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I've tried and I've lost...I'm ready to win...but I need help

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Hello All!!!

I'm Dee. I have been fighting this weight loss battle for years now. I have done the WW and was kinda successful but finances make it a little difficult for me to maintain. I am coming back to my CC. I have to admit though that I need help. I know that I can't do this alone. My family and friends want to see me lose the weight and find health before I start a family. My Boyfriend on the other hand loves my chub and doesn't want me to lose weight. I am torn but I want to be healthy for my future children. I want to be able to run and play with them. I need help. Someone to be accountable to, who will be there for me and is fighting the same battle that I am fighting.

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You can do it! Buy something in the size you want to be and hang it up. That motivates me. I have a dress that I will be wearing in June. I have bad days and good but as long as you have the desire, DINT GIVE UP! I had a bf that didnt want me to lose the weight but I did it anyway because it made me feel better about me and no one who loves you would be against you being happier and healthy. LETS DO THIS!!!
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Dee, It's hard to stay motivated to lose weight when those around you aren't supportive. My boyfriend loves me regardless of my size, but I make a point to tell him he should want me to be healthy. Having good supports to keep you motivated or partner with you in losing weight is important. Set small attainable goals. You can do it!
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