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I have lost 40 pounds over the past 6 years ....  the dieting has been on and off, with random periods of maintaining and then a switch back into active weight loss.  I'm vegan and very active so I'm pretty much always very healthy... it's just that sometimes I like to eat more!      I find that my most successful periods of weight loss are when my life is stable and I have a consistent schedule and routine.   

I'm coming to the end of my contract at work and my diet has become almost non-existent this past week. It doesn't help that it's also a certain chocolate-craving time of the month for me.   And I'm waking up super early to fit in workouts and job interviews and full time work.   

I have a wedding to go to in 3 weeks and want to look really really great for it.  My plan was to hit my goal weight by the wedding and I'm only two pounds away but I can't seem to make myself stick to my calorie restrictions!   I need to find a way to get myself back on track.   This whole week I've eaten well over my limit and I'm afraid with Easter around the corner, it might continue!   I need to find a way to make myself buckle down once again.  

Any suggestions?  One thought I had is going in for a fitness and body composition evaluation on Friday.  If I know that someone is going to be measuring me, maybe I'll be good.  Don't know if that's enough though!  

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So far this is my 1/2 arse way of doing things when I have trouble. If I can't stay in my cal range: I make sure I exercise and if I can't exercise: I make sure I stay in my cal range. Also if I have trouble I do tend to up my coffee/tea consumption as an appetite suppressant but I have milk/sugar so I still have to account for cals : /

I love using tea as an appetite suppressant .... I just love tea period.  The problem is, I'm just disregarding the calories altogether.  Maybe I should wait until after Easter to buckle down... but then I'll only have 2 weeks to reach my goal in time for the wedding! 

I would just keep trying to do your best and exercise as possible rather than "throwing caution to the winds" for another week.  Could mean the difference between making your goal and not.   I find when I stay away from sugar it's much easier to stick to my cal goals.  I struggled all last year with this issue, dumped the sugar in Jan and finally feel I have a handle on my control over food!  Also, I think it's very doubtful that anyone will notice a 2 lb fluctuation in your weight so try not to stress over it too much :)

Honestly, just try not to think about it so much.... Easier said than done I know, but it's true. Part of the reason so many diets fail is because people are all consumed about "eating." Whether it's eating less or eating right people become all-consumed about the concept of eating and it becomes stressful. Consider the 80/20 rule. Eat well 80 percent of the time and 20 percent of the time reward yourself. Don't regret that chocolate you ate, but don't throw your hands in the air and say "screw it" either (and then proceed to clean out Ben and Jerry at the grocery store). If you're going to eat a cookie, eat a cookie. Make sure it is exactly the one you want with a nice big glass of milk. Don't get a non-fat-no-sugar-added-hydro-engineered-it-mi ght-as-well-be-cardboard cookie because you'll never be satisfied. You have a lot going on, so the first step, for me in any case, should be to take a deep breath and mentally slow down. It sounds like you have a lot going on around you, so just control the things you can control and everything will get finished – one way or another. I work in a very demanding and stressful industry and this has helped me immensely. Good luck and congrats!


(I'm not big on posting, but I can relate with you on this point. I wish you the best)

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2 pounds? You are so CLOSE! At this point I don't think it will matter by the wedding because you are going to look amazing anyway. If you still want to lose then try to cut out wheat from your diet. There's a book called 'wheat belly' by william davis which is really interesting. Apparently a piece of bread boosts your glycemic index by about 69 while a snickers bar is only like 40. Table sugar is 59, an actual spoon of sugar. So try to cut back on toast, buns, bagels, rolls etc. at least for the week (they're pretty caloric anyway).
I wouldn't feel too guilty about easter eggs, it's bound to happen but make sure you keep count of how many you have. I have a rule that if it's not amazingly delicious and I will enjoy every millisecond of consuming said treat, don't eat it. That way you can have maximum indulgence and you'll probably eat less too.
Anyway, some tips would be: eliminate wheat from your diet until you lose the couple of pounds (eat fruit veggies meat fish, there's plenty), count your eggs before they hatch (set aside the eggs or treats you want to eat and calculate the calories before eating them, try not to go over your goal), drink plenty of water (energy drinks have way too many extra calories and water fills you up so you're not hungry), ENJOY YOUR WEDDING AND EASTER!!! XD

Vegan and over weight?  I have never seen that before!  My vegan friends are all very thin. Maybe you are eating to many potatoes. Or chickpeas. Salad is my favorite thing to eat so when I falter on overeating, a simple salad is my solution.  Tea and coffee, not so much. Large bowl of greens, tomato, onion and vinegar and evoo. Hoppy Easter!

Just curious. Why do people assume being vegan equates to being healthy? I'm not vegan or vegitarian, but I'm very healthy, fit and active. I know of others who are vegan or vegitarian who are not as healthy. No judgement, I just find it interesting.
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