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I read these posts everyday, and although I only rarely respond, I do find most of what people say motivating.  I would like to ask a question though?  Everyone's motivation is to get healthy and improve their life in some fashion, what I would like to know is where you get your inspiration?  There has to be something that keeps you motivated, and I was hoping that a few of you wouldn't mind sharing?

Mine is that I met a terrific guy, that even though he tells me I look great, I find myself wanting to push further, look better and just be healthier - for me and for him.  I've tried every diet imaginable for the past 15 years, but now it seems that I can actually stick to this one and make it work. 

I'm just curious to know what drives everyone else?
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All of my friends are thinner than me and I want to lose about 10 lbs before the Christmas dance so I feel more confident wearing a dress and don't feel like people are comparing me to them.

So many things are my inspiration to keep going.  The main one being that I have some serious health issues that can definitely see the benefit of a thinner me.  I want to be around for as long as possible. 

Another is I've never been thin in any way shape or form...and I want to meet the thin me some day.

Three things.  Two of them sound a little superficial, I know, but honestly, they're what keeps me going.

1. I was fat all my life.  Even as a child.  I have never, until now, known what it was like to be "not fat."  Looking back, I see so many areas of my life that were affected by my weight.  Not just physical things, but mental/emotional ones as well.  I never want to be that way again.  I won't go back.  I will stay healthy for the rest of my life.

2. I have a cousin who, for as long as I've known her, has done the "yo-yo" thing.  Lost/gained, lost/gained.  She's gone as low as 130 pounds and as high as 300+, at least three times in 20 years.  I hear people talk about her, and hear how they whisper things like, "Tsk.  She looked so good, then she gained it ALL back."  I never, ever want people to talk about me that way.

3. I'm having waaayyyy too much fun being able to (finally!) go into any store I want and buy any clothes that I want.  I can finally buy "cute" bras and undies, and not the utilitarian looking "full-figure" monstrosities.  I can buy pretty things now, I can buy "fitted" things now.  I can buy what I want, rather than just "anything that'll fit."  I don't want to lose that freedom.
Justlaura, they may sound superficial to some but I can absolutely relate.  I've had 1 and 2 and am just scratching the surface of 3. 

I have a ton of reasons. First this fat person is not me. I want to feel attractive again.

Second, I have high cholestrol and had gestational diabetes which puts me at risk for diabetes later on, I have high blood pressure......and I am only 37.

I used to look really great and had no health problems. But I let myself go I need to get me back. I used to see bigger women after they had kids and I would say"that is so never going to be me"  I would say" I am never going to look fat after I have my kids" And for most of my mommy life I didn't get fat. But a few years ago I have started to get fat.  After 4 kids it is starting to show. After I had my last baby I exercised very hard and counted calories and got down to 139 I remember feeling great about myself. So I can't blame having kids really on being fat. I quit my job and lost my motivation to keep myself up. But I am bringing sexy back :)

We can do this, it is so worth it.


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Reading the post justlaura made is inspiring. And if you click on her profile, you'll be even more inspired. Way to go, justlaura!! You've done magnificently!!
I also don't reply to the boards often.  I espeically love mollymousers ranting board.

My motivation?  I HATE being fat.

I know that all I have to do is watch what I eat and exercise and I will get less fat ;).  My problem is sticking with it. 

I am also loseing weight because both of my parents, 3 out of 4 grandparents and my brother were all diabetics.  I know that I will most likely become diabetic, but why make it sooner than it has to be?

I would also like to go to amusment parks again.  I stopped going when I got too fat to fit into the seats on the roller coasters.

My motivation???

I am reeeeeeeeeeaaaalllllllly tired of giving myself insulin shots in my stomach.

'nuff said.


=^..^=  MOLLY

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okay, so im only 18 and it may seem that im too young to look out for my health and do calorie counting and stuff. (at least that's what other people might think) but i love doing it. it makes me feel that im actually doing something for myself. my mom's side of the family has histories of heart disease, and my dad has a generation of diabetes.. so this are factors, but not necessarily my inspirations. my motivation? i just want it to be that one day, when im old enough, when i get married with my special someone, that i see myself healthy and fit. i want to enjoy my life--the struggles i may be having as early as now could bring great enjoyment of my life in the future.

prevention and promotion of good health is better than cure! (=

also, im a nursing student. you cant imagine what diseases we are taught at school everyday, added on by the occasional side remarks of my professors, like most of these are acquired from the food the we eat.. ..high cholesterol levels can contribute to this disease.. ..that disease..... lack of minerals and vitamins could cause this.... our lifestyle today can bring about... symptoms which could be seen not now but in the future--when the conditions are grave.... et cetera, et cetera..

i just realized one day that, hey, i wanna be healthy. i dont wanna die young. and i think that was it. oh, and i really cant picture myself having my kids, us playing in the park with me big as a hippo. i wanna be attractive until i age up. i think, though superficial, that physical appearance still attributes to the wellness of every relationship. so i started reading a lot about the connections of food and health, plus exercise and lifestyle ways.. and i took a complete life turn. im now on a zero fastfood, zero soda, zero junk food diet. and that's sort of tough considering my age group, a lot of friends dont understand it, and stores seem to be promoting unhealthy food over healthy choices. phew. but hey, so what?? i am gonna be healthy. there are ways.. and that's a promise.

^-^ so cheers to all calorie counters--here's to a better, healthier future!!

Oh Molly I remember the shots in my stomach when I had gest. diabetes when pregnant with my daughter. It sucks!


There is definitely more than one thing that movitaves me.  I want to be able to do things with my grandchildren, fun things like rock climbing.  I do not like the subtle  social snubs that go along with being too heavy, and also, a big one for me is that I work in the health care industry  and I am determined to do what ever I have to do to stay out of the waiting lists for tests and doctors  and the hospitals.
There's a lot of things that motivate and inspire me.

I want to be able to wear a gorgeous dress that fits well and looks good at the Christmas Party instead of looking like a barge swathed in turquoise.

I want to be an example for my mum and dad - both of whom are obese - that if I can break the habit even living in a house filled with sugar and fatty food, so can they.

I want to prove to my grandfather - who thinks that me and my parents can't stick at anything- that I can achieve things.

I want some male attention goddamit! I've always just been a fat little girl - I want to be a slender woman now.
i want to go out for a birthday dinner with my boy and look STUNNING

I want to look amazing for the Christmas party

I want to prove I can stick at something and not give up at the first hurdle

I want to be proud of my size and weight

I let myself be loved. Simple as that.

I had a huge emotional wall up and the fat was my physical wall. I thought to love someone ment they could only end up hurting you and no one would love a worthless fat girl like myself. So I held back most of my heart so they couldn't hurt me completely.  I got hurt anyway but I knew that it could have been worse If I had trusted them or loved them more than I did. One day a man came into my life. I spent the past 3 years waiting for him to walk out on me or cheat on me and it never happened. I would always put myself down and he would get mad and then tell me all the good things about me. While in the back of my mind I thought: what's he after, what is he trying to get out of this. When I told him I couldn't bring myself to trust anyone with my whole heart ever. He just hugged me and said. I can wait, one day you will know how much I love you. And then one day I did, I just woke up. I realized this wonderful man had done everything for me. EVERYTHING. And I repaid him by letting him come home to a messy cluttered house and a woman who just got fatter every year and talked down about herself all the time, didn't trust him the way he deserved to be trusted and loved. A man who worked his butt off to support this woman and a kid that wasn't even his. Not because he had to but because he wanted to. A Christian man who puts family and honesty before all else deserved a better woman and I used to think he'd find her and leave me but I realized I was that woman tricked by my own self loathing to think I could never be anything else, anything better. I was like I had been asleep for years walking around with my eyes closed. 

So everytime I think those awful thoughts again, everytime I think of giving up I think of his hands with all his busted knuckles from working so hard his hands bled. For me, for my daughter. And I find it in me to keep going no matter how steep the hill. 

Hmmm, I hesitate to post 'cause this might seem a little strange to some.  My Mother died on July 23, 2007 after a 6 year bout with colo-rectal cancer.  Although it was the cancer that actually took her life, her death certificate reads:

immediate cause: metastic colon carcinoma

other conditions: atrial fibrillation, coronary artery disease.

I am my Mother.  No two people are more alike.  Like my Mom, at 53, I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  I'm overweight and have a history of unhealthy eating and lack of exersize in my most recent years.

I went out for a walk this AM and "talked" to my Mom.  She told me she'll "walk" with me in the AM and that I have choices.  My choices are fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat and fish, low fat dairy products, whole grains, healthy fats and moderate exercise or:

Lopressor, Cardizem, Lasix, Cumadin, Dygoxin, a pacemaker, a colostomy and chemo.

Thanks to all of you for sharing.  After hearing all of your reasons, I think I've added a few to my own to keep me going.
I am just tired of being FAT and dealing with all the little things that come with being fat.

I want to get married and have a family one day, but I feel that its either my appearance or my warped sense of self perception that keeps the men away. In a cynical sense, I want to show all my ex's and guys who took one look at me what they missed..

I want to look in the mirror and actually like what I see; I'm not striving for a perfect body because there is no such thing, I just want to like myself. 

I have back and knee problems that I know are from carrying around all this extra weight.  I'm prone to a bunch of respiratory problems like bronchitis and asthma. 

I don't think I've ever loved myself like I should because I feel I look so ugly. 
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