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Loose belly skin discovery!

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Finally 90% gone after 3.5 freakin years!!! :D Woo hoO!! I stopped paying any attention to it years back and usually wear something that cover my mid section during plank/ floor related workout when exercise in public places. A good discovery during today's morning workout when I see myself in the mirror that only part of the skin on the lower tummy left hanging, just a little too. :)) 

So there's hope yet, ladies. No need to sprint to the plastic surgeon office just yet.  It takes time but provided you're still young enough, that loose skin will go away with active lifestyle and reasonably good diet.

Edit 9/15:

CC is for people who wants to be BETTER. Period. The ingredients to success be it losing 10 lbs or 100 lbs is the same: COMMITMENT, DISCIPLINE, and HARD WORK!

So I lost a whooping 20+ pounds. May not be a big deal to some, but again, everyone has their own situation. To me, at barely 5'-2" wearing pants size from 2, then go up to 10, then finally go back down to size 2 was a life changing. Some may not share my enthusiasm and that's fine. I don't ask for it and no one is forced to give it.  Some understand and I do appreciate the thoughts and support.  

As many other examples and case studies in life, if the scenario is different than your own, then the story and suggested solution just simply not relevant to you. There's no need to shoot it down only because it doesn't apply to your situation.  And such there are threads like "Losing the last 10 lbs support group" or "Need to lose 100 lbs workout buddies".

Back to the post topic, and to be frank, genetic helps in skin elasticity. So does age. And the amount of loose skin does make a difference in whether it will go back to its place or hang loose. I have a friend who went from 187-110 and damn her belly looks good... she is in early 20s, doesn't have kids yet and doesn't have a smidget of wrinkles on her face.  On the other spectrum, 200 to 125 and 50 years old, has 2 kids, I told her there's nothing wrong to go find a good doctor.

While exercise and living healthy can take care of a lot of weight related issues,  some things you just can't fix with workout. That's why we have science and technology in the medical fields, not just in fitness. :)

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Thanks I wondered about that.
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That is so good to hear, it is one of my biggest worries when losing weight that once I get to my goal that I will be left with a saggy belly forever!!
Can you share your height and how much you lost? And age? I really worry about the skin thing especially since I had a baby and my tummy just looks ick right now. I've lost 12 and have about 30-40 to go.

I'm 5' 2" small boned. I guess I look smaller because if that. I lost 20+ lbs. Gained back some when I started doing weights. Now hovering comfortably around 108-110 lbs. Currently I'm 40 y.o. Started working out 6 years ago. All I know it is harder to get rid of the loose skin thingy as you get older, that's why I was already "accepted" the fact and turned blind eye on that area.

The loose skin used to show when I do plank. ... when the skin just drop like it's melting down from the tummy :/ .... Well, apparently working out diligently and eating better (note that I am not even eating clean yet!) do help the process.

Whatever your state right now, don't look at it, cover it, keep doing what workout you're doing, keep eating as good as you can, hydrate, moisturize and just wait. No point stressing about it right now since it's a process.   I have friends who have gone through pregnancy and lose the belly and loose skin. So have faith.  I suppose if one is really over weight and have a lot of loose skin that doesn't go away after 3-5 years, then tummy tuck is fine. I am not oppose to surgery when it helps something you can't do anything about.


thank you! The discovery just makes me more pump-up again. My biggest hurdle as before is the eating part. Love to eat too much :) especially when Mom comes in town (and her awesome homecooking!)

That's great to hear.  I have noticed the same thing, though its happening very slowly.  I am 48 and have an 11 year old.  I have lost 18 pounds since February and wasn't expecting my skin to go back to being tight, either. But it does seem to be slowly working its way back.  I eat fairly clean, especially avoiding booze and other sugars, which can really ruin skin elasticity.  I also never smoked and don't suntan and notice a difference between myself and other ladies who do tan.  So my advice would be avoid tanning, in the the sun or in tanning beds...neither are good for the skin. Also, keep up the water because your skin really needs it for cell regeneration.  Keep up the good work!

I call a heaping pile of BS on this thread. 20 pounds? What discovery for many of us with 50, 75 or 100 lost.  Post something concerning a "DISCOVERY" when you have something important to relate.

Original Post by moreninhaboy:

I call a heaping pile of BS on this thread. 20 pounds? What discovery for many of us with 50, 75 or 100 lost.  Post something concerning a "DISCOVERY" when you have something important to relate.

100% agree. I lost 140+ lbs in the span of 1 year (maintained for 2.5 years now). I am only 30 years old and I have a very saggy stomach/abdomen. There is no amount of working out/eating clean that will cause it to tighten or go away.

The younger we are, the better elasticity in our skin. For older people, there is still hope, just a slower process.

I'm 50 and over the past 14 months have lost around 100lbs. My stomach is as flat as a pancake with no excess skin. I have a little on my upper arms, but not really noticeable. None anywhere else. I thought my face was going to suffer, but the skin has snapped back there now too. I don't exercise and I know I'm really lucky. I think it's genetics in my case and I just have really stretchy skin that's able to bounce back. Maybe exercise plays a part, but to be honest I think your skin either shrinks back or it doesn't with or without exercise.

I'm 49 and have lost 4 stone in about a year, and have a tortoise neck skin stomach now!!!! It's ok if I walk around with my arms in the I have a choice, wear big knickers or get put in a funny farm for people with strange walks or both!!!! But hey-ho there is hope I think it may be slowly easing back (not pinging as in my youth!!!) as I don't feel it dragging along the ground now when I bend over to pick something up!!! So give it time...and I'll have a belly like a taut tom-tom drum!!!


I agree Sarah!  20#'s??? HAHAHAHAHA!  For those of us that are over 40 years old and have more than 50#'s to lose, there is no "bouncing back" for us!  It's off to the cosmetic surgeon or wearing "spanks for the rest of our lives and never looking good "neked" again!  I am checking out this Nuskin ultrasonic tool though for bye-bye arms and the stomach issues.  They swear it works, BUT, you have to use it every single day, without fail, until you get results you want.  And that can take upwards of six months.  But, hey.....I've got nothing but time and about $500 invested in that (after I purchase it) - and no scars!  If it doesn't work, I'll have to contemplate the surgery.  But, that's pretty radical and I'd be left with a nasty looking red, raw scar - also, not sexy....

I'm a little confused, since looking at your gallery, your pictures from 2009 (3 years ago) don't show loose skin, and having quite a lot of exposed ab pictures makes me wonder how much you really stopped paying attention.

But maybe I'm just missing something.

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What I'm interested in, is I see you've posted an insanity photo as your profile pic. How long have you been doing that or what other methods of core and an work do you do? I'm 34 with 2 kids and I know EXACTLY what you mean about the loose belly hanging in plank mode. I've gone thru the P90x quite a few times since 2009 and bought the p90x2 recently but it's straining my shoulder from the balance push ups. So I'm running now 3-5 miles 4x/wk and incorporating p90x 3-4x/wk and doing abs 5 days/wk no matter what. What has been successful for your toning? Btw--the postings of others complaining your not giving insight to their higher weight loss needs& skin issues-forget it! Everyone has specific needs at whatever size/ht/lbs u are and that's why this blog works for everyone at DIFFERENT times!

just because it's not able to relate to YOU doesn't mean it's not a personal discovery or for people who share her same situation that are wondering about themselves, not people who have lost as much weight as you. Just because someone else's weight loss struggle is a fraction of yours, does not mean it is not hard or full of questions, even if them seem trivial to you. 20 pounds lost of a human frame is incredible, don't knock it because you had to lose 4 times that.

I found the post by Jacq61 very encouraging. I'm just about to turn 70, and truly hope that the sagging skin will shrink!

I have a friend in Florida who once weighed about 250 pounds, and stands about 5'7" tall.  He had a big scare a few years back, and had a heart attack, and open heart surgery with triple bi-pass.

He took his doctor's orders VERY seriously afterward, and went on a strict diet of eating no red meat, no fried foods, no sweets, no gravy, etc.  He not only lost all his excess weight, but is in fantastic shape -- rippling muscles, and NO SAGGING SKIN WHATSOEVER!

I think the process took him several years to get into that state, but he is living proof that the sagging skin can disappear even with folks in their later years!

Good luck to all who refuse to give up or lose hope!Laughing

Do you lost 100Lbs counting calories? if Yes can you please tell me if you have to eat the calories that you gain with exercise?

I am in  1200 cals per day to lose 2# per week

I usually earn about 1000-2000+ calories per day exercising but I suffer to eat 1200 calories per day without adding the exercises, Do I have to eat more? It is very hard w 1200 cals, it is so much food

I had been counting calories for 2 weeks , 1185-1200 calories day, I lost 7 lbs

I'm 5'1, 45 yeards old, 198 lbs (I lost 35# already) 80# to go

 I work out at least 3 to 4 hours day (zumba, body pump, water zumba, boot camp, tabata, elliptical, water exercises and wts)

1 week I do  zumba in the morning (moderate), body pump, elliptical, water stuff, other week I do boot camp, zumba night (High) or funky fit, wts, jog/walk outside, water zumba i'll do every week it is only 45 min per week.


Hi, Yes I counted calories, but not strictly. My weight loss method of is to eat 3 portion controlled healthy meals a day of whatever I want. Nothing apart from fruit or vegetables between meals. I don't really do much exercise (a little Pilates but I should do more!), but I'm always on the go. If I had an extra busy day and expended extra calories I didn't eat extra. I've got 6lbs to go to hit my target weight of 135 lbswhich I'm finding hard. I'm kind of stuck at the moment, but I'll get there and so will you! I really think you could afford to eat another 200 -400 calories and you would still lose weight. 1000 calories is just too low and will become impossible to stick to apart from being very unhealthy. Good luck xx


Thanks so much for sharing! You've given me some hope. I've lost 95 pounds and am working on the last 5, and I do have quite a bit of excess skin. It's really been getting me down, because I think I'd be a lot smaller if it would just go away. I'm 25 years old and just started doing Jillian Michaels' 30-Day-Shred a couple of weeks ago, so now I'm a bit more confident that with some work, the skin will tighten back up.

Thanks again!

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