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95lbs (43kgs) lost Before & After Pics

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Hi I'm flabuless...I have been sulking around this site for quite some time now but I thought that it was about time I spoke up and shared my story in the hope that I may inspire someone here.  when I started on my journey I tipped the scale at 152kgs (334lbs) That was back in 2005 however over the past 2 years I have been slowly loosing the weight.  I am so excited today cause I met my mini goal of reaching a weight loss of 95lbs.  I have documented my journey in pictures on my blog site for all that would like to see.  I have put myself down for so long but now that I look back at where I was from to what I am now I am actually proud of myself...hey all I can say is if I can do it then you can don't loose hope even when you plateau just keep on plugging on.  You will get there...Eventually.  I still have a fair bit to loose...another 29kgs (63lbs) approx but I am over half way there now...and I know it wont be long.
thanks for listening
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You look amazing! thanksfor the motivation!
Wow!  Thanks for sharing!  I really admire your perseverance.  Thanks for sharing!  You are an inspriration!
Thankyou all so has been really exciting for me reading through al your kind words of support and encouragement.  I love meeting new people so if any of you ever want to chat or exchange emails etc etc...just drop me a line...
:) flabuless
You are looking beautiful!  I'm seeing some grrrrrrrreat curves appearing on you!  ;)

Keep up the good work, you have done SO WELL so far!
Thanks cerhiunnhn you look gorgeous yourself...well done.  I like your attitude..
:) Flabuless
YOU LOOK GREAT!! HOT MAMA!!! YOU GO!! You inspire me not to give up!
you guys are ALL fantastic thankyou! :)
This is incredible!

Thank you SO much for posting this!
Thanks for the compliment.  Please keep us updated, you are looking WONDERFUL and your progress is so inspiring!  We are ALL cheering for you!!

holy CRAP :D

thank you so much for posting your pics -- OMG you are amazing!

Wow! Congratulations! You're looking fantastic! It's hard work getting the weight off but wow! Definitely keep working at it! You've come a long way!!!!!!  And you do look great!
Thanks fluffe & Tamji... :) Flabuless
I just took a look at your profile and you are looking fantastic also...Wow...Well done.
:) Flabuless
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That is so awesome!!!
What a great role model - you have such a great smile in all of your pics - glad your taking care of you!  You look great and are proof it can be done - keep up the good work!
How awesome is that.  I just showed my husband, you look to pretty and healthy.  Good luck. 
Thanks jjlewis305 & okiepic..You are so cool to be so supportive...I really appreciate it.
congrats! You have truly inspired me and i know you will continue wonderfully towards your goals... keep up the good work!
Oh my lord i needed to read this today!!! THANKS to whoever upped it!!! I really needed this. You loook great. You have lost so much....And you just look awesome. I hope you don't mind a message from time to time. I really would like to talk to you more...I think your journey is inspiring!
Thanks for sharing your story and amazing b4&after pics - WOW - we're all in this together and support and encourgagement and success stories like yours help so much! Hope to see more posts from you.
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