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large chested ladies

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I hate my chest! I take a size 42DD (busting out of) bra. I hate looking larger than what I am because of my huge breasts. Anyone else have this problem?
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yup I do. Suffered all my life with this curse. Even when i was UK14 size I had 34FF Boobs (when i was 15). I am now 21 UK18 size and 36HH - was bursting out of that before i lost 15lbs.

I am hoping that as i lose weight I will go below FF as bra's are so expensive and tops never fit properly.


EDIT : By the way welcome! I was 224lbs when i started here in April. Now weighing in at 206lbs. I just read your profile and it looks like we are in the same boat. 100lbs to lose and 5'3" tall.
I am currently a 36DD, but I could honestly wear a 36DDD. I weigh 173.5lbs down from 187lbs. When I was at my healthy weight of 135 two years ago I was still a 32D! It is difficult. I am a naturally modest person and it is hard to strike the balance between not spilling out all over and having a uniboob! :-0 However, when I am at a healthy weight my large chest actually makes my rather straight boyish waist look smaller and makes my hips appear nonexistant, so I try to look at the positives. There has to be something, right? ;)
i am 44 DD - and feel huge (and look it)

when i lose weight i hope they will shrink!!!!!!!
I feelyour pain.  46DDD here.  I can't wait for them to shrink.  Don't want them gone, just somewhere near normal!
I know what you mean. I started out as a 40DD (at 5'4", 175 lbs). I'm down to 152 lbs, and am now pretty much a 38D (although I still need my old DD bras two weeks out of the month :-p ). The sucky part: I can pretty much choose to either fit the bust or the rest of my torso. No top or dress ever fits both. The bright side: they help balance out my hips. Not to mention they helped me snag a real angel of a boyfriend! :-)
I'm a 42 DD too!  I have lost 10 lbs so far and I asked my boyfriend if he could tell yet.  He said yes in your face and boobs!  I would love to be able to wear a button up top and not have that chest button pull.  Usually I don't even bother with button tops!  And the bras, they are like some wierd contraption not very cute and sexy!  LOL
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I was a C at 12yo a D at 18 a DD at 25 and a DDD while pregnant with both kids.  I am now a DD again and my only real problem is when I lost weight last time I found out my stomach was the only thing holding the girls up and no bra in the world is going to make it happen without that shelf under them that I want to lose.  So Do I throw them over my shoulders at 52 years old or what?
me too- I don't think small girls can understand the pain we feel from running...I'm @168 and 5'4"...when I wear a sports bra i get NEW clevage in the BACK!! + every skinny girl at my gym just got new boobs- perky ones -they must be full of helium or something. I saw a girl run two miles on the treadmill... without a bra. (D cup).

PS-funny- these were the ads at the bottom when I was reading this post...   Ads by Google BreastEnlargementMagazine The Truth About Breast Enhancement All The Facts! Want bigger breasts? Gain a cup size in 30 days! International shipping available.
egirl, just take comfort in the fact that if she keeps up all that running she won't be so perky for long (without surcial help anyway).

i don't know if you guys have dove firming lotion where you are, but they make one just for the bust area, and i am finding it pretty good, (i'm a 14DD/DDD) and i think they are definately more firm. But i have been paranoid about them sagging since I was a kid (my granny had HUGE ones that huge down to her waste when she didn't wear a bra) so I have always tried to wear appropriate support, and gave up on button tops years ago!!!!
Boobs are good, they make your stomach look smaller!  Give you curves!  I am a 38DD and I wouldn't mind if they grew to be honest.  DD isn't that big really, there's much bigger, and I am a big framed person, so if they were smaller I'd look silly.  DD on me doesn't look big at all. 
Everyone always wants what they can't have!! I envy all of you! I paid $4500 (still paying actually) to get mine enlarged 2 sizes! I think they make me look more proportioned because I have large hips and a small waist so they make my pear-shape look more hour-glass.
ha I always thought I was large at a C cup, but now I don't feel so bad.
I'm a 36H.  The best high street shop that I can think of only goes up to a H.  So I wear bra sizes one down or even a FF.  I can't wait to lose weight and be able to but bras at more stores and also pretty bra's not plain boring hammocks!
38DD here. 

ahh, yes, the topic men just DON'T GET.

"hunny come run with me!"

"I can't!" (points to chest.)

"sure you can!"

For's mostly the pain of running with big boobs.  I wear a bra, and a sports bra to exercise and they still bounce too much.  I also think it's a little less of the hurt and more of the, "UH OH is this bouncing going to make my boobs sag?" so I try to avoid it.  I walk more than run. and I can't find ANY sports bras that keep me in and are comfortable..all it really does if flatten them which just feels weird!  Bra shopping is THE WORST I have had big boobs since I was in about 7th grade same size as I am now a graduated senior.  and I would bawl my eyes out in dressing rooms because I would spend ALL day lookin for bras and had no sucess.  but I did have some in the future.  Lane Briant has GREAT bras.  and they are affordable.  I LOVE the ones I am in now.  they are part of the Cacique collection.  You can wear the strapless too!  I have one in every color! haha.  And They come with clear straps as well, so if you want to wear a speghetti strap shirt and dont want a honking big strap under it, wear the clear ones!

hope this helps.
40DD here down from almost a 44DD. I just went to Nordstroms to get fitted a few months ago for the bras that Oprah talks about. They are expensive but boy do they make a different in your appearance. She talks about how a good fitting bra can make you appear 10lbs lighter and it is true. I would recommend it to anyone. Also a good fitting bra does not expose the back fat that can be associated with being larger. I love having bigger breasts due to the attention however I am afraid as I lose weight how much saggier they will get. Right now all my weight loss has been in my face, neck, back, legs and stomach area and my breast cup size has not decreased all that much. However, I know I will have to have a breast lift when I am done losing weight. The other thing I do not like is that I hate trying to find dresses or shirts that look halfway decent on me. When I find a shirt or dress that fits the breasts then the waist on down is too baggy and makes me look fatter than I already am. I still enjoy the bigger breasts anyway.
I've got you all beat. I weat a 52G. Talk about heavy chests! Whew. I burn a thousand calories just carrying them around all day. :>)
I'm just hoping that as I lose weight and get down to my goal that my chest will be a normal size, otherwise I would look quite hysterical.
I'd rather have the smaller breasts, but I never did, even when I was a slim 135 pounds. Yeh, I klnow, You're thinking "She was that small once" Yes I was and I will be again. :>)
Hopefully this will be my heaviest, I was completely busting out of a DD; my breasts were certainly my most attention-grabbing feature. Since I'm almost down to my goal weight, my breasts have shrunk *significantly.* I could probably, maybe, get away with a big B at this point, my C's are a little large on me. Yes, there is loose skin and deep stretch marks, but once they start to shrink, you look so much smaller all over! So they're in my armpits when I lay on my back...only one person needs to know that, and he loves me! :) Thank goodness for bra technology!

Also, I can't say enough good things about the Enell sports bras! They come in a very wide range of sizes; they're expensive, but worth every penny. They're the only thing that enabled me to run without pain. Good luck!
I understand completely.  I think they make me look bigger 34dd
I definitely feel your pain!  I'm a 38DD and I hate it!  It is so hard to find decent clothes and bras.  I always feel like people are looking at my chest (even women) and not at ME!  I've had many smaller chested girls tell me that they want my boobs, and I always say, if you had them, you wouldn't want them (real ones anyways).  Ladies who wish they had big boobs don't realize that they aren't like fake (I call them inflatable) ones.  These things are heavy and are just a pain in the rear to have basically!  I wouls much rather have small ones.  You can always make small boobs look bigger (Wonderbra), but you can't do anything to make big boobs look smaller!
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