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250 lbs light (!!!) and in need of couple of serious buddies...

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Hai there. I started a forum on Feb 14th 2010 and took an oath amongst some wonderful women that I will lose weight... and I promised to be ruthless abt it.. 

I lost about 8 kgs within 3 months... and the good news is,.. I didnt put it back on! The bad news is, since may2010.. I stopped.. I have given myself a lot of excuses such as family issues (Tonnes of them!!), work built up and u know etc etc.. 

I am ashamed to face the same women again because they have all been strict with themselves.. I feel like I have let them down!

I'd like a group of women who have similar goals (plus or minus around the same weight)... So that I will start afresh...

Serious buddies.. who will weigh in every week... who will keep me motivated... and this time I promise this will be for real!

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Hey! I've been on CC for a few years and did lose about 20 lbs at some point but gained it back and more.  I've never been part of a group or buddies so I don't know how it works, but I'm interested.

I'm currently around 246 lbs so close to you. I'm looking to lose 46 lbs for now, and 100 lbs long term.

thats cool. Well, what we do in our group is simple.. We weigh in every monday and support and encourage each other.. Ask questions, give suggestions, share our grievances and stuff like that.. 

Here is our link.. join in! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! lenge-g2425



Count me in!  I weigh about 235, would like to right now, just get at least down to 199 so I can be out of the 200's!  In the future i would like to get to 145.  I will gladly join you all if I may.  Would be glad to help any way I can..I have been overweight my whole life and know the ups and downs quite well~

I like this group. people here have similar weight and we are all here almost over 200. I am Safina. I have been here on CC for a few years, lost all the weight and gained it all back. I am here to start again with you at 238 pounds. I am glad to be here as I need some serious buddies as well. 


Hi Safina!  Here to keep you motivated and I need it too!  :0)

My monday weight: 235

my goal is to lose about 6 pounds this month..which I think is doable..good luck to you all:0)

Hey safina and laurel..

Thanks for the response.. It feels good to know that there r people out there to encourage and motivate us in this LOOONG journey.. 

Thanks for the weigh in... Would it be alrite if u ladies joined our group... Coz its easier for me to check in everyday in the group, rather than finding this post everytime.. 

Plus, I can introduce u both to some awesome ladies who have held my hand so far!

Let me know if thats alrite!

Welcome to our group ladies, where we can support and motivate each other.

Any more members who would like to join our group? Pls do so. The more the merrier.
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