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I've had a real rough week

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This week has been extremely busy. I've started back on all my old habits. probably because it's my time of the month. I've been snacking like crazy, and several times i've binged. I've had no time for exercise, and I feel terrible.

any tips on how to get back in the game?

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I've been having the same problem :( I keep telling myself I will do better tomorrow and I never do.

Tip: Get back in the game ;)

There is never a point of no return!  I haven't had the best week either (with Halloween candy at every corner, my willpower has been severely lacking).

You know what will make you feel better - get back on track and exercise!

It really is that simple :)

I agree with Samantha81. Unfortunately there really is no good tip other than just do it. You have to convince yourself that you will feel better, which you likely know is true if you were working out before. The hardest part is getting that first work out started. If you don't feel great maybe just commit to a 10-15 min walk. You will start feeling better as you walk and then maybe you can do a bit more.


Best thing is to avoid the "tomorrow" mentality.

Can you go for a walk after work today? Can you pull out a craft or hobby to keep your hands busy through this evening (instead of TV or by-the-sink snacking in the evening?) Maybe making Thanksgiving or XMas decorations?

Can you just go to your room before making dinner and do a few sit-ups and stretches to create some mental and physical separation between hectic work week and home life?

Can you make a nice herbal tea and sit reading a book?

Can you rope in a friend or a buddy to go for a post-evening walk or workout session?

Can you print out motivational stories from here or other sites and post them up on your fridge?

Can you redecorate a room in your place (just move the furniture around, vacuum and dust a bit, get a nice bunch of flowers in a vase)?

Can you go through your closets and pick out things to donate and get them boxed and bagged ready to take to a thrift store tomorrow?

I think I've created enough of a theme here :-) Best of luck!

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