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Inspire to be

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This is a little thing I wrote up for myself about two months ago when I started my healthier lifestyle.  I haven't looked at it for awhile but it always seems to motative me when I read it.  I thought I would posted it up here so maybe it could inspire others...  Let me know what you think!


Invision yourself, the real you that only you see yourself as.  Now, it is up to you to become that, to show the rest of the world.  You are beautiful no matter what the results are, you know that.  You are just improving-upgrading!

Things in life do not come easy, this will not either.  It will be the hardest think you've ever done, BUT all the benefits WILL be worth it.  This will not happen over night, you have to remember this!  If you fall down you are not down for the count, GET BACK UP, brush yourself off, and keep moving forward!

The key to success is remembering.  You must remember:  Why you are doing this.  What you are trying to accomplish.  This will change your life for the better.  AND the biggest two things to remember:  TRY YOUR VERY HARDEST and NEVER GIVE UP!

This will happen if you truely give your all.  Only you can make this happen!

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I love a good motivational self-talk!  Way to go!

That is great!

Mine is:

"The only thing I HAVE TO NOT give up!"

That little phrase gets me thru alot!

Thank you I needed this today...Cry

I have a newspaper quote from someone saying, "I will not give up!" as a headline. I cut it out and taped it to my vanity so that I'll see it every morning as I start my day. I also have some scripture and other motivational quotes on the back of my bedroom to see before I leave. This will be a great addition! Thank you for a good start to a Monday morning :)

My favorite   "Nothing changes if nothing changes"

Cool Good morning, I just read this....

Amazing..I just got back from my 1.6 mile walk that I am committed to turn into a 3 mile walk by August 1, 2009..

I Have also recommitted myself to my "Mary Kay " and becoming a Director and driving FREE...Thank you soooooo much I will read this every morning...


Thank you, I need that today!

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I've seemed to have lost myself again. I know I'm in there somewhere and I want to be who I really feel like I am inside!!

I need this today, great starter!!

That is great! I also like surfmom's "Nothing changes if nothing changes" as one cannot continue to do what they used to do if they want to see a change in the future. Everything worthwhile takes an effort.

Good luck to all.

that was great keep it up!

The word is "envision"

This was a great way to start the day!  Thank you:)

Original Post by ardapadella:

The word is "envision"

Hahaha, I wondered who'd be first to point that out...

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Yes, Envision.  But a really great affirmation.  I emailed it to a couple of friends who will really need the boost.

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i loved that! i was doing so well on my exercise plan and this last week i didnt go to the gym once! and i felt horrible! your speech was the boost that i needed to get up and get motivated! thank you!

Wow! this was great!


I really needed this today. :)

You are very wise! Thank you for the inspiration.

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