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Any Large Framed 5'8" - 5'9" Women Out There 170- 180 Pounds?

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What can I say, I am a typical German and large boned!
I am wanting to get down to 170 because I think that is healthy and realistic.  What I am wondering is wheter I will fit into a size 10 at that weight.
I know, I know, I know.  Everyone is different!  I just want an idea of a range of sizes.  I realize that different clothing manufacturers run their sizes differently.  Who runs big?  I heard Gap does.  Any others?
This will help motivate me ladies!!!
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I'm in a size 12- at 5'8 and in that weight range. I personally, don't feel that Gap runs big. I think it depends on the cuts of the clothes and how your body is shaped. I've been buying my clothes at thrift stores and I don't see a big difference in most of the other brands and the Gap, but that is just my opinion. For me, I think a size 10 will be around 160. It's funny, because I started fitting in 12's quite a few pounds ago, but my size isn't moving down yet. I can put 10's on and button them, they are just very unattractive! lol

Honestly, this may sound odd but I have the best fit when I buy juniors. I think it's because they sit lower and my hips are small in comparison to my waist.(I am an apple shape and hold weight there longest) I am wearing a 13 juniors and some 11's.

I'm not in that weight range (YET), but I do know that Old Navy runs big. Their pants are all cut wide at the top and low, to sit on the hips, and that can make a big difference.

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I am 5'10" started at 298 and 189 to date at this point I'm in a 12/14 and to answer your question yes I believe if I were 170 I'd be in a 10.  I can tell you that old navy does run big cuz I think I would fit into a 10 right now.  The gap not so much in a 14 there and I have 2 different types of Levis 515's I wear a 12 and I can't remember the other number, but those are 14's.  All depends I guess.

I am 5'8" and weigh 170 lbs. I am currently wearing a size 10 very comfortably. If I venture into juniors sizing it varies between an 11/12 or a 13.  I thing DKNY (Macy's) has the best cut jeans.  The sizing is true to your body, hugs curves in all the right spots, and are very flattering.  I thing Gap and Old Navy runs small.  Atleast they do on me.
Original Post by hairgurl32:

I am 5'8" and weigh 170 lbs. I am currently wearing a size 10 very comfortably. If I venture into juniors sizing it varies between an 11/12 or a 13. I thing DKNY (Macy's) has the best cut jeans. The sizing is true to your body, hugs curves in all the right spots, and are very flattering. I thing Gap and Old Navy runs small. Atleast they do on me.

 It's so nice to hear someone else say that Gap and Old Navy does NOT run big for them! The cut of the pants is completely wrong for me. It's funny how pants fit differently for every body type. When I was 50 pounds heavier, I always bought the jeans there in a size 18. Now that I'm a 12 I absolutely hate the fit.

I'm 5'9" and really large boned. Right now I'm 203 and I wear a 16 in most brands. I think Old Navy runs kind of small also, because I have a pair of their pants and the 18 fits me now.

For me I have to be around 160 to fit into a size 12. I know for Polo and JCrew it was a 12. I think Old Navy too. You can see one pic in my profile from when I was that weight. Or at least that's the only pic, where you can see my pants. Those white pants where I think 13's.

I've never been able to get into a 10! I would love that!
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Oh God I pray they do run small cuz I wear a 12 in theirs right I could really be in a 10?  I need to venture out and try some different ones on just for sizing sake.  You guys surely made my day!
I weigh in the high 170's now, I'm 5'10 and I wear a 12/14. Old Navy, by the way, has just come out with a really nice cut called the sweetheart which is higher cut in the back and i love them. I'm a 12 long there.
Thanks Ladies!
I will have to try that sweetheart cut.  I just do not like low-rise pants.  Guess I am old fashioned!  I don't like seeing people's undies and I don't want them to see mine no matter how good I look. :O)
Melaniearriaga, your son is adorable and you look beautiful in your photos!  Hope you meet your goal by the end of May - what a way to celebrate Memorial Day!!!
About Gap....I did hear that from a skinny, small boned girl with barely visible hips.  Perhaps I shouldn't take tips from my skinny friends on clothes!!! LOL!
I hope I reach it too! I sure am trying! I would love to go back to looking how I did in those photos! I'm already kind of behind for my first mini goal! :( But even though I haven't lost much, I know that I have lost some fat, because a couple of my pants are feeling bigger. I've been working out for about a month now, so I must have gained some muscle and switched it for fat! I'll keep trying and waiting, now worry about the scale...
I'm 5'9'', currently 173 and I generally wear a 12. Good luck!

Hi...I am newbie as of today actually and signed up because i so needed to comment on this post. I am 5'8 large bone and i actually wear a size 8 and can fit into a 6 but not comfy around the tummy lol. I weigh 170 and i have E 40 bra yuppers. I shop at the Garage because i find their jeans (skinny jeans) fit perfect. I am a mother of two... 12 yr old and a 5 yr old. I am still on my journey of weight loss but mainly firming up.

I, too, am German (well, half) and 5'9". I was once at 205 pounds, I have lost 30 and am at 175 now. I fit into a size 12/13 at the moment, so depending on how your weight is proportioned and whatnot, you could be at a 10 at 170. If not, I'm sure 5 more pounds could do it.

I am barely in this category,but was for years. I am just about 5'10 and 172lbs , currently a size 9 is most, 10 in some. When i was 180lbs i was a solid 12, at my smallest i was a size 7 at 160lbs (even once a size 6!), working my way back there.

I know this is an old thread, but just thought i'd add to it (since I got here from google, maybe other people are searching, too!)


I am 5'9'', large framed and 177 pounds. I wear a size 12 comfortably. I've been as low as 158 pounds and wore a size 8/10 when I was that weight (and should be again soon!)

Gap jeans in certain cuts fit me well and do not run big. I've started wearing Lucky Brand jeans because they seem to be more true-to-size, although a bit more expensive. It all really depends on how big the booty or waist is! I have a small waist and carry most of my weight on my hips and butt. Those are just the brands that work for my body type!

I'm 5'8" with a large frame.  I have broad shoulders, wide hips, and large hands and feet.

I'm currently about 178 lbs and wear size 12 pants, although they're getting a bit loose.  I'm kinda in between sizes, as 12s are somewhat baggy but 10s are somewhat tight for my liking.  I'm a pear shape and hold all my weight in my hips and thighs so while I wear size 12 jeans, I typically wear size medium tops.

My hands have large palms and very long fingers.  I wear womens size 10-11 shoes.

My current goal is 160, but I might push for 150.  I'd love to fit into size 8 jeans. :)  If I weigh much less than 150 I begin to look sickly and my wide hipbones jut out severely.  Even at 180 my collar bones, wrists, ankles, and hipbones are very prominent.  Guess some people are just built to be a bit larger, like me. :)

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