crew =D

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Hello Im 5"4' weight 160 i eat 1200 cal a day. looking to be 145 maybe even 135 lol I need some buddys to motivate me!! Weigh in every friday kinda thing :)  complain about how hard it is lol here are my stats


CW=160 :P

Goal weight= 145



Hope to meet new people :)

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I'd love to be a motivational buddy. I need one too. LOL!

My name is Hailey and I'm 21. I'm about 5'2 and weigh in at 155. I'm taking in about 1450 calories a day. I'm looking to ultimately lose about 30 or 40 lbs but right now I'm looking to shed a good 20 lbs for the summer. I just joined my first real gym and am really looking forward to working out.

Feel free to message me if you're interested in helping eachother out!


i'm looking for a buddy too!   we have similar goals - i am 5'5" and currently weigh 164.   my goal weight is 140 and i hope to be there by the end of may (although the website says its not possible!!)  i may want to get to 135, but we'll see.   i actually weigh in and record my weight on fridays so this would be great!   its always easier with a friend!!   anyway, i started on 1/1 -

SW - 170

CW - 164

GW - 140

SG - 135

Looking forward to hearing from you - Annmarie


Can I join?  I'm normally pretty active but injured at the end of last season and just had 4 months off all sports.  I have never dieted before and was used to eating what I liked when I liked, so I'm new to all this.  I just started training again this month.

I'm 5'6"

SW - 163 (when I started 8th Jan)
CW - 156.5
GW - 130
SG - 125

I am aiming for 1500 calories a day but often come in slightly under.  I'm burning between 250-750 calories a day 6 days a week by exercising depending on what I do.

Hi!  I would like to join too and definitely need some motivation to get me started.  I have gained a bunch of weight since Feb of last year and want nothing more than to get back in shape and start living a healthy lifestyle.  I am completely "off the wagon" and have reached my "alarm" weight of 150 lbs.  I am 5'4" tall.  My goal weight is 130lbs but if I was to get to 125lbs I would jump up and down (without the excess rolls bouncing haha)

SW- 150lbs

CW- 150lbs

GW- 130lbs

SG- 125lbs

Have a buddy at work who has joined my gym and committed to being my gym partner so I will keep ya posted on my progress

hi welcome!!! :) woohoo! soo yea i had a horrible weekend. Chips with dip one night, more chips the next, Pancakes, poutine, shawarma.... i have no self control!! >: ( i hope other people had a better weekend.


i forgot to mention I now have an ultimate motivation, I watched all the lord of the rings this weekend and i decided if i ever met Elijah woods in real life, he would def not want to run off and marry me like this :P :P :P :$

Hello crew. Smile

Things are going quite well here.  My first week of training saw:

2 walks (45mins each time)
2 runs (one 3 mile steady, one 2 miles hard intervals)
1 RPM class
1 pilates session
1 swim (2000m)
1 Body Pump Class

Nice easy start for the first week.  Terrible DOMS after Pump.  LOL  24 hours later I wanted to come down the stairs backwards!!  Pilates session proved that I lost most of my core strength during my 4 months off and it'll take quite some work to get that back.

My old training partner is happy to spend once a week doing a heavy weights session with me and some boxing, so I ordered some new 12oz sparring gloves and am looking for the fun to start.

Eating is going ok, although a bit of a shock when I bought my first set of kitchen scales and realised how little 40g of my breakfast cereal actually is...  Eeek!! Surprised

How's everyone else keeping? 

hi there!   i've been eating right but have a hard time getting motivated to go to the gym.   i'm re-doing my kitchen, so i thinking the painting, spackling, sanding, etc. probably burns more calories.   i have been discouraged because no matter what i do, the scale doesn't seem to move much.   i'm much older than you guys (i'll be 50 in june!) and its much, much harder to take weight off.   i know i'm not supposed to weigh myself everyday, but i have to, then i record it on friday.   i'm down today, but who knows where i'll be friday!   i'll stick with it though!!!   have a good week all!

also..... what is shawarma?????   i'm guessing canadian - i'm familiar with poutine - yum!

Hello, I would love to join your group. Im 5'8" and weigh 167. Im 32y/o. I need some major motivation to lose this weight. My ultimate goal is to be 140 pounds. I really want to wear a size 8, so if I end up weighing more but can wear a size 8 I will be happy.  I start off with good intentions to lose weight but I lose interest and lack motivation. Last year I went on ww and lost down to about 155, but then I got off the program for a few weeks and ended up regaining the weight back plus about 5 pounds. I'll be glad to lose this weight with a group. I think that will help. Do we need to post our weight loss, and if so, what day would we need to post. Are there any other rules for this group?   Everyone have a nice week.

Hey guys! Just checkin in with everyone! I haven't been to the gym since Thursday and I feel almost ... gross that I haven't. But at the same time I really need some motivation to get there. What keeps you guys so motivated?

Current stats:

SW: 160
CW: 155
GW: 130 for the summer ;)
Ultimate GW: 115-120.

Morning all. Laughing

So what's everyone doing this week?  Smile

My weighing day is a Monday, so weighed yesterday and 154lb now, so that's a loss of 9lb since 8th Jan.

Training scheduled for this week is:

  • Mon: 30min run, 60 min pilates
  • Tue:  double spin class (90mins)
  • Wed:  30min run
  • Thu:  a.m. 60min swim, p.m. 60mins pilates, 45mins Body Pump
  • Fri:  rest day
  • Weekend:  not planned yet, probably a couple of hours hill walking with boyfriend

Heshleman, I use old pics for motivation when I was in fab shape, bits of clothes I'd like to fit back into, and remembering that before I put on the weight I actually used to enjoy training, I love the feeling of improving at things again, like struggling less in spin etc..  Sometimes I subconsciously also use negative reinforcement, like when I see someone who is my age but loads larger than me, I find myself thinking "if you don't do anything now, in a few months you'll be looking like that" - and that scares me... Sealed

Is it too late to join?  I've been lucky that I've always been on the smaller side.  Throughout my 20s I was always right around 110 pounds, which is my most comfortable weight.  I'm 34 and I'm 5'4" and currently weigh 131.  I started out on January 1st at 138 pounds (my heaviest EVER) and already lost 7 pounds.  I've been working out steadily for about 60 minutes a day 5-6 days a week for the last 3 weeks and have only lost 1 pound.  I know it's my body restructuring itself and gaining muscle and losing fat.  I haven't been too good with measuring but I really think I need to do that in order to stay motivated.  I'm hoping by the end of this week (week 4) that I'll at least lose 1-2 pounds.

I really need motivation and I'm hoping that we can all keep each other motivated.

SW - 138
CW - 131
GW - 115
SG - 110

I am aiming for 1200 calories a day because I have an office job and sit 8 1/2 hours a day.  I do go out at lunch for a walk when the weather is cooperating.

Good luck everyone!  :)

Hi, I'm 22 years old and 5'4".


SW: 138  1/15/10


1st GW: 126

2nd GW:119

3rd GW: 112?

Motivation: (Besides being healthier...)

*Going on a cruise May 15 

*Going to be a bridesmaid in October so I'm supposed to get measured for the bridesmaid dress around April. I don't want the dress to have to be drastically taken in because then it won't look as good with the alterations, so I want to get as close to goal as possible by the time I order it.


Im 32 and 5'8" 

Current weight:  167

1st goal: 160

2nd goal 150

3rd goal 140

Ultimate goal  135


Does anyone think my final goal is too low for my height? 

hi emmasmom!   seems low to me but only because that's where i'd like to be and i'm 3 inches shorter than you!!   i think you should just go with it until you are happy with the results.    annmarie

Thanks for the reply. Youre right, It might be too low for me, I'll just have to see how I feel as I lose weight.  I might never be that weight, but as long as I can be a size 8 I will be happy. I'll see how it goes.

size 8 is my goal too.   i have clothes size 6, 8 (the majority), 10 and now 12!   when the 12's started feeling tight i knew i had to do something!!

Emma I thought it's at at the low end but ok for 5'8".  I'm 5'6" and my peak training weight in season is 125lb, so considering I'm 2 inches shorter it seems fine.  It depends how you carry it.  Because I do a lot of sport I just get denser in a way but don't look gaunt.

I have a more difficult time following as strict a diet and workout routine during the weekend.  Does anyone have any tips for staying motivated and not just grabbing the first thing they see to eat?

 ultimate Tip to stay motivated during the weekend, When you successfully go threw a whole weekend and see how good you feel it'll be much easier the next weekends to come. First times always the hardest. try doing something super active, Skiing, snowboarding ect....


So my first week went horrible!! could not stay motivated at all! in fact, had to spend the night in the hospital last night for psychological reasons. One of my test results came back positive for hypothyroidism, this is mostly good news it could explains my extreme weight gain and some other stuff. Bad news i have to take those meds for the rest of my life.... i'm only 18! Im also started on 2 other meds, the psychiatric made sure that none of there side effect is weight gain :P in fact lose of appetite is common,  i have to return to hospital twice a week for 2 weeks, there maintaining my weight and stuff. then after 2 weeks i have to spend 5 days a week in the hospital (only days) for stuff. So im going threw a lot of stress hopefully ill be able to concentrate on eating healthy. 

how did it go for you guys??

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