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how many lbs in a size 11?

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a similar question was asked earlier of size 14 (i think).  the polls showed an average amount.   so i was curious, since i used to be an 11, what is the average weight for 5'2 female.  i realize with different body shapes, and pant styles, there will be variances. 

 but i'm still curious. So can anyone tell me approx. how many lbs is a size 11?
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well i am 5'4 and when i weighed 145 i fit comfortably into a size 11. i now weight around 115 and can fit into a size 7/8. i've got hip bones that won't go down no matter how much i diet or exercise so i dont' anticipate fitting into a size 3!
undertherainbow - how tall are you?

thanks for the responses.   arrg, i think i'm very bottom heavy.  at 155 i'm in a 14. if for every 10 lbs you drop a size, then at 135 i should be in a 11.  oh well  =)
i used to weight 155lbs and wore size 11-14. now i weigh 110-112 and wear 0-2size
oh, and i am 5'3.5
i had to replace my size 12s for 10s at about 150lbs.  i'm 5'8".
You guys are scaring me. I am 5'4 and 176 pounds and wear a really lose 14. I can wear 13s.  Heck when I get to 160 I'm hoping to be in 11s or at LEAST 12s. i'm crossing my fingers for 140 to be an 7/9
I'm 5'2" and about 143lbs.  I wear a size 11 in most of my clothing.

I don't get down to a size 7/9 until I'm about 125.  I think it all depends on weight distribution, etc.
I'm 5' 5" and I was about 155ish when I was in a size 11.  Now I'm around 130 and I'm a size 3.   My biggest problem with jeans fitting is in my thighs.  They're still my 'problem area' (tho no way in heck do I plan to lose any more weight!)
I am 5'5", and 162 pounds.  I fit very comfortably in an 11/12 right now. 
I"m 5'2. After having my baby inbetween all the losing 11 for me was 142lbs.

Currently, maintaining 105lbs size 3.

I am 5,2and 3/4 and i weigh 120-125 currently 122 and wear a size 3 ( i think) i am a 27-28 in jeans:)
I'm 5'4 159lbs and wear a size 8/10.  I think it all depends on your body type... I've had 3 children so I have a real "baby pooch"
I was a UK 14 (which I think is US 10) when I went to America in April 2006 - I weighed 155ish. I'm very hourglass though, so my hips and boobs are biggish and my waist is small.

I'm 5'2 and a halfish!!
last year I was 14, 5'3'' and 180 pounds in a size 11. :( not so good eh?
Well I weigh more than I did before ...but I am an old navy size 16 and I weigh 200 lbs at 5'4.5"

When I weighed 135 I was a 5/6 in women sizes but a 8/9 in junior sizes ...

I weighed about 160 in a size 11/13 (you can never really tell what your "size" is cause every single store is different, every single brand is different and every single cut is different.:)

Right now in my closet I fit into 14, 16, and 18 size pants!!!! It's insane! The brand and cut really makes a difference.
When I was a size 11, I was probaby around 148lbs and I'm 5'2"
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Women's sizes are all marketing today! I wear one size at the Loft and two sizes bigger at Macy's. If you were to look at old sewing standards, a standard size eight 10 years ago is probably a size two today. So, what you used to wear may not be what it is today - let alone the same size at every store. I'd say don't get caught up on the numbers/sizes.
"a standard size eight 10 years ago is probably a size two today."

Ok, I agree wholeheartedly that some stores vanity size but even the worst of them aren't this bad. I would say the old solid 8 from 10 years ago is a 6-8 now. But I agree, it depends on the store, but overall it's an average.
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Perhaps my age range was a little off. 

I recently went to a tailor because I lost a bunch of weight and wanted to keep some of my work clothes. She pulled out a bunch of old patterns and started reading off the measurements and standard sizes for me.  To be honest, I don't remember the years but none were older than 20 years. The smallest sizes listed on the packages were 8 or 10 and the measurement were smaller than I am today... wearing a 0 - 4 depending on the store...
thanks for all your replies, it's been very interesting to see. so this study shows the average lbs for 5'2 is about 145 lbs to fit the average size 11.

any more 5'2 females? - please what weight were you at when you fit a size 11?
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